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I-65 Crash statistics for Clinton County and Tippecanoe County

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I-65 Crash statistics for Clinton County and Tippecanoe County
I-65 Crash statistics for Clinton County and Tippecanoe County

Airlifted.news 18's marvin bills joins us live near i-65 with more on what isp and the criminal justice institute are saying marvin?

3 if you've driven on i-65 if you've driven on i-65 at any point then you know how congested traffic can be with construction.even with the heightened construction indiana state police andhe indiana criminal justice institute say crash statistics are actually lower than previous years.

3< "i want an interstate that's efficient and not congested."

Following a deadly multi- vehicle accident on thursday where one person died and another was airlifted, indiana state police says it's been a quiet summer despite construction on the busy interstate.sgt.

Kim riley: "we've had very few major accidents in the area.we've had some, like yesterday we had two separate crashes one was basically a fender bender and the other one we had the fatality."


Riley says construction hasn't and doesn't play a role.sgt.

Kim riley: "with i-65 it's been publicized very well there's construction going up and down i-65 from the kentucky boarder all the way up the river."

The criminal justice institute in indianapolis says in 2018 there were 11 personal injury crashes due to construction and no fatal crashes.

This year as of august 31st there have been nine personal injury crashes due to construction and zero fatalities.sgt.

Riley says the multi-vehicle crash on thursday was a result of the driver not paying attention.sgt.

Kim riley: "one guy was trying to find a bottle on the floor of his truck, looked up and traffic had stopped in front of him.

He basically plowed into four other vehicles."

Driver joel butler says there are times when driving on i-65 is more dangerous than other times.

Joel butler: "there's certain times of the day where you just don't want to get on the interstate."

Butler says, if he can, he avoids the interstate.joel butler: "i just take country roads there because it's like a straight shot to anderson and it's much easier less stress."> 3 debbie calder with indot says right now there is construction taking place to add an extra travel lane.

That's going north over the wabash river.if you'd like to see the i-65 crash stats for clinton county through tippecanoe county you can find it linked to this story on our website at wlfi dot com.

3 if you're looking for a job, the indiana

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