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Thursday, February 25, 2021

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Dollars from a camp fire survivorãour reporter has reaction.

And the boil water warningãthe local city and the alert you need to know about.

Plusãthe california congressman forming a new political partyã what he's proposing.

And we start this 10 o'clock hour with breaking news out of tehama county.

A nasty crash outside saint elizabeth's hospital in red bluff.

It happened on state highway 99 west - just around 9 p-m.

We know officers are on scene now..

We are working to get more information.

Stay with action news now for new developments.

### happening now - the butte county sheriff's office searching for the woman they say embezzled cash from an elderly camp fire survivor.

Action news now reportering laura eng joins us now live... laura - you spoke with a camp survivor who says they weren't surprised?

That's right scott.

One camp fire survivor said he wasn't surprised, but said this is just a reminder to be cautious out there.

Deputies are searching for "brenda rose asbury".

They say she embezzled more than 63-thousand dollars from a 75-year old camp fire survivor.

We spoke with a camp fire survivor to hear what he thought about this.

It's that type of thing you always want to be on guard to make sure whoever you're dealing with is either somebody you know or somebody that you've got some information about what their background is, what their credentials are, you definitely don't want to take any chances particularly when you're dealing with building a home.

The money was part of an insurance settlement the victim received for losing a home in the camp fire.

Asbury is facing charges of elder abuse, grand theft and embezzlement.

Laura eng, action news now.### we have more information on our website - action news now dot com.## new at 10 - the water warning.

A new boil water alert in effect - at this hour customers with "american valley water" in quincy need to take note.

The plumas county sheriff's office says the company has begun disinfecting the water system and will continue through the weekend.

The source of the contamination is under investigation.

### now for our first check of weather - we go chief meteorologist kris kuyper.

### we ended our workweek with sunshine and warm afternoon temperatures.

Saturday will be even warmer, while sunday will see the heat back down and some clouds move through, as part of yet another summer storm moving close to us.

Friday started off cool yet again, but we warmed up nicely in the afternoon to the middle 80's.

Look for even warmer temperatures on saturday, with valley highs near 90.

A weak storm will move through the pacific northwest on sunday, and clip northern california with a few clouds.

Our high temperatures in the valley will drop back into the middle 80's... a nice last full day of summer, and great weather for the taste of chico!

There may be a few scattered showers in the siskiyous, but the rest of us will be dry.

New information now, in disturbing case out of chico.

The third of three people accused of sexually assaulting a young boy had her day in court.

"chelsey klein" did not enter a plea this afternoon.

Police say she and her boyfriend "david hamilton" - along with another man, are accused of sexual assault of a child.

The two men pled not guilty in court earlier this week.

Police are also charging the men with child pornography, investigators say there might be other victims out there..

The spotlight is back on a butte county cold case involving a chico state student.

Local film director "trudy duisenberg" says the case of "marc thompson" still haunts her.

Police found his body in the hills above oroville in 2014.

"here is a young man so full of potential, i want them to see, oh my gosh&i know they will come away with saying why, whoã because you are just so curious, as we were, and you're so broken hearted.

The film screens tomorrow at the el rey theater in chco at 7:30 pm.

### new fire technology could be coming to butte county.

Governor gavin newsom signed off on a contract allowing two companies in the private sector to develop prototypes for innovative firefighting technology.

Northrop grunman is contracted for the one-point-six million dollar project.

The new technology includes an early detection system that works off of remote sensors in the sky coordinating with local computer-aided dispatch systems. "any kind of early warning system that we could have that would help us to know better that there is a fire and know better where that fire is and where to send resources is always welcome and it would be fantastic."

The contract runs through december 31st 2019..

And the technology will be used in four counties..

Including butte..## camp fire victims have just one more month to file a lawsuit against pg&e.

Pg&e's bankruptcy plan includes nearly 18-billion dollars for wildfire victims, insurance companies and cities.

The company sought bankruptcy protection in january because it said it could not afford an estimated 30- billion in lawsuits from fires like the camp fire.

The deadline to file a claim is october 21st.

### and your pg&e bill is about to go up... but it has nothing to do with the camp fire.

Starting october first, your electricity bill could go up by about three dollars... putting the average monthly bill at $121.

Your gas prices are going up by around a dollar-75 a month too.

The hike is covering the cost of three fires in 2016... severe storms in 2016 and 2017... and some tree mortality programs. ### pge should be dumped for a private utility company they've been scamming us for years and its time to get rid of pge and go with another approach////"i think it's a shame that rates have to go up to compensate for a problem that we have in california that's not going to get corrected" the state public utilities commission will have oversight on how much pg&e can raise rates to make up for losses from disasters like the camp fire.

### a former california congressman is launching a new political party... as an alternative to democrats and republicans.

Reporter devin (feeley) fehely asks... whether the new group can gain traction among dissatisfied voters.

### "for many people california has become a one- party state.

And the other party has been ineffective."

It's called the common sense party... and was created by former republican congressman tom campbell... marketing itself to people fed up with today's hyper-partisan politics.

"johnny khamis/former republican: there's a huge movement to say, 'stop bickering and start solving problems. start looking at issues rather than what's good for the political parties."

San jose city councilman johnny khamis left the republican party, objecting to its rhetoric about immigrants.

But third-party candidates face an uphill battle in california... while 28 percent of voters identify as independents... every statewide office... from the governor to the insurance commissioner is filled by a democrat.

"shaun fletcher/sjsu public relations professor: in theory, yes i think it could work.

But in practice, i think we're still locked in a two- party political ideology.

Most people are still going to retreat to their red or blue corners."

Voters expressed curiosity... and skepticism... about a new political party.

"julie rivera/student: i'm sure we could find a way to come together."

"gabriel diaz/student there's a whole lot of people who didn't vote last year because they didn't really know who to pick.

It's honestly a choice between the lesser of two evils."

"brandon anderton/voter: it's a complete exercise in futility.

Whatever you resist persists."

"the california government represents one party not the people."

The common sense party says it wants to bring back... problem- solving... pragmatism... and bipartisanship to politics.

But a republican strategist says abandoning the two traditional parties... is not the answer.

"shane patrick connolly/santa clara county republican party: when you step out of the party, that actually increases the partisan divide because you no longer have moderating voices in either party."

No independent candidate has yet reached statewide office.

### california grape farmers say they're dealing with too much of a good thing.

Up next on c-w action news now at ten... what effect thats having on them.

### grape growers across the state are having trouble figuring out what to do with this year's massive harvest.

The problem is made even worse because last year was a record harvest of more than 588 tons.

That earned farmers more than two-billion dollars& but a lot of that juice was stored and now combined with this years crop.

"now you're over supplied.

People will then probably rip out some vineyards and maybe plant another crop at that point.

Three years from then, we will be undersupplied.

So, it's very cyclical and it's been that way since the roman times."

Another price factor could be a major merger between two wine giants being delayed, creating uncertainty in the market.

### kris kuyper is here now with weather... we ended our workweek with sunshine and warm afternoon temperatures.

Saturday will be even warmer, while sunday will see the heat back down and some clouds move through, as part of yet another summer storm moving close to us.

Friday started off cool yet again, but we warmed up nicely in the afternoon to the middle 80's.

Look for even warmer temperatures on saturday, with valley highs near 90.

A weak storm will move through the pacific northwest on sunday, and clip northern california with a few clouds.

Our high temperatures in the valley will drop back into the middle 80's... a nice last full day of summer, and great weather for the taste of chico!

There may be a few scattered showers in the siskiyous, but the rest of us will be dry.

The sunshine will return on monday, and a breezy north wind will gust 10 to 20 mph.

High temperatures in the valley will warm back up to near 90, so it will be a warm start to fall!

It will get even hotter after that.

Look for valley highs in the middle to upper 90's both tuesday and wednesday!

Those won't be records, but they're pretty warm for early fall.

Breezy north winds will develop again on wednesday.

High pressure will weaken after that, with valley highs dropping back into the 80's as we finish off next week.

North winds will remain breezy again on thursday.

Thanks kris... today, a part of whisketown reopened for the first time since the carr fire.

The lower crystal creek area opened today at noon.

That includes the "water ditch trail" and "lower crystal creek road"..

That gives access to the falls.

There are now nine trails open in whiskeytown.

"james k.

Carr trail" to whiskeytown falls will remain closed until bridges destroyed by the fire are replaced.

The forest service is warning visitors to watch out for dead trees in the area.

### the pentagon prepares to deploy additional troops in response to the oil attacks in saudi arabia.

We'll tell you how many could be sent to the region.

### today, the marine corps announced 13 marines are facing human smuggling charges.

They will face military court proceedings for transporting or conspiring to transport undocumented immigrants.

Border patrol arrested two of the marines on july third.

The naval criminal investigative services says 18 marines and a sailor were also arrested in july.

### president trump has approved sending additional help to saudi arabia to strengthen its air defenses after saturday's attacks on the kingdom's oil facilities.

Nikole killion has more from the white house.

### defense secretary mark esper announced the u-s is considering plans to move additional troops and missile defenses to saudi arabia.

(esper sot) ''the president has approved the deployment of us forces, which will be defensive in nature and primarily focused on air and missile defense.'' (track 2) president trump's decision follows saturday's attack on saudi arabia's oil facilities, which u-s officials blame on iran.

(esper sot) ''right now, we are focused on helping saudis defend their infrastructure.'' (track 3) iran has continued to deny it played a role in the air assault involving missiles and drones.

(esper sot) ''as we have seen, the iranian regime is waging a deliberate campaign to destabilize the middle east and impose costs on the international economy.'' on camera bridge the announcement follows a national security meeting at the white house friday where the president was briefed on a series of options.

(sot - president donald trump/oval office) "okay go ahead, knock out 15 different major things in iran.

I could do that and all set to go.//the thing that does show strength would be showing a little bit of restraint."

(track 4) esper said sending more forces would send a clear message that the administration supports its allies, protects the flow of commerce and upholds the international order.

(esper sot) ''we urge the iranian government to cease their destructive and destabilizing.'' (track 5) cbs news national security correspondent david martin attended the briefing.

(sot/david martin/pipe 2 at 10:02:20/19:02;57 -- edit needs cover) ''this is likely to be hundreds of troops that man and maintain anti- aircraft missile batteries.'' (track 6) general joseph dunford, chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, said more details about the deployment will be determined in the coming days.

Nikole killion/cbs news/the white house.

President trump also announced a new round of sanctions against (e-ron) iran's national bank.

### people on strike in the city plaza.

This is part of the global protest against climate change.

Still ahead... we'll have their message.

And... the new measure to improve parks may be going on the next ballot.

We're hearing reactions from the community members.

### today marks the largest ever climate strike the u-s& hundreds came out to support the cause in our area.

Action news now reporter stephanie lin takes us right to the heart of the demonstration in chico city plaza.

### ll: as you can see behind me, locals are joining in the global call for action on climate change, demonstrating just before a climate summit on the u-n.

Nats pop of demonstrators chico made its voice heard at thursday's global climate strike.

We must do something about this, yesterday.

The event pulling in diverse voices across the county.

We are the next generation so we can stop it before there is no future for us.

Look at the science.

99% of scientists say this is all real.

We need to pay attention and act right now.

Some calling this event..

The public acknowledgemen t they've been waiting for.

For people like me and millions of others who have been ignored, this has been great.

People are not talking about it in chico.

But this woman says, she's concerned the topic isn't being addressed enough in the city.

There are so many issues we are being distracted by.

Meanwhle chico mayor randall stone made an appearance, pledging to support green new deal legislation, rejecting contributions from oil, gas and coal industry executives.

This is an emergency now, and not in the future.

A message demonstrators in chico hope will resonate during this ever- changing political climate.

Ll: climate change continues to be a hot topic of discussion around the world.

And given the upcoming electrion season, its one that won't be going away any time soon.

Reporting in chico, stephanie lin, action news now.

Today's global demonstrations come just days before the u-n climate change summit& slated to happen this coming monday& where some 60 world leaders are expected to meet on the issue.

### the chico area recreation and park district is moving forward with a plan to put a property tax hike measure before the voters.

Property owners in chico would have to pay an additional 110- dollars each year in property taxes.

The money would go towards improving parks in the city.

We spoke to people in town to see how they felt about the proposed tax.

Everyone uses the parks.

They're a wonderful community asset, they bring in business.

It's a feature the city can highlight when they're talking about the wonderful ammenities in chico, so more money for card i'm happy to pay it.///i think homeowners pay enough taxes, many of them are fixed income, they just keep piling on pretty soon they won't be able to afford living in california.

Directors will take a final vote on the plan in october -- to finalize the decision.

If approved -- you'd see the measure on the march 2020 ballot.

## a traffic alert if you drive highway 70 north of marysville.

Caltrans says dump trucks are making more than 300 trips a day through laurellen road over the next two months.

Flaggers will be in the area from 5 a-m to 3 p-m monday through saturday.

It's part of an 83- million dollar bridge replacement project.

### two local national parks want you to weigh in on a "duel park pass proposal".

It would allow you to visit whiskeytown national recreation area and lassen volcanic national park with a single pass.

It would be implemented by next january if approved.

The comment period starts now - and ends october 19th.

You can submit those on the park's websites.

### a blast from the past for a chico state class... what was inside of this 1969 time capsule - next on c-w action news now at ten.

### today - chico state's class of 1969 unearthed their time capsule.

This was in front of kendall hall.

The time capsule was the last to be burried until the tradition continued in 2000.

The next time capsule removal will not take place until 2160.

We asked one man at the reunion how he would describe the class of '69.

That they are resilient.

They've done a really good job.

We're proud of them, they've made chico state proud.

A lot of them are skills and highly successful individuals.

Today's event was part of the class of 69's 50th anniversary.

### chief meteorologist kris kuyper is here now with one last look at weather.

For more local news and


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