A Blow to Brexit?
A Blow to Brexit?

The U.K.'s top court ruled on Tuesday that Prime Minister Boris Johnson's recent suspension of parliament was "unlawful, void and of no effect," paving the way for British lawmakers to return to debating whether or not the take the country out of the European Union.

In a unanimous verdict, the U.K. Supreme Court ruled that Johnson's decision to so-call prorogue parliament can be examined by judges, overturning the ruling of the high court in London.

The judgment from 11 justices on the U.K.'s highest court follows an emergency three-day hearing last week centered on interpretation of the country's unwritten constitution, and the purpose and context behind how Johnson enacted part of it.

Johnson's move to suspend Parliament was seen by many as a political maneuver designed to stop debate ahead of the Oct.

31 Brexit deadline, forcing the country to leave the European Union without a Brexit deal in place.

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