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Monday, April 19, 2021

The Broiler Festival tradition continues in Crane

Credit: KY3 - KYTV
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The Broiler Festival tradition continues in Crane
The Broiler Festival tradition continues in Crane
The Broiler Festival tradition continues in Crane

Number 690.### for 64 years, people have been making the trip to a small ozarks town for a taste of the traditional barbecue chicken.

The crane broiler festival continues this weekend.

K-y-3s kadee brosseau reports from stone county.

"nats - sliding plate" you've heard the phase 'finger lickin' good'..

"nats - picking up plate 'thank you john' ...well, if you've had this chicken... "nats - chicken lid" kno *exactly what that means.... "we only serve ones that are unbroken, fresh, healthy, and tasty."' bbq chicken is the staple here at the crane broiler festival.

"people said 'go for the chicken' and i'm so glad i did!"

"stand up - this weekend, they'll serve up about 5,500 chicken dinners.

Each one is cooked to perfection and served by volunteers."

"they want to help."

Broiler festival association president nathan quick says just in cooking and serving...there's about 200 volunteers.

"probably over half of our population are down here volunteering."

Thousands of people flock to the small town for the annual chicken fest... "it was like a family dinner, just to come down and have chicken and hang out.

It brought all of us together."

"i don't think i've ever missed a year of the broiler festival."

Lefty evans says some things have changed since 1952.

"served drinks for 20 some years i think and angie does it now, our daughter in law."

But the things that give crane it's character stay constant... "one thing remains the same, you know, we are all just country folks and we all just enjoy each others company.

And that's what we are thankful for."

So, whether it's the chicken you're here for... "nats - box" ...the sweet treats... "nats - door" ...the rides... "nats - squeek" the music... "nats - singing" ...or the arts and're sure to get plenty of smiles and hellos... "nats - laughter* ...from some of the friendliest folks in stone county.

"nats - thank you sir we appreciate it."

In my hometown of crane, kadee brosseau ky3 news.

All the money raised at the broiler festival goes back into the town for things like park up-keep.

The festival also provides scholarships to graduating


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