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Graveyard Legend: Sammy Baugh

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Graveyard Legend: Sammy Baugh
Graveyard Legend: Sammy Baugh

Tonight we make our final stop on our tour of the gravesites of famous people in the big country... if you're a football fan, then the name sammy baugh probably rings a bell... ktab's kathleen barkley takes us to sammy baugh's grave and explains the legacy he left behind in a story you'll only see on ktab... ktab.... <<?fight song nats?

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As the sweetwater mustangs take the field each friday night?cheerleader nats?a 3 legend watches over them from the end zoneit's jsut funny that i still hear stories about himsamuel adrian baugh was born on a ranch near temple, texas on march 17, 1914.

Baugh died december 17, 2008 and is buried here at belvieu cemetary in rotan, texas.sammy baugh began his football career in the big country at the age of 16 when his family moved to sweetwater.

Baugh attended newman high school, where he was the quarterback of the football team.

He used a unique practice method to master the art of passing, he would suspend an automobile tire casing from a tree limb and swing it in a long arc.

He'd then back off 10-20 yards and attempt to pass the ball through the tire as it swang from side to side.

Thus, the nickname, swingin' sammy baugh was decided upon by a texas sportswriter.

Sammy baugh continued his football career at tcu.

And was picked up by the washington redskins in 1937.

Baugh was not only a valuable player, but a valuablable coach.

He coached football for hardin simmons university in abilene, the new york titans and the houston oilers.

In 2005, kent jackson was the headcoach of the sweetwater mustangs.

He, along with sweetwater isd, and the chamber of commerce decided to host a series of football games and honor sammy baugh with the first ever sammy baugh classic.that just seemed like the right thing to dowith his exceptional talenti hear stories about the way he played, he'd punt the ball better than he could throw it coach jackson says that the choice of who to name the classic in honor of was an easy choicesammy baugh's the obvious choicealso to have a legend like that, that bowls kind of a historic place, kind of a legendary place and i think tying a legend like sammy baugh's name in to a classic like that is very fittingcoach jackson has coached across texas, and has seen many talented players, but none compare to the legacy that sammy baugh left behindi certainly haventit's kind of amazing when you look back on that time on what all those guys did, and to have one like that from that area, he left quite a legacy for sureand jackson says that being able to help found the sammy baugh classic was one of the highlights of his coaching career while in sweetwater being able to carry the torch there anytime like we did was a blessing within itself?quiet nats in cemetary?football is so importnatin 2006, sammy baugh's jersey was retired and no mustang has worn the number 21 in ten years.sammy baugh died in 2008 at age 94.

He battled numerous health issues toward the end of his life, inclding alzheimers disease, kidney problems, low blood pressure and double pneumonia.

It's a very special community in 2009, a sign was revealed in the south end zone with sammy baugh's number.

Although gone, sammy baugh is not forgotten, especially in the football community..reporting from where a legacy lives on, kathleen barkley ktab news...>> news...>>thank you kathleen... in 2006, sammy baugh's high school jersey was retired and no one has worn the number 21 in ten years...

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