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Monday, March 1, 2021

Tech Fans Not Happy with UT Players Remarks

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Tech Fans Not Happy with UT Players Remarks
Tech Fans Not Happy with UT Players Remarks

After a University of Texas football player said he plans to injure Texas Tech's star quarterback Patrick Mahomes, Red Raider fans react with disapproval.

KAMC's Alyssa Goard reports.

Football fans near and far haven't been too happy with these comments from hager.

There are plenty of comments from frustrated red raider fans all over social media... bryan kamc's 'alyssa goard' is live at the jones..

Where she's been talking to fans..

And patrick's father tonight..


Alyssa brian..

Nobody is happy to hear about these comments... and while everyone gets that footbal can be a tough..

And sometimes violent game,they still say it's shocking to hear an opposing pla caleb peganyee// tech student <, natalie lance lebron if you're on this defense you should be excited, going to sleep every night just dreaming about hitting mahomes university of texas defensive end breckyn hager..

Getting some red raider's blood boiling monday with his remarks about star quarterback patrick mahomes makes me feel like i have to go injure the quarterback, that's how it makes me feel , that's the mentality right now, we gotta take him out right now and we just gotta get after him hager said his plan for this weekend's texas tech- u-t matchup is to hurt the quarterback..

Who's already fighting off pain caleb peganyee// tech student he's already struggling with a shoulder injury and for someone to say they're going to target him and try to hurt him intentionally it's just ridiculous u-t football released appology statements from both hager and coach charlie strong... hager saying quote : "when i go out there i want to play my most aggressive game, but i'm not trying to do anything to physically injure someone."

But the damage has already been done..

I'm a saddle tramp here, so personaly that kinda offends, me being a strong supporter of tech even mahomes father, pat mahomes took to twitter in frustration, he told us he was shocked, and like any parent, he worries about it.

Texas tech football fans say what bothers them is the intent to hurt a player 18:02:14;00 natalie everyone's got that rivalry but, going forward and saying you're gonna do that intentionally is kinda messed up 18:10:26;02 lance to stop defense or stop an offensive line, to sack the quarterback, i'm all for it, but you should never be one to hurt someone the fans are all hoping for their quarterback's safety..

They say what really matters is what happens on the field 18:06:58;26 he can say whatever he wants he's still gotta get patrick mahome's down first and that's proved to be hard for other defenses alyssa here's what your saying about hager's words against mahomes on our facebook page.

Students on campus tell me this just fuels the fire for an even stronger u-t tech rivalry on saturday.

We reached out to the texas tech athletics department about this, they declined to comment.

Live at the jones agkn lauren and mahomes not letting hager's comments


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