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Getting to Know Bunny Rabbit

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Getting to Know Bunny Rabbit
Scovill Zoo Director Ken Frye shares what is happening at the zoo.

>>heather: i've made a friend today.

This critter is one of the many reasons people made a trek to scoville zoo in 2016.

>>matt: joining us is director kim fry and his friend blade.

How did he get the name blade?

On his shoulder blade.

>>heather: right there, you can't really see it.

>> i got to name him.

I think he's the only animal at the zoo i've got to name.

>>matt: since you've been director.


>>heather: let's talk about blade here.

>> he's a dutch rabbit.

Dutch rabbits actually make very good pets because they are so laid-back.

They seem to - - my nieces have dutch rabbits and they seem to do really well with them.

They came down easy.

They are easy to hold.

On mobile zoos, we've set out a towel and they sit on the towel and let kids touch them.

They are real easy-going rabbits.

There's all kinds of different rabbits out there .

But if you are into - - if you are a novice bunny rabbit parents, i would gowith a dutch rabbit.

>>heather: of being dutch, are they not to local?

>> i don't know if they came from the netherlands or not.

>>matt: very soft fur.

Sometimes we use the term bunny rabbit.

Is there a difference between a term of bunny and rabbit?

>> i don't think so.

I think the rabbit and the hair is where we start to split.

The rabbits, we domobile zoos can we talk about where they fall into the food chain.

How they have the big ears , excellent hearing.

Their eyes are on the side of their heads.

You can see blades eyes here, he can see 180 degrees.

He can't see directly behind you.

He can see matt, he can see me, the camera guys out in front.

He can see almost 350 around his bodyas a defense mechanism.

>>matt: who are his predators if there were wild dutch rabbits running around, would be threatening ?

>> the european rabbits actually.

They eat just aboutanything.

Fox, bobcats, hogs , apples.

Anything that likes to eat meat.

The rabbits kinda fall at the bottom of that list.

The rabbits are very important.

Replenish their supply pretty rapidly.

They are pretty important part of the food chain .

>>heather: my son has been reading - - inclass recently.

They have very sharp teeth .

>> they do have very sharp teeth.

>>matt: is it true there keep - - their teeth keepgrowing ?

>> if you have rabbits you have to have hard things for them to chew on to helpwhere there was teeth down or of that can do that as well.

>>heather: how much exercise does he need because he seems so chill ?

>> we have an area for them.

He's pretty laid-back.

Dutch rabbits are very laid-back rabbits.

>>matt: you don't walk the rabbit around the zoo?

>> i do not.

But some people do have leashes.

So it's not crazy thing to say >>heather: speaking of laid-back, the zoo was anything but laid-back recently.

You had your best attendance .

>> we had a halloween night.

Nearly 15,000 people.

One day, 3200 people came which is a record for a one day boo at the zoo event.

>>heather: and the weather absolutely helped you out.

>> the weather, the weekend fell nicely for us this year.

Everything fell into place this year for boo at the zoo.

>>matt: it's a treat to have you on ciliving during the brought out the animals and had fun.

What i like about that isthe fact that you guys have fun at the zoo.

Just when you think you've seen everything at the zoo, there is more .

>> we have a lot of fun at the zoo.

We take it seriously too.

We like the conservation message that goes along with our animals.

We do like to get that message out there as well.

We want people to enjoy their experience when they come to the zoo at well.

We try not to be preachy.

We want them to have fun and want them to come back to our zoo.

>>heather: is santa coming?

>> we have our pj party with santa on december 10.

It's $15 if you want to come in joy that events.

Make a craft, fun ideas for them to do this year.

They get to decorate cookies that mrs. clause made.

She will be there at the event.


Mr. clause.

It will be a fun event.

Wecan have about 50 kids in each session .

>>matt: you were on the naughty list weren't you?

>> yeah, i'm trying to get back on the good list with the fat guy.

>>heather: thank you so much.

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