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Friday, February 26, 2021

More than 2,000 served for Thanksgiving by Salvation Army

Credit: KRDO ABC 13 Colorado Spri
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More than 2,000 served for Thanksgiving by Salvation Army
More than 2,000 served for Thanksgiving by Salvation Army
KRDO NewsChannel 13's Mekialaya White reports.

Days of preparation... hundreds of birds... and mounds of sides.

That's what it takes to supply the salvation army in colorado springs for its annual community dinner.

And that doesn't include the volunteers.

Krdo newschannel 13's mekialaya white is live at the facility on yuma street.

Mekialaya, this thanksgiving is about 'giving back' for many.

Just like making green bean casserole, volunteering is tradition for many on thanksgiving.

But i also found out, it's about togetherness ... whether you're at home or a cafeteria.

50 just smiles everywhere and happy thanksgiving all over!

53 scoop... by scoop... these 200-plus volunteers... put smiles on people's faces... 104 sometimes family's not near or there is no more family -- so this meal provides that togetherness, you feel worthy of being with other people and i think that's what so important 24 people like viola bloxom -- she and her husband alvin have lived here since the 60's.

248 our family's not together but he and i are -- and that's the main thing.

58 they say, this meal isn't just about the food, but... 334 the food was out of this world, guys.

I don't know who cooked everything but it's wonderful 42 it's essential to their thanksgivings,to come here and see those, who've become family over the years.

37 this is just people reaching out to people and i think a fantastic job is being done by the salvation army.

They are so kind and generous and they serve in so many ways 48 355 everybody's so thankful just to have something to eat.

A lot of people don't.

They come here and this is wonderful, it's a home-cooked meal 06 a home-cooked meal ... that for some ... is as good as sitting around their own kitchen table.

121 i'm very impressed and i'll be back next year 31 the salvation army served until one today at four locations: - this one - the woodland park church of the nazarene - manitou springs town hall - and the fountain valley senior center live in colorado springs, mekialaya white, krdo newschannel 13.

In the spirit of thanksgiving day, we asked residents what they are thankful for on this holiday.

"i'm thankful for everything, god bless us all."

"i'm thankful for life first and foremost, you realize how precious it is."

"i'm thankful to be here with the other people, eating with them, the meal and thanksgiving


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