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Monday, March 1, 2021


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As the region continues to mourn the loss of fallen trooper landon weaver.

Our lindsey kennett has more on how community members where weaver grew up, are remembering his life.

Nats of pizza shop monday means back to business for matt and jen may at dragon's den pizza in roaring spring.

Nats of pizza shop but for the mays, the excitement of the new year is overshadowed by a horrible tragedy-- the death of state trooper landon weaver.matt is ay friend of the weavers'.

Matt may when we got the news, my wife and i just broke down and embraced each other.

And just thinking of the family.

The mays sent over a food platter after hearing what happened-- a small gesture to help the family in any way they could.

Matt's father passed away-- and he remembered what these little acts of kindness meant to him at the time.

Just knowing what they're going through, the less headaches they have to go through.

Like i said, it's out of love more than anything because they're as much family to us as good friends are.

Matt, who's now 43- years-old, says he grew up with trooper weaver's aunt and uncle.

They all went to central high school together.

Matt remembers landon growing up... mature, kind and outgoing.

Matt he was always very mild-mannered, very polite, very willing to do whatever for anyone.

We always said, 'wow, he' )ll really be something when he gets to be where he's at.

Matt says everyone was proud of landon when he followed his dream of becoming a police officer, and then a state trooper.

He just always talked of going to school for criminology and fulfilling his dream, which he did and everyone was just so proud of him when he accomplished that.

It's just tragic.

While the family and community mourns, matt says time is the best way to begin to heal.

It's a tragic loss for his family.

It's a tragic loss for his friends.

It's a tragic loss for the state of pennsylvania.

All we can do now is pray for comfort for all the officers and the family to get through this the best they can.

In blair county, lindsey kennett, wtaj news.


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