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Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Rekha's Voice - January 11, 2016

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Rekha's Voice - January 11, 2016
Rekha's Voice - January 11, 2016
Rekha's Voice - January 11, 2016

[music] >> good morningeveryone.

It's 8:39 am.

Welcomeback to cw iowa live .

Lou and jackie here .

Welcome back to the show rekha basu.

>> thank you so much.

>> how were your travels.

>> amazing.

I was out for couple weeks with extended family.

Wetraveled across thecountry .

It was the most beautiful , magical place.

Is been a pipe dream, but the list of mine always to go to morocco.

As it happened this year some relatives , my son's new in-laws.

[indiscernable] they proposed morocco.

For the rest of us they organized everything.

Derek carr and a driver.

They had us moving from one place to another every day equipped for like eight people.

This country is pure magic.

I've seen pictures at morocco in the past and i must be extra neri photographersbecause the pictures were so colorful and beautiful .

You cannot take a bad picture in is gorgeous.

Physically gorgeous.

The jewelry, [indiscernable] >> everything is gorgeous.

All you have to do is fly to madrid and then it is a one hour jump biplane some do it by boat.

To tangier in morocco.

These are all my pictures.

We traveled across the country.

This wasan area called chef shout which is a blue city for everyone has to paint their houses blue .

>> it lookslike it is not real right.

It is beautiful .

You can see the temples and people really take good care of their houses for they are allowed to show them off .

Theother thing about it .

People are incredibly welcoming and is 99 percent but there is no animosity towardthe united states or anything about .the americans are welcome to.

They were really modern muslim country.

Unlike some.

[indiscernable] in fact, i think i've written about this earlier.

You can go into a drugstore and buy birth-control pills without aprescription.

It is not something we can do in this country.

>> they are not called transgendered bathrooms .

With that all concept meet fame male and female.

They are .[indiscernable] >> more advanced.

>> exactly.

There's such a range of different cultures.

More pictures.

[indiscernable] there's mosques and temples in this one was in a they have a king.

There's ayoung man he is in his 40s with a couple of kids .

His father and gripother kings before.they also have a parliament .

The king makes a took tree a few years ago for another few years ago in the 80s i think part.

[indiscernable] >> the parliament and prime minister fully to uphold that.

Think anything that came on.

>> ethical tothe process.

>> exactly .

>> it is a place between tuition and.

[indiscernable]this young man , ido not know if she should up in any of the pictures .

He grew up in a very traditional household for his parents wanted to arrange a marriage for him.

It was typical.

He does not want that.he is now exposed to the internet, online concept.


He is very hip and very culturally familiar with the lingo and the entrance of the united states this sort of interesting combination an old-fashioned traditional but also into politics here.

It is lovely tosee .

>> also to .

>>well , >>

[laughter] >> asked me if i knew anyone that will would be suitable for him.

If you can see figure somebody that would be interested moving to moroccomeeting a really cool guy .

>> what was yourfavorite part ?

[indiscernable] what really stood out.

>> actually you have to say it was writing, back through the desert .

>> how long did you go on.

>> was about an hour.

We got off the camel and that time and what of the sand dunes.

I do not know if i get any of them on the pictures there.

You have the camels.

There were seven of us in our group.

That there are people who lead the camels up into some of the dunes can be very steep.

There were get down in you watch thesunset .

>> sure sk matching.

>> we slept outside intents .

We slept in tentsthere .

>> a pup tent or fusion.

>> is a huge tent.

There's a series of tents which was connectedto other tents.

Everyone had their own room in my own room and he had like a giant double bed and a single bed and a bathroom .

Running water.

>> just in the tents.

Just kind of camping i can do .

>> and there was a dining room and they cooked us this fabulous meal it was freezing outside.

I slept that night in a down jacket, hat, socks withtowels wrapped around my feet per .

>> and that desert.

>> just come in the desert.>> there we had to see the sun rise in in the desert which was starting to.

They came and greeted us and played the drums we all danced around.

>> what an adventure.

>> i really highly recommend it to anyone who wants to know a little bit about the islamic world and the way that is very accessible but also he just wants to enjoy the food.

Food it for example, the tangerines were everywhere growing on trees.

We have especiallysqueezed orange juice every day which was to die for .

>> was the best we head over there.

>> with some really nice tan dreams. you might have seen moroccan dishes, irregular will at the base.

Is the spearman shape that goes over in a kind of painted the designs in the top of that.

These are cooked on an open flame with a combination of rice and then fish or meat and a lot of vegetables.

>> steam.

>> exactly.

It was great for me.

Morocco is avery heavily meeting country .

There was beef, fish, macro and anchovies fresh.

We loved it.

They were couple vegetarians and one vegetarian/gluten-free member who had a very hard time .

Night after night they were joking to each other that they needed.

[indiscernable] [laughter] >> they found some other places with some more vegetable things toput together.

>> .[indiscernable] >> it sounds absolutely incredible.

You said it is very attainable to go to a country.

>> it is.

Considered for 10 days there were staying overnight in really nice hotels.

Some of them bed-and-breakfast and some of them just nice hotels.

All of the driver, the guide, that meals, not the airfare.

It was $700 a person was usually not that bad.

>> no way.

>> yes.

The cost of living is a lot cheaper.

[indiscernable] >> it was like seven hours then of course since we did it in a weird way to save money on the airline tickets my youngest son and i flew to.

[indiscernable] had christmas in new york and we flew to boston.

Were there for five hours then we flew to madrid and were there for another five hours.

And then another ride.

The connections took a lot of time.

Because we were moving around from place to place you do not suffer the just like so much because go to sleep in the car.

We had a five hour car ride every day.

Itwas very book card .

>> that is awesome.

>> in the can be a travelagent for morocco .>> ,to morocco.

>> going back in to the news were tapping locally here now.

Were talking this morning anything that started jumping right in with the big moment that is happeningin dc.

>> i will be going next week .

Next thursday to dc for a woman's marsh.

It's are not being called the millions women's march 20 they changed the name.

Is just called the march on washington.

It's a big.

[indiscernable] every state is scenting women.

Between iowa city and des moines there's eight or 10.

[indiscernable] >> evelyn my this will improve they will take the bus over there, go tothe march and then at night get back on the bus , sleepon the bus in both directions.

Their nesting in a hotel.

Imagine that .

That is real dedication.

>> espy exciting to.

>> for example will be really cold.

It will be really interesting to see diverse women coming from all over the country to be part of this.

>> send pictures back works absolutely well.

>> thank you somuch .

>> great to have you back.


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