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Super Bowl 51 Coverage in Houston

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Super Bowl 51 Coverage in Houston
Super Bowl 51 Coverage in Houston KNWA News at 5

Super bowl 51 is sunday... and knwa is kicking off our big game coverage today!

Knwa's john kucko is live in houston... to begin our week- long coverage for the big event.

((john)) super bowl 51 will be played at the stadium behind me, nrg stadium.

Right next to it is the iconic astrodome...the first ever domed stadium in the world.

The astrodome opened in 1965.

It was the first stadium to use astroturf and was home to the old houston oilers, as well as the astros.

It became obsolete in the mid 90's.

In 2005 it was used as.

A hair staging area for victims of hurricane katrina.

The houston texans joined the nfl in 2002 and their stadium, now nrg stadium was built adjacent to the old astrodome.

It's on the national register of historic places.

((john)) the patriots arrived today.

Both teams will partake in media day tonight at minutemaid park, home to the astros.

((nate)) john, thank you.

### ((nate)) northwest arkansas

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