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Saturday, February 27, 2021

NewsSource 8 The Evening Edition 01.31.17

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NewsSource 8 The Evening Edition 01.31.17
NewsSource 8 The Evening Edition 01.31.17
NewsSource 8 The Evening Edition 01.31.17

Tuesday, january 31st.

There's a lot coming your way this evening on newssource8 at 6, but before we get to that lets check in with ted who says we've got some some very cold air heading our way...when will it arrive, ted?

### not for a few days'll start to arrive thursday evening....before we deal with that...we are looking at a bit of snow, i'll be back to talk about that shortly with all of the changes our country is undergoing with our new leadership, there's certainly a lot going on in washington d.c.

Today newssource 8 had the chance to catch up with senator susan collins to hear more about her proposed obamacare replacement bill, her thoughts on trump's immigration order, and another national security project she's working on.

Here's news source 8's katie zarrilli.

< with tuesday being the final day to enroll for health care coverage under the affordable care act, newssource 8 had a chance to talk with us senator susan collins, who has proposed a replacement to obamacare -- she and senator bill cassidy of louisiana recently introduced the patient freedom act.

The bill gives control back to individual states -- offering them a choice of keeping obamacare, or going a different that would include a basic insurance plan and a health savings account, and still include all of the important consumer protections of obamacare.

Susan collins: "to us, it's better to give states choices, so that they can tailor insurance programs to meet the needs of their citizens."

Despite the new bill, collins says obamacare is the law of the land right now, so people should not delay signing up.

Sc: "although i've proposed an alternative, people should enroll on the exchanges if they qualify and want to receive insurance."

Newssource 8 also asked the senator about president trump's recent executive order that severely restricts immigration from seven muslim countries, suspends refugee admission for 120 days, and bars all syrian refugees indefinitely.

Collins said she believes while the president may have had good intentions, his order is far too broad.

Sc: "that splits up leaves desperate orphans and widows in lands where they are at great risk of being killed."

And along the lines of national security -- collins is working with the department of homeland security on a study on our country's northern border -- which of course includes our state...she says they're working to make sure it has the resources needed to allow friends in, but keep enemies out.

Sc: "there's been an awful lot of focus on the southern border but the fact is that the northern border is far bigger and has far more vulnerabilities."

Collins says our country's good relationship with our canadian counterparts makes a real difference.

Kz ns 8.> ### and maine u.s. senator angus king says he will support president donald trump's nomination for secretary of state.

But he says he oppose the president's attorney general pick.

Senator king serves as one of two independent senators and caucuses with democrats.

He says he intends to support former exxon chief executive officer rex tillerson as the nominee for secretary of state.

But king says he has reservations about alabama's republican senator jeff sessions, the presumptive attorney general.

King says he spoke personally with tillerson and concluded the former exxon chief will serve as a critical moderating influence to balance impulsive forces in trump's administration.

King added he also met with sessions, who he describes as a personal friend.

He says he fears sessions would afford trump too much influence over the justice department.

### today is the second day of recreational marijuana being legal in our state.

Yesterday we told you about a business and a university right here in the county that have zero tolerance marijuana policies.

Today we spoke with an organization who helps businesses and schools write those policies.

The aroostook county action program encourages everyone to have a drug and/or substance use policy in their workplace so employees know what's expected.

Community education specialist dawn roberts says that policy should say companies don't allow the use, possession, or being under the influence of any drug while being at work.

She says companies could also add marijuana into an already existing tobacco policy.

Acap is constantly working with municipalities, worksites, companies, and school departments to help write these policies.

### <it wouldn't be a bad idea to just pull out your tobacco policy and look at it and see if marijuana is included in that, and if it isn't, to get that in there, and we can help you with that...and also if you'd like to write a drug use policy for your work site we can help you with that as well.> roberts says acap has templates they're able to provide to companies to write policies.

She adds that there are different levels of policies that companies can choose.

### the madawaska school department continues to work on their school budget.

Now seven months into the school year, the department is still without a budget.

The school committee is having another joint meeting with the town's finance committee to look over the numbers.

At the last meeting, superintendent gisele dionne brought forward 56 thousand dollars in cuts.

The finance committee requested her to find another 60 thousand dollars to cut from the budget.

Dionne adds she is looking at changes for a lot of different things, such as insurance plans, staffing, transportation and heating costs.

The next budget will be presented to the finance committee at their next joint meeting.

That takes place on february 8th.

### one st.

John valley community is open for business.

The town of madawaska achieved the business friendly certification from the state's economic and community development department.

The program seeks to recognize communities who provide exceptional services and makes the regulatory process for business owners a smooth one.

Ryan pelletier is the town manager and he says this can benefit the entire region.

### < i think now that madawaska has been certified business friendly, we are at the heart and center of of the st.

John valley.

Our two neighboring neighboring service center's in the st.

John valley are already business friendly.

So what i see is happening, is bringing that all together and marketing our entire st.

John valley region.> some reasons why madawaska earned this certification is because of the launch of their marketing slogan, "madawaska marks the spot," completion of a downtown economic plan, and good use of state programs to help businesses improve infrastructure.

### and staying in the st.

John valley, musicians will be raising their voices to raise money.

The st.

Louis church in fort kent has been raising money to restore their bell tower.

The bell tower was built along with the church in 1910.

It is the tallest point in fort kent and can be seen from all over the town.

Recently the bell tower started to crumble in places making it a safety issue.

### <we want it to look as good as it did before and hopefully it's going to last many many more years.

You know if the parish has been built since 1910 and this is the first repair and it's all due to the weather, rain and snow and wind and just the elements have been deteriorating it.> the parish has a goal of raising 300,000 dollars.

They only have $19,000 more to go to finish the restoration.

Musicians will come together to provide a variety of musical selections on wednesday.

The concert will start at 6:30pm at the st.

Louis church.

The concert has a suggested ten dollar donation or whatever you can afford.

The funds raised will go towards the costs of repairs on the historic bell tower.

If the concert is successful the musicians plan to continue with more concerts in the future.

### more to come, ted's got sharply colder air in his forecast... but first, a local trucking company has accepted a top honor.

That story is coming your way right after this quick break.

### r.f.

Chamberland is celebrating forty years of trucking.

Their trucking company was recently awarded a top honor by the maine motor transport association.

News source 8 reporter, sarah duncan has the story.

< that's the two boys that own this company now with their dad.

Vo: it started in 1974 with a man, his two sons and a truck.

That truck hauled potatoes to markets in boston and new york.

Forty years later that business has expanded.

They've grown to sixty trucks, one hundred and fifty trailers and eighty- five very dedicated and safe drivers.

Vo: safe drivers that have earned r.f.

Chamberland a top award.

The maine motor transport association awards trucking companies who operate safely in maine without any reportable accidents.

At 6.3 million miles we had just one dot reportable accident.

Vo: earning them the grand champion award for an outstanding safety record.

This was the most miles ever logged in a year in the history of the company.

The category of mileage puts us in there with some of the biggest and best carriers in maine.

Vo: mileage, cyr says was made safe thanks to the drivers.

The drivers really are first to recognize for an award like this.

Vo: also to be recognized are the owners of r.f.


Cyr says, they have created a culture of safety within the company by hiring the safest drivers and adapting to the ever increasing regulations that the government puts in place to operate.

It's a testament what a small french acadian family can do with just some work ethic and some values that place safety and employees, people and safety over profit.

Vo: and it's these company standards that will keep these blue trucks on the roads for another forty years.

Sarah duncan news source 8.

> <almanac> <comps> <2shot> <chroma key> ted-lines...step out after the news and look sw...venus and the crescent moon...and mars too....all pretty close to one another....south bound travelers will run into snow tomorrow...not a big strom but enough to make things slippery ##### let's check our 7- day temperature tracker....that is quite a dive...but a nice recovery!

###### now regarding saturday's does not take a lot of wind when the temps are already low to deliver a very cold wind chill...with only 10 mph of wind and a temp of 4 above, you get a windchill of 11 below zero!

##### current conditions in caribou on your screen ##### and now here are temps around the region ##### national temps...cold air lurking to our north ###### forecast windchill takes us to thur 7 pm...when the cold air will be arriving...and also there should be some blowing snow thursday evening as the cold air pours in ###### latest satellite and radar showing the system which will affect s maine tomorrow ###### weather predictor showing the snow in portland tomorrow am....but it has a hard time working north ###### a closer look with the localized weather predictor....clouds thicken from the south...then we finally see a little bit of snow tomorrow night...system gone by thursday rush hour ###### on to the forecast ###### tonight...clear then partly cloudy...low around 1 above...we welcome february at midnight....light wind ###### tomorrow....chanc e for light snow in the chance for northern penobscot and s.

Aroostook, w.

York and s.

Carleton counties...highs in the low 20s...e winds 5 mph ###### tomorrow night...light snow likely...inch or less in the valley....up to 2 inches for southern viewers...lows around 10...light se winds ###### looking ahead ###### ground hog day and no matter what he sees we will see snow shower and possible squalls in advance of an arctic front that will kick up some blowing snow in the evening as temps plunge.....cold breeze on friday with single digit highs....frigid breeze on saturday...especial ly during the first part of the day....things could set up for a very cold saturday night, with lows well below zero...not as harsh on sunday with less wind...monday's system looks quite minor at this point with just some light snow....tuesday is looking comfortable <chroma key> <2shot> <webbump> <sports 2shot> the southern aroostook girls looked ot avenge their only loss of hte year this afternoon the game is now late in the fourth quarter and the warriors are holding onto a lead.

Warriors leading with under 2 minutes to play 67-40.

Caribou at houlton katahdin at fort fairfield girls boys woodland at sahs cahs at wasbhrun the end of the winter sports seasons is fast approaching the state ski meet is once again held during school vacation week.

Alpine events will be held on tuesday and wednesday the 21st and 22nd and the nordic events are set for the 23rd and 24th.

There are two classes in alpine and three classes in nordic.

<this year class a and class c will be competing at quarry road in waterville and class b will head to sugarloaf at the sugarloaf outdoor center.

The alpine championships are mt abram for class a and black mountain for class b.> the lcs/mssm boys basketball team is right on the edge of getting a playoff spot.

The eagles sit in 13th and are less than three points behind narraguagus for the 12th and final playoff spot.

Lcs/mssm has a tough last three games against teams who are all .500 or better.

First year head coach ben arsenault says this challenge might have scared the team earlier in the season, but that's not the case now thanks to the team starting to believe in themselves.

<working on the belief that we can beat anybody.

I think they have improved over the last two weeks in particular.

We've really come out and worked with a better focus.

We expected to try and be in the middle of the pack, and with a lot of teams congested in the same area we're going to do our best to hold pact and keep our spot.> the eagles next game is tomorrow at central aroostook.

We'll have much more with the team on sports extra this friday at 11.

The awards keep coming in chandler guerrette of presque isle picks up another award.

The husson university senior has been named the maine women's basketball coaches association player of the week.

She averaged 18.5 points and six rebounds as the eagles remained undefeated in the conference.

The latest uscaa basketball poll is out and one local team has climbed back into the top three.

The umfk men's team is now ranked number three after being fifth last week.

The bengals are in the middle of a road trip that has them playing several games in kentucky and michigan this week.

The umfk women's team has dropped down to eighth after being ranked second just two weeks ago.

The bengals did beat umpi by 10 to snap a four game losing skid they will be back in action tonight against maine maritime academy.

And in the division two poll the university of maine presque isle men's team is still trying to crack the top 20.

The owls received 71 votes this week, which is good for 22nd.

The owls will take on davis this friday.

The last thing the atlanta falcons


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