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Monday, March 1, 2021

News Source 8 Morning Edition 02.14.17

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News Source 8 Morning Edition 02.14.17
News Source 8 Morning Edition 02.14.17
News Source 8 Morning Edition 02.14.17

Hour including local police make a drug bust, we'll tell you where...and the red cross has new us you've got fiscal questions, weve got fiscal answers in matter of finance...all that but first lets go back to anthony for more weather..good morning anthony... good morning shawn!

After the significant winter storm yesterday, we'll be fortunate to have a much quieter day ahead of us today.

Temperatures will climb through the teens and into the low 20s, right around normal for this time of year, with no real chance for snow.

Believe it or not, there is another storm on the way tomorrow, so i'll have the latest on what to expect from that one coming up in a few minutes.

For now, back to you!

While the county saw yet another winter storm, some areas received a lot more than others.

Cary plantation was one of the hardest hit locations in the county with strong winds and heavy snow.

News source 8 ashley blackford with more.

<vo: no one was spared in cary plantation when it came to today's winter wallop of snow.

"well it started about 3 or 4 in the morning and at 7:30 my plow man came down and plowed me out, we had 10 inches at that time and since then i got the weather report we got 11 more inches since, we got 21 inches and that was at 12 o'clock, so the way the winds blowing it's still coming down, i think we're gonna get two feet ok."

Vo: jim o'mara has been keeping a close eye on the snow fall in cary plantation.

"there's a little pink marker out there that's six feet tall, that's where the well cap is and there's five feet of snow."

Vo: according to o'mara this winter is shaping up to look a lot like the winter two years ago.

"in 2014-15 and we had two blizzards like this that year, but last year was a piece of cake."

"while much of aroostook county did get to stay home from work or school today, those who drive plow trucks did have to be at work.

Many secondary roads in the hard hit southern portions of the county are very much snow covered, creating very hazardous travel conditions nat sound - roof shoveling vo: snow removal took place in all forms around the region.

Including those who wanted to lighten the loads from their roofs.

"there's quite a bit of snow up there, it's all light right now but we're suppose to get snow all night so i don't want to leave it on there."

Vo: spooner says she didn't expect this much snow, this fast.

"that building was cleaned off yesterday and it's covered in snow again today."

Vo: and it's likely this roof won't stay clean for long - as more is expected to fall.

Ashley blackford newssource8.> as of this evening the snow total at cary plantation is whopping 30.3 inches.

That's compared to madawaska, which received only received 3.

### and we continue our coverage on this latest winter storm with news source 8's katie zarrilli.

Where she shares the sentiments of the people of presque isle.

<nats snowblowing monday was another cleanup day for folks here in aroostook county -- this latest powerful winter storm brought with it heavy snow in places and whipping wind ..

And even though it added onto an already large pile of snow, most folks we bumped into weren't complaining!

Ryan guess: "oh i love it.

If it's going to be cold out, i want it to snow.

I like to go out and do winter activities so if we're gonna have winter and it's gonna be cold, i might as well have a lot of snow with it."

Another day that area schools closed their doors and the roads were relatively quiet.

Ryan guess braved the conditions to get his hair cut and do his valentines day shopping.

His excitement for the snow is shared by jerry levasseur.

Jl: "day off from school...look at it, it's beautiful out.

Good for the economy, good for the skiers, good for the snowmobilers."

Also good for some old fashioned family fun.

Just ask the daggett squad of presque isle.

Daggetts: "it's beautiful, really, to get out into the woods out to mantle lake park...and take a trek.

Lucky us."

Troy casey was spending the day plowing in presque isle, mapleton, and castle hill - he called this snow a taste of what's still to come...and said this snow was easy to plow.

Troy casey: "nothing like the sleet storm we had that nobody liked."

But not everybody was thinking positive thoughts about the snow - bob palm of presque isle says the snow can stop just about any time.

Bob: "i think we've had enough.

It's getting a little much now.

Seems like we're cleaning out driveways out every three or four days."

Some say the end isn't too far out of sight.

Daggetts: "it's almost march, so soon it's spring."

And for others, what end?

Jl: "hope we get another one."> ### and the maine d- o-t was ready for the winter storm.

Bob watson who is the northern region manager says the most significant part of this storm has been the blowing snow.

He says this causes visibility issues.

Another unique part of this storm watson pointed out is how it's affecting different parts of the county.

The st.

John valley did not receive high snow totals, but the southern parts sure did, as ted will show you in a couple of moments.

Watson says it's best for drivers to stay off the roads to give crews the space they need for clean-up.

### < if you happen to be in one of those areas, particularly south of houlton where the really heavy snow is falling, you need to understand that the roads are not going to be in good condition.

Just because of the snowfall rates, it's nearly impossible to keep up with the snow as it's falling.

The roads are not going to be good.

So if you need to travel you need to allow that extra time.> one last thing watson adds with this storm is that people need to be hyper-vigilant when they're at intersections because of how high snow banks are.

He says you need to really be able to see before you pull out onto the road.

### some crime news now as a linneus man has been arrested and charged in connection with a felony burglary in houlton.

According to the houlton police department, 37 year old matthew t.

Clark of linneus was arrested and charged with burglary, theft, and criminal mischief.

According to houlton police chief timothy deluca, on january 8th the houlton police department responded to a residential burglary on charles street.

An estimated $83,000 in merchandise and personal property was reported stolen.

As a result of the extensive ongoing investigation, officers were able to detain and arrest clark.

Stolen property was recovered from 24 charles street and clark's home in linneus.

Clark was transported to the aroostook county jail where he later made bail.

In addition, this investigation has provided leads involving a similar burglary which is currently under investigation.

### erratic driving led the houlton police department to find heroin and suboxone during a traffic stop.

On friday, the houlton police department conducted a traffic stop after getting a report of erratic driving on i-95 north.

The vehicle which had a connecticut registration was later stopped by police on north street in the dunkin donuts parking lot.

An on-site investigation took place during the traffic stop and continued at the police station resulting in the recovery of several dosages of heroin and suboxone along with scales and packaging materials.

As a result of the investigation, 24 year old carisma cachu of connecticut was charged with two counts of unlawful possession of scheduled drug.

24 year old joshua wilcox of connecticut was also charged for the failure to give a correct name and address.

The houlton police department says the investigation is ongoing.

### the maine region of the american red cross has announced a new community manager to represent aroostook county.

Mary green began in the position today.

Green has 17 years of nonprofit work experience with an extensive knowledge of aroostook county's community programs and services.

She has a great amount of passion for community support and red cross officials are confident she will work tirelessly to provide support to the county and push the red cross mission.

### more ahead including how you can help the county's only dialysis center that serving so many....and the winter weather won't stop them from making their appointed not the postal service but flower delivery people on this valentines this morning is ahead at 7...and heres whats coming upm tongith on cbs primetime... ### cbs primetime intro from joey: good morning, i'm joey prechtl with this edition of matter of finance.

Joining me is bryan thompson from thompson hamel llc, good morning bryan.

And happy valentines day!

Bryan: thanks for having me.happy valentine's day.

This is the day set aside to spend time with your special loved one and let them know how much they are appreciated.

As our watchers are confessing their love to their special person today, talking about how they are going to be together forever, sharing their hopes and dreams, maybe even discussing a bucket list to do together before the end of their lives.the question i want to ask is: do you know how you are going to get there?

Joey: has thompson-hamel expanded to offer couples counseling?

Bryan: ha, we will leave that to the professionals.but when we plan for clients, they are telling us the same things they are telling their special someone, and it's not i love you...they are sharing their hopes and dreams for their lives together.

Hopes that their children will go to college and live successful, independent lives.

Hopes that they will live productive lives, doing meaningful work they love, and being able to save for retirement.

Dreams of being able travel the country in an rv, or relaxing with their feet in the sand in january, or starting a business together, or just spending quality time with their grandkids.

But, these are only hopes and dreams that require a plan to become a reality.

Joey: and this is where thompson-hamel, llc comes in?

Bryan: yes!

We have a passion for helping clients achieve their hopes and dreams. when planning for your future, the first step you must take is to take time to determine where you are right now.

You need a starting point.

It is great to have an individual that does not know your situation and can ask you questions to determine where you are today.

We like to call this a "financial checkup."

And, it doesn't cost anything.

Most of these hopes and dreams require financial means, and we want to help prepare the financial road map that will help lead you through life's challenges, and beyond to accomplish your hopes and dreams. joey: what should people do if they would like to put a plan together?

Bryan: this valentines, give your spouse the gift of planning your financial future together, and we would love to help at thompson-hamel.

### different depending on where you were in the county, with southern areas picking up over two and a half feet of snow while the st.

John valley was closer to 3".

Right now, it's much quieter and the winds have lessened.

Temperatures range from the low teens through the single digits, just a little warmer than average for mid february.

At the bus stop, expect a mix of sun and clouds with temperatures in the low teens.

By the afternoon, it'll still be partly cloudy and also a bit warmer, into the low 20s.

A quiet day for once will be a nice change of pace!

Satellite and radar shows a few snow showers popping up during the early morning hours but they will be the exception rather than the rule.

As the circulation rotates away from us, it'll allow an area of high pressure to nudge over us today, providing for a nice valentine's day.

There is some loose snow shower activity back toward the northwest, and this is eventually what we'll be dealing with come tomorrow afternoon - another winter storm!

Hour by hour clouds filter in and out today, but no snow to speak of.

Clouds increase tonight, and that is the beginning of the next chance for snow.

Expect some of it to make it into western parts of the county close to noon, but anything we see during the afternoon hours will be light at first.

Snow really doesn't make much progress until early thursday morning, when we'll be back into it again.

We already have a winter storm watch for this system, but for the moment, it only includes southeastern aroostook and northern penobscot counties, because the potential for snowfall is yet again greater in those areas.

Currently we're looking for about 4-8" in southern aroostook, with a reduced amount further north.

There's still time before this system really gets going, so this will be updated in the next couple of days.

Today, partly cloudy and a nice valentine's day.

Winds continue to decrease.

Tonight, mostly cloudy but around normal for this time of year.

Tomorrow, dry to start but snow develops towards the afternoon hours.

7-day has the storm tomorrow night and thursday, but fortunately we'll have a break from the snow for awhile, just in time for the upcoming president's day weekend.

Temperatures will trend a bit above normal, into the upper 20s and low 30s during the period, with partly to mostly cloudy conditions.

<2shot> news and whats happening on wall street.

Heres this mornings moneywatch with kenneth craig.

<two u.s. senators are trying to fast-track the process of getting self- driving vehicles on america's roadways.

The bi- partistan effort.... is aimed at creating legislation to help clear hurdles for self-driving technology.

It is the first major attempt to address the issue in congress.

A hearing is set for tuesday.

/// stocks pushed even higher on wall street monday.... with several indexes hitting record highs.

The dow gained 149 points to finish at a new high.

The nasdaq added 29, also reaching a record.

/// discouraging news for safe drivers.

A new report found some drivers..

Are seeing their car insurance premiums spike by as much as $400 even though they did nothing wrong.

The consumer federation of america analyzed quotes in 10 cities for drivers involved in no-fault accidents.

New york and baltimore drivers saw the biggest increases after accidents that weren't their fault.

/// the maker of botox is shelling out nearly 2 and a half billion dollars to buy the company that owns a body- sculpting system.

Allergan says it's purchase of zeltiq ... and it's cool- sculpting technology, that uses cold temperatures to eliminate fat cells ..

Will only strengthen its business.

// that's your moneywatch report.

For more, log on to cbs moneywatch dot com.

In new york, im kenneth craig.

> ### it's time now for adopt-a-pet... libby is a 7 year old female spayed husky mix who absolutely loves to go for long walks, she prefers to be the only pet in the home, and wants to be by your side all the time, she loves car rides!

Libby knows basic commands and is eager to please, she is a very gentle girl.

If you're interested please call the central aroostook humane society at 207- 764-3441.

Meet bandit.

He is an almost black male cat with some interesting white spots.

Bandit is shy but loving and gentle.

He is starting to take an interest in his surroundings.

Bandit is neutered, brought up-to-date on his vaccinations and cleared of any parasites.

If you are interested in seeing him, please visit valley cat haven during open hours on sat.

From 11 a.m.

To 1 p.m.

Or call jean at 207- 543-7348 for an appointment.

Today, partly its time now for our heroes in the county segment.

Each day, we will feature a local veteran hero and... it's community run, meaning we feature the people...the heroes... you submit to us... certainly, we agree veterans are local heroes and deserve not only a huge debt of gratitude for serving our country, preserving our freedom and promoting democracy.... this is just one unique way to say thank you.

If you'd like to submit a local veteran hero for the segment, just go to our website, find the submit your hero link and upload all the information.

Here is today's hero... larry j.


Kingsbury was a in the united states army and served in vietnam from 1971 to 1972.

Cbs news has confirmed president donald trump's embattled national security adviser has resigned.

Weijia jiang has the latest from washington.

<pkg after less than a month on the job, national security adviser michael flynn resigned from his post monday evening.

President trump accepted flynn's resignation and has named lt.

General joseph kellogg, jr. as acting national security advisor.

The retired army general came under fire for conversations he had with russia's ambassador to the united nations about sanctions on russia before the president was inaugurated.

Late monday afternoon white house counselor kellyanne conway said the president was standing behind the general general flynn does enjoy the full confidence of the president and this is a big week for general flynn.

He's the point of contact for many of these foreign visits.

But later -- the white house said the president was evaluating the situation.

Last month, vice preisident pence defended flynn on cbs' "face the nation."

Those conversations that happened to occur around the time that the united states took action to expel diplomats had nothing whatsoever to do with those sanctions.

In his resignation letter, flynn said he made call to foreign leaders to help smooth the transition, but because of the fast pace of events "i inadvertently briefed the vice president elect and others with incomplete information regarding my phone calls with the russian ambassador.

I have sincerely apologized to the president and the vice president, and they have accepted my apology."

Weijia jiang, cbs news, washington.

> police are planning to hold a news conference tomorrow regarding a maine woman who's been missing for over three weeks.

Kerry rear was last seen january 22nd at a convenience store in sanford.

Police say earlier this month a tracking dog followed her trail to dover, new hampshire.

They believe the 40- year-old rear got into a vehicle and made several stops in new hampshire.

Sanford police plan to hold a news conference at the department at 2 tomorrow afternoon.

They say rear's parents, kenneth and sheila rear, wish to address the media.

### coordinators at one local hospital are working to close out a multi- million dollar campaign to renovate the only dialysis center serving aroostook county.

In this medical report we give an update on how the site is huge benefit to people in need of a life saving health service.

<00:00 presque isle the cost to upgrade the county dialysis center in presque isle came with a more than two million dollars price tag says hollie gowen, a philanthropy officer for the tamc foundation.

While many renovations were completed last year, fast forward to 2017 gowen says the fundraising effort to close out the endeavor rolls on... hollie gowen philanthropy officer, the tamc foundation "this was a large project about a 2.1 million dollar project to renovate the center and we had a large fundraising goal of 750 thousand dollars we're really working hard to close out the campaign and have a little less than 200 thousand left to raise..."

Shawn cunningham no standup and while that endeavor continues...the center will continue being a huge resource providing dialysis to more than 50 patients a week.

But perhaps the biggest benefit of the renovation is all the space it provides for staff and patients.

Staffers say they love the new improvements and especially its providing more of a comfort to patients.

Aron chalou nurse mgr., county dialysis center "the space is gorgeous we have natural light that comes through and in aroostook county in the wintertime natural light's at a premium it is welcoming it is clean it is bright and fresh and it makes patients feel welcome."

What is welcome is the new equipment.

There are twelve stations and fourteen new machines.

Chalou "it is state of the art equipment it allows us to fine tune their treatment in a way that we could not before in giving more precise dialysis treatment and that improves their quality of life it decreases the symptoms they may have of doing dialysis because its not a comfortable process and these machines allow them to have a better more efficient treatment."

She adds a more efficient and better treatment with people who care, in a place that's providing invaluable care to so many throughout the county.

Chalou "these patients are our friends they are our neighbors and in some cases our family members we have grown up with some of these patients so its important to give them the best care possible because they deserve that."

Gowen "alot of people might have a friend or family member that might have used this center and even if they haven't where kidney failure is a growing issue they probably will know someone in the future and its so important we keep this center here to serve those patients."

Gowen says any individuals, businesses or civic groups wanting to donate to the center improvement and operation can do so by contacting the tamc foundation.

Shawn cunningham, ns 8.> ### a little snow won't stop cupid from delivering flowers.

Connor cyrus tells us how two local floral shops are preparing for the day of love.

< valentines day is a special day.

It's always been a fun time here at the flower shop.

Vo: the fun times continue even in the middle of a snow storm.

The storm might have stopped people from coming to the store but it didn't stop them from calling.

Karen duncan owner of cooks florist tells us the popular orders this year and what her flower shop offers.

We have a lot of lily's and we do a lot of arrangements that include stuffed animals and chocolates.

From passion to puppy love we have you covered.

Vo: and for those people who do not know what they want she has several pre-made arrangements in this little bag if you are the romantic we sell rose pedals by the bag so that you can decorate your home for your valentine.

Vo: kimber noyes co owner of noyes says he gets excited talking about valentines day because it's a break from the cold bitter weather and it's a chance to make people smile and feel loved.

February is usually cold, the days are long, you occassionally get a nice sunny day but everybody is kind of happy on valentines day.

Vo: and that's the happiness he wants people to feel when they get flowers.

Both noyes and duncan assure the snow will not have any impact for those receiving flowers.

Tomorrow we will be in full force, starting at 7 am and we will be running until the last delivery is made.

Vo: and for those procrastinators, like myself, they will be taking orders for the rest of today and tomorrow morning.

From the flower shops connor cyrus news source 8.> ### more show left including sports action, a great recipe straight from mr. food's kitchen...and more this morning follows us...up next tho, we chat with an organizer at nmcc about an effort to help students get their first job in final basketball standings have been released and several teams will be competing in bangor.

On the girls side in class b houlton goes in as the top seed and presque isle is second they will be play on saturday in the quarterfinals.

In class c madawaska heads into the tournament as the fourth seed.

Fort kent finished ninth fort fairfield ended up 11 and will play a prelims. in class d sahs is number one, central aroostook is third, easton is fourth and washburn ended up sixth.

They all get byes and ashland is seventh katahidn is ninth and east grand is tenth and will play on tuesday evening on the boys side presque isle is fifth and houlton ended up 10th and both will play a prelims on wednesay in class c fort fairfield and hodgdon ended up second and third fort kent ended up ninth just 12 hundredths of a point behind woodland and will play a preliminary game in class d sahs is top seed, easton and cahs are third and fourth and wisdom gets a bye after finishing sixth.

Ghca and ashland were eighth and ninth and will face off on wednesday here is the preliminary playoff schedule girls on tuesday fort kent at narraguagus 5pm fort fairfield at woodland 5:30pm east grand at ashland 6pm katahdin at jonesport tba boys wednesday fort kent at woodland 5pm ellsworth at presque isle 5pm ashland and ghca wil play at 6pm in hodgdon houlton at belfast 6pm the central aroostook cheerleaders have picked up another state cheering title.

Here they are picking up their fourth straight class d state championships.

The panthers ended with 70 points almost seven points ahead of pvhs.

This is the ninth title in ten years for the panthers.

The panthers ended up with 70 points in class d.

Fort fairfield ended up fourth in class c houlton ended up third and in class b presque isle was eighth.

The class b northern regional wrestling championships were held on saturday on saturday in caribou foxcroft picked up the regional team title ending with 127 and a half points.

Winslow and ellsworth followed.

The top four wrestlers in each weight division will compete in the states next week in bucksport.

Jordan labbe of fort kent finished third in the 182 pound class and cory jandreau of cariobu finished fourth in the 138 point division.

Both will compete next saturday.

The aroostook league alpine championships held on saturday at lonesome pine.

First on the boys side, in the giant slalom nick barlett of presque lsle won the giant slalom, fort kent took the next four places with jon haley , austin plourde, bryce madore and drew madore following fort kent won the team event with presque isle second in the slalom bryce madore picked up the win with jake roy of wisdom second, the warriors austin plurdewas third.

Lane grass of cahs and drew madore of fort kent followed.

Fort ken won the team event with 16 points on the girls side alisha guimond of fort kent swept the races winning the giant slalom with teammates riley sibley, olivia martin, sylvie guimond and kailee guimond following fort kent ended with a perfect 10 points, in the slalom event also a clean sweep for the warriors once again alisha guimond the winner with teammates olivia martin, sylvie guimond, kailee guimond and isabelle lozier following fort kent once again had 10 points, the pvc swimming championsips were also held the carlisle girls finished in 10th spot with 43 points maddie wing led the way two top five finishes and on the boys side carlilse finished 8th with 40.5 points nate gere led the way with a fifth place finish college basketball.

Women's umpi picked a 67- 58 win over umfk rylee wright, sydney churchill and amanda hotham combined for 54 points in the win.

The umfk men won 86-64 roosevelt smith jr led the bengals with 30 points.

That's all the time we have for this mornings sports desk...have a great day ########## delicious... time for a recipe you can make in minutes... time for another in the kitchen moment with mr. food... <it's valentine's day and besides all the chocolate and flowers, the best way to a man's heart , is through their stomach, so i figured i'd share a recipe for our homemade cheese biscuits.

If these don't make them fall in love with you, what will?

We start off by mixing together some flour, shredded cheddar cheese, a bit of sugar and some salt.

Now we cut in some vegetable shortening using a pastry cutter or you could use two forks.

And if you're not familiar with this, what it does is, it creates almost a crumbly mixture that will make our biscuits nice and flakey.

We add some buttermilk to this and when the dough comes together, we knead it for a bit before rolling it out.

Since it's valentine's day, i'm using a heart- shaped cutter, but you can use a biscuit cutter or even a drinking glass.

After these get baked, which takes just a few minutes, the whole house will smell warm and inviting.

And when that special someone takes their first bite, they'll fall in love with how flakey and tasty they are.

The recipe, for our, "hearty cheese biscuits," is online now.

Believe me, when you bake something homemade for valentine's day, there's nothing better.

I'm howard in the mr. food test kitchen, where today we found a "loving way" for you to say .

"ooh it's so good!!"> ### today, partly cloudy and a nice valentine's day.

Winds continue to decrease.

Tonight, mostly cloudy but around normal for this time of year.

Tomorrow, dry to start but snow develops towards the afternoon hours.

7-day has the storm tomorrow night and thursday, but fortunately we'll have a break from the snow for awhile, just in time for the upcoming president's day weekend.

Temperatures will trend a bit above normal, into the upper 20s and low 30s during the period, with partly to mostly cloudy conditions.


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