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Saturday, January 29, 2022

Bob Michel Dies at age 93, (WMBD at 12pm)

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Bob Michel Dies at age 93, (WMBD at 12pm)
Bob Michel Dies at age 93, (WMBD at 12pm)
PEORIA - The longtime U.S. Representative died on Friday

His home city.

<<clay gordon>>we are continuing to follow breaking news this afternoon...a beloved leader and peoria native passes away.<<lindsey mills>>bob michel.a name that will live on -- in so many ways -- here in peoria.the nineteen -term illinois congressman died early friday morning at a hospital in arlington, virginia -- after battling a case of pneumonia.

<<clay gordon>>a life-long republican... in congress for nearly four decades, michel served from 19-57 to 19-95.

Remembered as a skilled deal-maker, michel was elected house minority leader in 19-81.

He would go on to serve in that role for fourteen years - the longest tenure for any individual to hold the position.

Near the end of his time in public service, mister michel was given the presidential medal of freedom by president bill clinton.

<<lindsey mills>> michel is survived by his four children, five grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren.his name appears today on one of our busiest bridges..

A veterans affairs clinic...and a student center at bradley university... <<clay gordon>>and that's where we find eugene daniel... who begins our coverage on reaction to the passing of bob michel.<<lindsey mills>> eugene, who have you spoke to this morning?<<eugene daniel>> clay and lindsey,earlier i spoke to michel's successor and former u-s transportation secretary ray lahood...who confirmed the news.

I'm currently at bradley university - where the student center is named after bob michel.

Here - earlier a friend and former field manager says bob michel will be remembered as a leader who put bipartisanship over party lines.the peoria native, of course, served as the 18th district's congressman for 38 years...going on to become the longest-serving house minority leader in history.

Those who knew him best...say his level of leadership and integrity was one of a kind.

<<( bob michel was a true statemens and he was a true gentleman.

And this country desperately needs that kind of leadership, both at the leadership and central illinois.

)>>bob michel graduated from bradley and was a trustee for many years... a few other things to note... he is from peoria...went to peoria high and his tenure spanned nine presidents dating back to eisenhower.

Eugene daniel, wmbd news back to you.

<<clay gordon>>ok eugene, thanks so much.

<<clay gordon>>and an outpouring of support from some of bob michel's colleagues this

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