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Hidden History: Buffalo Soldiers

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Hidden History: Buffalo Soldiers
KRBC News 6PM 02-13-17

Welcome back...these men stood at the frontlines of war..

Ex- slaves, sons of former slaves and free men of color..

All recruited to serve our country.

Country.we're taking a look back in history at some of the most well known united states cavalry regiments known as the buffalo soldiers.... 3 jon mcmichael has this story you'll only see on krbc..

Krbc..tonight we briefly dig into the history of the buffalo soldiers, who served in a variety of locations across west texas.

3 the buffalo soldiers, that is a very big, vast subject.

African american cavalry units, which served the frontier after the civil war, received the title buffalo soldier from the plains indians.

They had never saw a black man before, so they compared them to the buffalo.

Their hair was curly and kinky, their skin was dark and their tenacity reminded them of how the buffalo was.

According to the texas- forts-trail website, these african american regiments represent "the genesis of the long struggle to integrate the us military and a society moving towards a more democratic union."

Even so paul cook says the buffalo soldiers were just that, soldiers.

These were not supermen, these were not guys that flew around with capes on, these were just average men who tried to make a living for themselves.

Cook says many, if not all of the men serving in these units were ex- slaves.

Growing up on a plantation, you worked hard, you ate very little and that made you strong, willing and able, which is what the army wanted, a strong able man to work all day and that's what these men got.these soldiers have since joined the list of america's and most honored military heroes.

Moving forward a considerable number of years... here in abilene, in the not as distant past one man has made sure that big country locals can remember the work and sacrifices made by this group of historic figures.

3 everything i have done and will do is to ignite the imagination of students and also increase knowledge of unsung heroes in us history and also texas historydr. jackson says he pushed for north 7th and east north 7th to be honorarily named buffalo soldiers drive.

This is a lasting tribute to those unsung heroes in abilene's history.

Before we wrap up, it's interesting to note that, according to cook, the term buffalo soldier, with which so history is associated with, was not used in these men's time.

Buffalo soldiers is just a, i don't want to say a phantom, but it's a story that's followed these gentlemen.

They were never ever referred to one another as buffalo soldier, this was a story that came about after their passing.reporting in abilene, i'm jon mcmichael, krbc news.

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