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El Paso Trans Woman Indicted by Federal Grand Jury

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El Paso Trans Woman Indicted by Federal Grand Jury

El Paso Trans Woman Indicted by Federal Grand Jury

An undocumented El Paso transgender woman who was arrested at the El Paso County Courthouse by federal agents in February, has been indicted by a federal grand jury for illegal re-entry into the U.S.

Arrested at el paso's county courthouse... ...has been indicted by a federal jury for illegal re-entry.

33-year-old irvin gonzalez -- her birth name -- was at the courthouse filing a domestic violence protective order.

Nc9 today's daniela pardo is live where it all happened with this morning's update.

Daniela... daniel, there are two set of documents that detail how and where gonzalez was arrested.

There's now an ammended report that describes the arrest happened inside the courthouse, not outside as agents first said.

The ammended report also details how agents were tipped off by el paso police to her whereabouts, not gonzalez's boyfriend.

Local immigration attorney analuisa pablos tells us that while it's alarming that this all happened to a victim of domestic violence at a state court, the legality of the warrant won't be questioned.

Pablos explains that the agents amending some of the details in the arrest won't likely change the status of the case.

Pablos: "i don't see anything illegal or unethical about misstating where this person was arrested if they go back and amend" daniela: gonzalez remains in custody.

The new documents also show she was under investigation for money laundering with her boyfriend..

And she's reportedlyy been deported 7 times for illegal re-entry.

When this first happened county judge veronica escobar and county attorney joann bernal were quick to defend gonzalez as a victim of domestic violence who they feared had been cornered by arresting agents.

Escobar and bernal weren't available yesterday when we reached out to get their reaction the the latest developments in this case.

Daniela pardo, nc9 today.

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