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FOX24 News at 9
FOX24 News at 9

Is the fox 24 news in hd.

Your life your news" ((alex)) the hogs are going dancing.

Thanks for joining us tonight -- i'm alex caprariello.

### ((alex)) the ncaa tournament now on the minds of the arkansas men's basketball team.

Let's swing on over to the razorback nation and alyssa orange who has more on the hogs and what lies ahead... alyssa... ### the hogs going dancing..

A nice ending to the day for arkansas after a not so nice ending to the sec championship game... drew amman in nashville with the latest drew amman- "yea alyssa despite the loss to the kentucky wildcats in the sec championship game here in nashville, tn a lot of excitement for arkansas today, a team that's on 8 of it's last 10, and the razorbacks enter the big dance with 25 wins overall."

Mike anderson- "this team here, we've got a lot of depth, weve got a lot of balance and we've got to be productive on that given night.

Im excited about this team, i really am.

At the beginning of the season i made the statement 'i really like this team' i like them even more now because theyve become a team."

Dusty hannahs- "i wish you could feel this good after every loss you know, have a selection show after every loss, but you know, it helps the pain, eases the pain of what just happened and now our focus is on seton hall."

Drew amman- "and we will see collectively if the razorbacks can get it done friday against seton hall.

It will make it that much more special for this group of seniors.

Three seniros in the program this season and they try to advance to the second round of the big dance, which will likely mean a match up with the north carolina tar heels who will take on texas southern in the other part of that bracket, alyssa."

Arkansas and seton hall a friday game..

Tip time to be determined... we'll have coverage leading up to the game all week long, for now, let's head back to you ((alex)) if you want to go see the razorbacks play in greenville, its going to cost you a pretty penny.

Fox 24 did some research this afternoon on flights out of x-n-a and tulsa...three star hotels in the greenville area, and tickets to the bon secours wellness area, where the games will be held.

We pulled numbers from kayak, priceline and orbitz... and you'll see that x-n-a actually has the cheaper flights to greenville.

The hotel price is the price you would pay per night.

The tickets to the arena are the seats you would have for both of the sessions.

So in total you might spend anywhere from 800 to thirteen hundred depending on what flight and hotel you select.

### ((alex)) now the majority of us will be watching the game right here in arkansas.

As the hogs advance in the tourney... that's also good news for our local economy..

Fox 24's charity chambers -- live in studio -- shows us how the basketball team's success is impacting local businesses.

((charity)) with the razorbacks making it to the finals of the s-e-c championship, things were a lot busier for bars and restaurants across northwest arkansas.

Fans gathered at different places - such as buffalo wild wings and farrell's bar and grill -to watch the game and shortly after, the selection show.

Farrell's manager says the razorbacks doing well in spring time sports, helps bring in more revenue for the company.

### michael white - manager, farrell's lounge bar & grill -"the basketball team brings in a certain level of business but it definitely increases based on their success.

So if they're a team that the fans feel them confident in being an ncaa bound team for the tournament then it gets significantly more busy."

((charity)) looking at the weeks ahead...the manager said he expects a continued rush during march madness since fans are expecting the razorbacks to do well.

Live in studio -- charity chambers -- fox 24 news.

### ((alex)) looking ahead -- on tuesday there will be a dog party and book fair at mcnair middle school in fayetteville.

Students will be able to bring their furry friend to the book fair and there will also be other lovable dogs at the event for adoption.

During the week... students will be donating items that are on the fayetteville animal shelter's wish list.

The event will be from three to seven p-m.

### ((alex)) the university of arkansas at for smith is holding classes for those seeking an education in flying commercial drones.

The 40 hour course will give students the knowledge to pass the f-a-a exam so they can obtain a license.

The fee for the course is two thousand dollars and will be held all this week... starting tomorrow... from eight a-m until five p-m.

((alex)) also in fort smith tomorrow -- the police department will be playing in a charity basketball game at trinity junior high.

F-s-p-d's shield will be playing the trinity junior high buffaloes at nine a-m.

The game will be held in the trinity gymnasium.

These guys have been doing these kinds of games a lot recently.

The fort smith police played in a similar game against some university of arkansas alumni.

### ((alex)) it's something all of us struggle with -- finding a parking spot.

But the problem is even tougher for those that require a handicapped spot when drivers that don't really need it snag their space.

Fox 24's haley hughey -- live in studio -- introduces us to someone who wants to change that with one simple app.

((haley)) one northwest arkansas woman wants put an end to people parking in the wrong spots.

It's easy to think this really isn't a issue... but within minutes today we spotted a violator.

With a few minutes you can report anyone who is parked in a handicapped spot with your smart phone.

### tabitha mayberry, 11 years handicapped "it's a hassle really to go through that when you're just trying to live everyday like someone else."

((haley)) nearly one in five people in the us have a disablity according to the us census bureau.

Tabitha mayberry became handicapped 11 years ago after a car crash.

She says she faces a problem around 20 times a week -- able- bodied men and women parking in handicapped spots illegally.

Tabitha mayberry, 11 years handicapped "people could care less."

Tabitha mayberry, 11 years handicapped "it's very degrading for them not to think about that."

((haley)) but marberry is trying to make parking for those who are disabled easier by using a parking moblity app.

Tabitha mayberry, 11 years handicapped "how it works is that an indivdual can report people parking in handicapped spots that do not have the qualifications which is the tag..to park in a handicapped spot."

((haley)) right now it's fully operational in texas -- but mayberry is trying to bring it to arkansas by collecting data on the app.

Tabitha mayberry, 11 years handicapped "it will report like violation, but because it's not implemented they do not get a fine.

Once we can get it implemneted here with the police departments, then a citation will be mailed to the individual in violation."

((haley)) enforcing the app will also save time since cops won't have to write up a ticket.

Tabitha mayberry, 11 years handicapped "i feel like it is something that could easily be addressed.

And i think a lot of it comes from people who are not aware.

If i can bring an awareness to it, then thats my goal."

((haley)) anyone can download the free app.

She hopes people in nwa will download it to help solve the problem.

Live in studio -- haley hughey -- fox 24 news.

### ((alex)) a new study shows that the mediterranean diet can reduce the risk of a certain kind of breast cancer.

Fox 24's kim hutcherson explains in today's health edge.

The mediterranean diet which consists of a colorful array of fruits... nuts... fish... whole grains and vegetables, is known for its benefits of stronger bones, longer life, the prevention of heart disease and some cancers.

Now, it is linked to a lower risk of one of the worst types of breast cancer: estrogen- receptor-negative breast cancer, a post-menopausal form of the disease.

According to a new study conducted in the netherlands, and appearing in the international journal of cancer, researchers found the emergence of er-negative breast cancer was 40- percent less prevalent if women aged 55-69 who adhered closely to the mediterranean diet.

Er-negative breast cancer has a bad prognosis -- it is known to be more aggressive and has a higher risk of recurrence.

There are also fewer treatment options.

Over 250-thousand women are diagnosed yearly in the u.s. with breast cancer.

Researchers said their results placed a spotlight on the impact dietary patterns have on the risk of cancer.

So preventing the cancer risk means more fruits and veggies!

And less red meat and sweets.

For today's health minute, i'm kim hutcherson ((alex)) coming up in a few minutes... you might have heard about a new diet that's trending.

But what you might not know is the negative effects it has on your body.

Find out about this weight loss program after the break.

((melissa)) another system will be moving into the area tonight, but will it bring more winter weather with colder temperatures?

Your forecast is coming up next in weather.

"live from the dickson in hd, alex caprariello and meteorologist melissa hall.

This is fox24 news at 9.

Your life,

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