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Saturday, May 15, 2021

The Daily Dish (3/15/17)

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The Daily Dish (3/15/17)
The Daily Dish (3/15/17)
The Daily Dish (3/15/17)

>> ange: good morning everybody and welcome to weht local lifestyles.

I'm ange humphrey.

>> ron: i am ron rhodes.

I do not have knee-high boots on like ange humphrey.

>> ange: not to have these boots here.

Got to get my last boot wearing in.

I'm pretending i got to put these up after the last few days.

>> ron: no need to put those up including your t-shirt.

It's like you need everything, you can't put anything away.

Winter ends on sunday.

>> ange: officially.

Coming up today on weht local lifestyles, you will not need boots to wade through the show.

Gift accessories, home decor at beautiful bakers rack.

And baker will be a long.

She's brought beautiful gifts.

Mark cole of mark cole's auto glass and tinting will give us a tour of local projects he is handling including the doubletree hotel.

How about that?

- - is back to talk about his family's bed and breakfast and all sorts of things happening in henderson.

The ronald mcdonald house is working to bring great service to the families in the tri-state.

Abigail adler will have the latest and green shakes.

We will get hooked on science with jason lindsay and a kid a scientist probably sharing another scientist that your young einstein's can do.

>> ron: today is peanut lovers day.

I like a lot of different nuts.

A lot of people do.

I cut back on the old peanuts.

At the same time, at a ballgame, i am throwing the shells down, making a big mess.

>>> take a look outside.

A cold start today.

We came close to a record low.

20 degrees this morning.

The record was set in 1969.

We will be in the teens again tomorrow.

The record tomorrow is 14.

Too close for comfort as far as i'm concerned.

Traffic on highway 41.

Joe byrd who is our man on the roads in the morning says they will not do bridgework today.

Tomorrow he thinks they will be back on the job.

Just southbound.

Believe me, it's a big deal.

With the guests coming in from a northbound.

32, working our way up to 36 and that is it.

That is all we will muster today.

>> ange: let's get to the daily dish.

Cheerios is featuring is honey not cheerios mask mascot.

It's an effort to boost global be population.

The company partnering with - - is planning to send out wildflower seeds.

Anyone interested can use the # bring back the bees.

You will receive 100 free seeds.

Recipients are asked to plant them in a b friendly area.

The be population is crucial for the world food supply.

They have been declining in recent years.

This is a big push.

Way to go cheerios.

It's a great idea.

>> ron: bees are so important to our ecosystem and all over the world.

I love seeing bees.

When people are shooing away b's.

I watch them.

They will not do anything to me because i don't have anything they want.

If you shothem they may stink - you.

>> ange: - - the company says the helium blimps are no more.

They are formally retired on tuesday.

It operated from 2006 until this february.

Covering super bowls, auto races, this year's academy awards.

Goodyear says the retirement completes the company's retirement to a modern fleet of blimps.

Goodyear's new blimps is - - and it will begin flight at the end of the year.

They will be out there but they won't be the old helium blimps.

>> ron: so they will be out there so what will it be?

>> ange: i don't know.

>> ron: they couldn't just do drums because drones aren't big enough.

You've got to have the advertisements.

Probably underneath the drone.

Eat at joe's.

>> ange: exactly.

I'm curious to find out what will be - - >> ron: probably will be solar powered.

Problem is if it's a cloudy day .

>> ange: sorry i can't fly over the super bowl, it's not sunny.

You will find this very interesting.

Talk about your march madness.

Looks like college basketball is a hot time for the sector means.

The cleveland clinic says it's locked a 10 percent increase in best ectomy before the ncaa basketball tournament between 2014-2016.

Given that the typical recovery from the sterilization procedure is about two days.

The cleveland clinic says it sees jump in vasectomies before the golf tournament as well as the release of a popular videogame.

>> ron: because they will be home, right?

When you think about it, it's pretty smart.

It's not something that's needed, they want it.

At the same time, if you can schedule it any time, you might as well when you know you will be stuck at home for the next two days.

>> ange: of the videogame release is the one that really cracks me up.

>> ron: i can see that.

No doubt.

There are a lot of gamers.

Even more so.

>> ange: don't forget on friday we will announce the next donut bank like 2 love can be a winner.

All you have to do is take a picture of yourself and your favorite donut bank product.

You upload those photos to facebook, instagram or twitter.

You need to use #dblike2love.

Tune in on friday.

>> ron: you


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