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Sunday, June 20, 2021

The Daily Dish (3/21/17)

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The Daily Dish (3/21/17)
The Daily Dish (3/21/17)
The Daily Dish (3/21/17)

>> ange: >> ron: tuesday is the most productive day of the week.

It's been based on studies.

>> ange: so studies have been done.

>> ron: we have to be very productive.

>> ange: i have been today.

Welcome to local lifestyles.

I'm ange humphrey.

>> ron: i am ron rhodes on this terrific tuesday.

You live downtown.

You saw so many people out.

>> ange: i saw so many people in vanderburgh county.

They were out on the river walk.

It's a great show today on this lovely day.

The university of evansville is hosting an event to get elementary school kids excited about science.

We will have a live experiment on the show.

We will share the details of an important event designed to inspire her to care about mother earth.mesker park zoo comes along with an exotic friend.

Action past has information about getting your homes and yards ready to prevent those pests this spring.

You of i host an important event called, don't drink the kool-aid.

A really big show.

Great guests and so much going on in our area.

>> ron: is and that what - - used to say.

>> ange: he was the toast of the town.

Very powerful.

And not afraid to use it.

>> ron: i barely remember the ed sullivan show.

>> ange: i wish i can say that but i remember vividly.

>> ron: you will remember yesterday vividly, it was so beautiful.

It was 80 degrees.

The first 80 we had this year.

We got close on february 24 when we got 79 degrees.

57 right now and that is where we should be this time of year.

>>> northwind around eight miles per hour.

I tell you what.

We are following up the first day of spring with a pretty good-looking second day of spring.

>> ange: it's so good to walk out the door and not be freezing cold.

>> ron: don't you and george think about walking tomorrow.

>> ange: we won't.

Actually, he is doing really well.

>> ron: you are exercising and plus you are running around the halls all the time.

>> ange: george wears a fit bit but it would blow up.

I'm just that way.

>>> let's get to the daily dish.

British researchers say a good nights sleep could be the equivalent to winning the lottery.

No kidding.

They studied the sleep patterns of more than 33,000 people over a four-year period.

A good nights sleep improves your mood in a way similar to winning the jackpot of a lottery.

It says improving the quality in the amount of sleep is effective in improving.


If that's true, i should be the happiest person in the universe.

And you know what?

I kind of am.

>> ron: i love a good nights sleep as much as anybody.

I would like to take that chance of winning that $150,000 lottery, just to see if i didn't feel a little better.

>> ange: it was in 1 million, it was $150,000.

>> ron: i can also win the lottery and get a good nights sleep.

Then i will feel double as good.

>> ange: daddy used to say money can't buy you happiness but it can make.


Donald trump is not as wealthy as he used to be, that's according to forbes magazine.

Forbes says his net worth stands at 3 and a half billion dollars.

That's down 1 billion one year ago which places him at 544th amongst the wards wealthiest people.

As for who's on top of the forbes list, of course, bill gates.from microsoft,is number one with a net worth of $86 billion.

Investor warming warren buffett is second.

Forbes says there are 2000 billionaires worldwide.

>> ron: even though he lost 1 billion, he still has three and have billion.

>> ange: our names will not be there.

Not now, not ever.

We were excited about $150,000 lottery.

Talking about big bucks?

Do you have $60 million burning a hole in your pocket?

If so, there is a diamond that might be right up your alley.

This is the pink star.

Socrates is auctioning off on april 4.

It's just under 60 carats.

This mixed cut diamond is the largest internally flawless diamond ever graded by the geological institute of america.

It is small enough to fit on a ring.

60 carats.

It will sell upwards of $60 million.

This would make it the most expensive diamond of its kind ever sold.

Even larger than liz taylor's.

>> ron: it's a very pretty diamond.

Not worth $60 million but it's really nice.

I bet i can find a pink zirconium that looks just like it and i can save a ton of money.

>> ange: and people wouldn't try to shoot you to get your diamond.

It will be interesting to find out who buys it.

>> ron: if i ever bought it, i wouldn't tell anybody.

>> ange: who would wear it?

You would have to have it in a safe.

Don't forget on friday we will announce the next donut bank like 2 love winner.

Take a photo of yourself or have a friend take a photo of you with your favorite donut bank product.

Uploaded the photo to facebook, instagram or twitter using #dblike2love, then tune into lifestyles on friday.

Each week someone can win a quarter sheet cake, four dozen donuts or a $10 gift card.

>> ron: an easy way to get good


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