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Sunday, July 25, 2021


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Old local church.

Clouds in the area.

Temps are warm again today.

Satellite shows the next storm developing and moving this way.

Forecast is mild with rain moving in, full forecast in a few minutes.

<<charles jones - former sugar grove church member: "we'd go there and go sledding in the winter time.

Everybody congregated.">> ((mechell))although smoldering all that now remains of an old...sullivan county church---former members... still have fond memories.

<<"while we are lowering taxes over here, we are adding taxes in another place.">>((mike)) the price at the pump..

Could be climbing..

If a new tax is enacted.

((mechell))an indiana democrat...mounts a challenge against...incumbant-- larry buschon.

((mechell))good evening.i'm mechell dixon.((mike))and i'm mike tank.a knox county father ..

Is in jail tonight--accused of an unthinkable crime.

((mechell))he's charged with reportedly...trying to kill... his young's tonight's top story.53-year old robert james in the knox county jail-- on a felony attempted murder charge.

Officials say earlier today... 9-1-1 received a chilling call about an unresponsive child... at 13-23 bayou street-- where the caller said-- "i killed my son."

At that address... officials found baldwin... and... a unresponsive 5-year old boy.((mechell))while emergency crew flew the child to a vincennes hospital-- baldwin was questioned by police... then arrested.

Tonight... investigators say the listed in "grave condition."

((mike))the vigo county sheriff's investigating an incident--in which a child...was allegedly west terre haute.

The incident was reported...very early sunday morning.over the weekend...a woman posted on social media... claiming...that two males set a young boy on fire.

The sheriff's department released an incident lists two 21-year-old suspects---but officials did not...release their names.

((mechell))the investigation..

Is continuing into a fatal accident..

This morning..

That happened in sullivan county...near carlisle.indiana state police..

Say a buick..

Travelling on old u-s 41... left the roadway... became airborne... and crashed into a tree..

Before rolling over.the two men inside ..were thrown from the died at the scene... his name has not..

Been released.

The other man... samual mack of vincennes... was taken to the hospital ..

With life-threatening injuries.

At this time ..we don't know ..who was driving the car.police say..

Alcohol may be a factor... but they're still investigating.


Are trying to determine..

The cause of a fire..

That destroyed the old sugar grove church..

In rural sullivan county.

But the property owner..

Told wtwo... the monday night fire ..was arson.according..

To the sullivan county historical society..the history of this church ..dates back to the 1800's.the former congregation..

Is described as a close-knit it's..

More active days..

The church served ..many of the area's farm families.including charles jones..

Who grew up worshipping at this church..

Along with generations of his

He's hanging onto..

His favorite..

Sugar grove memories.

<< charles jones - former sugar grove church member: "we'd go there and go sledding in the winter time.

Everybody congregated.

All the farm kids from in the neighborhood would go there, and we'd all--tractors, driving car hoods, sleds down the hills- -lots of kids, and that's the fond memories i have of that church."

>>((mike))the old church..

Was the only building ..on the property.

There is a small cemetery..

Near-by... but it was not damaged ((mechell))in the land of lincoln--the city of marshall... has a new mayor.

W-t-w-o is your local... election headquarters.and..

Here's a look at... the results... of today's mayoral election... in marshall.with all precencts reporting--john trefzis the new mayor.the current city clerk... and former mayor... won the seat with 414 votes.he beat out current city council member-- mark strait... and... former city public works' director-- george smith.trefz... will take over... for cami sanders- - who chose to not... run for re-election... after serving... one term.

((mechell))two illinois lawmaker...are promoting a balance the budget... without raising any taxes.

Senators kyle mccarter... and... dan mcconchie ...held a news conference today.both slammed governor bruce rauner..

For considering tax increases... in the "grand bargain."

This latest republican plan...would call for sweeping cuts to spending-- including... a 30-percent cut... to the operating budgets... of state universities.


Kyle mccarter / (r) vandalia: "i would encourage the governor to support this plan or something close to it."


Daniel biss (d) evanston: "it sounds like they're right in line with governor rauner's approach of starving our higher education system, of pushing students out of illinois, and of basically taking our seed corn and lighting it on fire.">> ((mechell))senator mccarter says their called the "taxpayer bargain."he says... it's not a negotiating tactic-- but... a serious plan... to propose a balanced budget...with no new taxes.

((mike))the price at the pump another step closer going up this summer.earlier today..

The indiana senate ..approved a road funding bill.

Indot says needs more than a billion dollars a year ..for the next 20 years..

To fix indiana roads and bridges.

To get the money..

Republicans proposed..

Increasing the price at the pump..

By 10 cents a gallon.they also proposed ..

15 dollar vehicle fees ..and tolls.democrats..

Don't agree with imposing the tax increase..

On everyone.but republicans..

Argued's a fair way raise the money.

((state sen.

Luke kenley (r) noblesville - "we're either going to move and we're going to be all those great things people say about indiana, or we don't have enough guts to raise the revenue to do the things that we need to do.")) (( state sen.

Karen tallian (d) portage - "we still have trouble with idea that while we are lowering taxes over here, we are adding taxes in another place."))((mike)) democrats..

In both the house and senate ..offered alternatives..

That did not..

Include gas tax increases.


Democrats want to cut..

Wealthy tax breaks..

And have access to the gas fuel reserves.both plans ..were defeated.

((mike))a democrat -- inspired by bernie sanders -- announces a bid to challenge ..congressman larry bucshon.

Glen miller ..kicked off his campaign for indiana's 8th district seat ..on the steps of the old courthouse.miller ..was born in new jersey ..but was raised in kokomo, indiana.

He is also..

A 20-12 graduate of the university of evansville.miller ..addressed many current issues... mostly calling for a change the way washington..

Currently works.

<glen miller (d) evansville: "as we speak there are people deciding between paying for rent and paying for prescription drugs to save their lives.

There are people who are declaring bankruptcy because they can't afford living with a medical condition.

I believe that healthcare is a basic human right-- and it should be provided for.">>((mike)) miller..

Would have to win the democratic vote ..before he would be able to..

Challenge buschon ..for his seat in office.

((mechell))dr. martin luther king, jr...was assassinated... nearly...5 decades ago.coming up...we'll tell you interesting connection... indiana has to that fateful america's history.

And later in sports..a great night at the ballpark two valley teams ..duke it out.

Brett edwards has the recap.

((mike))forty-nine years ago today..

Dr. martin luther king, jr... was assassinated..

In memphis, tennessee.but ironically..

An indianapolis community..

Is connected to that day.((mechell))howard monroe...takes us to indy's "kennedy king park"...where a major set to take place.<< howard monroe reporting.((abie robinson, was at kennedy's speech.

Mlk's life and kennedy's life and that speech made me realize that one person can make a difference.

Med / : ))making a difference when it was needed most ((abie robinson, was at kennedy's speech.

For his life to be snuffed out like that it was devastating.

It was like a personal friend you'd lost .

Med / : ))years ago abie robinson stood in this same area.

He was here to listen to robert f.

Kennedy give a political speech as he ran for president.

(( abie robinson, was at kennedy's speech.

He's standing on the back of a flat bed truck.

It was an interesting picture that night .

2 shot / : ))(( abie robinson, was at kennedy's speech.

He started out his speech telling people to put down the signs because i have some bad news for you and that's when he broke the news to the crowd .

Med/ : )) ((robert f.


Mlk was shot and killed tonight in memphis tn / : ))but it's what kennedy said next at 17th street and broadway that made history((robert f.


It's perhaps well for us what kind of nation we are and what direction we want to move in / : ))he called for calm and healing.

To commemorate that speech the landmark for peace sculpture was dedicated back in 1995--and now they're looking to expand on it ((amy distaulo, executive director, kennedy king memorial initiative.

We hope to be able to leverage their memories and their philisophies and their messages to address issues that are happening right here in america today that have to deal with division and injustice wide / : ))the kennedy king memorial initiative plans to raise half a million dollars over the next year to renovate the park and add interactive displays to teach those here now about it's place in history.

((abie robinson, was at kennedy's speech.

It makes you pause and reflect to me what things were like then, that's why i feel like it's so important for us today to tell the kids or the young people now to know that part of your past .

Wide / : ))>>((mike))that was howard monroe reporting.

((jesse))could be a stormy wednesday, details after the break ((jesse)) next storm developing sw of here and moving this way.

There is a risk of some severe storms on wednesday.

High of 65 and low of 54 today.

No rain so far today.

Terre haute right now in the 60s and a nw wind.

Temps warm again today.

Some colder air out to the west.

Water vapor satellite has the next storm developing and headed our way.

Satellite shows that storm.

Closer look has rain moving this way.

Next 48 hours we see that storm move this way with rain and storms. friday will be dry and cool.

The weekend looks dry and warmer.

More rain for monday and then dry and a little cooler for next tuesday.

Forecast - tonight - rain develops 48.

Tomorrow - showers / storms 65.

Tomorrow night - showers 38.

Extended has a warmer weekend with more rain early next week.((jesse))next storm developing sw of here and moving this way.

There is a risk of some severe storms on wednesday.

High of 65 and low of 54 today.

No rain so far today.

Terre haute right now in the 60s and a nw wind.

Temps warm again today.

Some colder air out to the west.

Water vapor satellite has the next storm developing and headed our way.

Satellite shows that storm.

Closer look has rain moving this way.

Next 48 hours we see that storm move this way with rain and storms. friday will be dry and cool.

The weekend looks dry and warmer.

More rain for monday and then dry and a little cooler for next tuesday.

Forecast - tonight - rain develops 48.

Tomorrow - showers / storms 65.

Tomorrow night - showers 38.

Extended has a warmer weekend ((dana))hi i'm dana next week.

Winklepleck..lace up your tennis shoes.

Its time for the swamp stomp.

Our guest will tell us how you can take part in a fun event.join us for the next... w-t-w-o n ews today.

((brett))good evening ladies and gentlemen..

Welcome back.a break in the rains tonight provided us a nice evening.we start with tuesday night baseball down the road from the the sullivan golden arrows..taking on terre haute north.the patriots in control when we join this one..

7-2 the score.and coach fay spetter's squad would add to that.bases juiced..

Will kelly sends one out to left field..

It's caught but deep enough to score drew bishop from third.nick barrett hits a hard grounder through the left side of the infield and cory adkins comes home to increase the north lead.and with tony smodilla on the mound..

That'd be more than enough.sullivan plated 2 in the first inning..

Nothing after that as smodilla throws 11 strikeouts..

Giving up only 4 hits..

Patriots get the w 11 to 2 the final.

((brett))as of right now..

Only one wabash valley native is on an opening day roster.

Josh phegley..

Terre haute north grad..

Still with the oakland a's.but a-j reed will likely make his way back to the show in the coming months..until then..he'll be in triple a.the former terre haute south brave will start with the fresno grizzlies in the houston astro system.

That's where his season began last season before he was called up and made his major league debut last 45 games with the astros..

A-j hit three home runs and tallied 8 r-b-i's.he's eager to get back up to the big league matter where baseball takes him though..

He'll never forget his hometown fans: <<aj reed says, "i love the people in terre haute.

It's home, it's where i grew up.

Great fan base for me.

They're always cheering me on.

I get lots of texts from old friends and old coaches.

It's nice to have them watching and have them behind my back.">> ((brett))opening week of major league baseball.this afternoon..

The chicago white sox hosting opening day after yesterday's attempt was rained out.rain or shine..

They still have to face justin verlander...and the detroit tigers..bottom of the first..

Melky cabrera rips a liner down the right field line and that's going to bring around tyler saladino all the way home from first base..

And the sox have a 1 nothing lead..

For a moment sox fans have hope.insert the top of the second..

Detroit puts up a five spot..

Getting three right here off the bat of jacoby jones..

His first big league home run.and justin verlander says..

Thanks guys i've got the rest.the thirty five year old picks up 10 strikeouts en route to win number one on the season... it's verlander's 174th of his career... that's best it's 6 to 3 in favor of detroit.they resume the series tomorrow afternoon from the southside of chicago.

((brett))just over a week remaining in the n-b-a regular season..and it's a big week for the indiana pacers.five games left for the pacers coming into tonight's home game for the raptors..

Looking to get that 8 seed and make the playoffs.the miami heat and pacers are tied for the position with miami owning the tiebreaker.only thing left to do for pacers is win games.

Hoping to do so tonight against a solid toronto team.

Paul george doing what he does best..

Being a superstar putting the team on his back... 35 points for p-g in this one.fourth quarter the difference for the pacers..

Remember that guy lance stephenson?12 points off the bench in his return to indy.

Pacers outscore the raptors 31 to 15 in the final 12 minutes... drama late as stepehnson goes down for the layup with 3 seconds left..

Toronto takes exception to that.a skirmish follows between both teams but nonetheless.... it's a pacer 38 and 40 on the year.they jump a half a game ahead of miami..

And are tied with the chicago bulls who currently sit at number 7 in the eastern conference.

((brett))some big news for the missouri valley the valley will lose a school.

Wichita state is set to join the american athletic conference according to reports.rumors have been swiriling about the move for months now.and it could become official before the 20-17 20-18 year begins.the shockers will join the a-a-c in all sports they have to offer..except for football as they do not have a team.the men's basketball program is obviously a main draw to this jump... led by head coach gregg marshall.the shockers have made 6 straight n-c-a-a tournaments..

And were always the top dog in the mo-val.the a-a-c features good competition on the hardwood..

With cincinatti..


And s-m-u... as the shockers look to beefen their basketball profile nationwide.this will certainly shake things up in the valley's landscape... lessening the conference in many sports by a team..

Leaving them with nine full time teams. ((mechell))an iowa community college... driving instructor... is showing folks...the true dangers of texting and driving.((mike)) and as..

Amanda gilbert ..shows us..

The instructor drives home his point..

With the use of a unique tool ..called "the skid monster."

<< amanda gilbert reporting.

Why does this keep happening over and over and over again?

Notice what's in his hand..but let's go back to the beginning... hawkeye community college and i teamed up to show just how distracting texting and driving can be.s/ larry hahn/ driving instructor :18-:21"most people think they're multi taskers and there's no such thing as multi tasking."using larry the instructor...dylan the millennial...and the skid monster.... it teaches what to do if you lose control on the roadsetting up the course... dylan has to drive through dylan has to drive through the yellow cones and around the orange cones...something he completes with both hands on the wheel..but trying to do that while get the picture...s/ dylan/ driver :58-1:08"you cant keep your eyes on the road..

At the same time as texting... you can't do it.

You always lose it.

You're going to hit a curve or bump into something else.larry has done this experiment with a few other people...s/ larry hahn/ the instructor 1:08-1:17 "the data skidmarks shows what the research showing.

Take your eyes off the road or thoughts off hazardous.">>((mike))that was..

Amanda gilbert..

Reporting.research shows ..that if you text and drive are 23 times ..more likely..

To get into an accident.

In addition..

Texting is one of the top causes of death ..

In regards to..

Distracted driving.

((mechell))indiana currently... has a law... against "distracted driving."and..

If you're caught...violating it... you could face...up to 500-dollars in fines.

((mechell))the filming of a new movie...has some "big time" stars...coming to clermont, ohio.they include-- robert redford..and sissy spacec.and... they're staring in the upcoming film---"the old man and the gun."((mike)) the movie..

Is about an elderly bank robber..

Living in a retirement community..

Who wants to commit..

One more heist.

Redford and spacek ..were spotted filming a scene at the gas station.meanwhile ..several residents watched ..

The two stars in action.danny glover ..and casey affleck ..will also star..

In the film.

"the old man and the gun' ..will continue shooting in ohio ..for the rest of this week.

((jesse))stormy weather on the way and colder to end the week ((mike))thanks for joining us on wtwo news at 11...the tonight show is sure to tune in tomorrow morning for wtwo news today.((mechell)) and for the latest local news, weather, and sports...follow us on facebook..


Visit our website... mywabash valley dot com.thanks for


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