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Monday, March 1, 2021

VIDEO: Festivities unde34th annual Pigskin Pig-Out start Fri

Credit: WCTI
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VIDEO: Festivities unde34th annual Pigskin Pig-Out start Fri
VIDEO: Festivities unde34th annual Pigskin Pig-Out start Fri
Festivities underway for 34th annual Pigskin Pig-Out


It's time to get porky at the 34th annual pigskin e-c-u... newschannel 12s resita cox is live at dowdy-ficklen ....where the cooks are prepping for the big day .

Yes this is a serious serious...these cooks have been out here all day prepping their grills for that 125 lb pig they'll be cooking later tonight.

The grills are rolling in...and the tents are going up...the only thing missing <they get a pig between 115 between 125 pounds, they will get it around 7 tonight and we judge tomorrow at 730> that's right...these cooks are prepping to bbq an entire pig...the competiton is a part of ecu's annual pigout pigskin event.

For charles turnage and his's a family affair<looking forward to just hanging out with my grandadand some of his friends so looking forward to hanging out with everybody 8> his granddad, charlie meeks, won the very first pigout compeition <always enjoyed cookign here, started in 91, cooked ni everyone since 5> he's finished in first place the past two years...he's passed down his secret recipe to turnage<my granddad learned form his father and my dad who passed away last year, he learned from my granddad of course so its kind of a family tradition 15> it's a serious have to be certified to judge it<4 certified judges by the north carolin pork association that come in, so its an official competition with prize money and trophies 7> shelly binegar helped organize this year's event...and her favorite part....<seeing the elaborate set ups and the big grills and how much prep they do on these pigs, thsi is real deal cooking happening right here 7> the event itself is free but if you are looking to get your hands on some of the pork these cooks are's only $8 a plate...reporting live in ????, ??????

For newschannel 12.

You can't get your hands on the pig until tomorrow..

But there is a long lineup of events tonight.... you can find the rundown on our website.

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