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Monday, January 18, 2021

Trending Topics - 6/15/17

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Trending Topics - 6/15/17
Trending Topics - 6/15/17
Trending Topics - 6/15/17

>>> it is trending topics day.

What questions did you ask this week.

>> big blockbuster summer movies.

Every weekend there is something new.

Both of the questions this week were about movies.

I thought what was your favorite 1980s movie?

Cheryl said there are so many, but back to school with rodney dangerfield comes to mind.

He was funny.

Connie said omg, so many to choose from.

I am a big fan of his younger movies and say anything is my favorite.

I never have seen him.

>> i like john cusak.

>> carol said the princess bride and i will do my impersonation.

>> we still say that line at every family reunion.

Melinda said, pretty in pink, the great outdoors, uncle buck, planes, trains and automobiles and et and more.

I think he named every 80s movie, there you go.

And pauline said it would be either "steel magnolias" or" et."

I love "steel magnolias."

>> and then one more.

Andy said hello, mcfly, "back to the future."

>> that was good.

What was yours, tom -- >> i didn't tell you mine!

>> she told pea she didn't want to -- me she didn't want to know.

I want to know.

What is yours?

>> thank you, tom.

I am talking to you from now on.

One of my favorites was "mannequin" with kim catrell and she is a mannequin and comes back to life.

We watched it all the time.

I think that's where the original mannequin challenge came from.

Tom what is your favorite?

>> there are so many, but "princess bride" is a tremendous movie and, yeah" back to the future."

I agree with those two.

It is hard to pick one i like best.

>> kelly?

>> "when harry met sally."

>> i never saw that one either.

>> you are probably too young.

>> i'll take that.

>> it was r rated and you couldn't see it.

>> i couldn't see the r-rated.

>> you meant 1980?

>> keeping in the movies theme, it is like you always remember where you saw your first movie.

The question was what was the first movie you ever saw in the theater?

Here are some of the responses.

Lisa said "her -- herbie the love bug" in downtown springfield.

I love that too.

I don't know if she means the lyndsay lohan one or the original.

And another one, "the aristocats."

>> tara said, the muppets take manhattan and tara, i'm telling you this, i have seen it 17,000 times and it is my favorite movie.

I loved it.

Tina has said, the apple dumpling gang.

>> i remember watching "the apple dumpling gang" with grandma and grandpa.

Janet said "the day of wine and roses" springfield, missouri.

That's cool.

That's an awesome answer.

Deb said "old yelle r" and yes i sobbed in public.

If a movie moves you that's the place to cry.

And my very first movie was "et" in dodge city, kansas.

I remember the theater had a big red staircase.

>> i like it.

>> and if you want to be a part of our trending topics keep up with our ozarks live facebook page and answer the questions we post each week.

>> that's right.


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