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Good Grilling Makes for Beautiful Burgers

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Good Grilling Makes for Beautiful Burgers

Good Grilling Makes for Beautiful Burgers

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo: Lauren Klenda is joined by Bob Shrader, owner of Jimmy'z Burgers, for some tips to help you grill with the best this summer!

With some summer styles welcome back i am joined now by tamara on behalf of mesa mall-- today she's going to help us pick out our travel season styles and then pack them like a pro.

<fashion friday segment summer travel style, packing tips and 4th of july attire: travel season is upon us and one of the busiest times to travel is coming up, that's the 4th of july.

We want to show a few quick and simple outfits ideas for men, women and children.

That are easy to pack and can mix and match to lighten to load while traveling.

We went for pieces that are easy to pack, lightweight and cool for mid -day, when the sun is at its peak.

Consider packing extras, like a hat and sun screen all these outfits can be layered, to keep warm while you wait for the fireworks to start once the sun goes down.

And of course you can't forget to bring along gear to get you through the rest of the weekend, like a picnic basket, speakers, and a towel.

Packing tips: try packing keeping what you pack to a minimum but giving yourself many options.

Meaning pack items that all work well together.

Options make it easier for you to dress up or dress your outfit down, or so that you can add or subtract layers.

Color palette.

Now traveling for the 4th of july you want to try and pack for a festive occasion but keep in mind those colors and chose supporting pieces that work well.

Rule of thumb, every bottom should match every top.

Outfits: 3 for women (one casual, one athletic, one dressy), 3 for men (one casual, one athletic, one we'll be right back it's time for a check of western slope weather i'm storm team meteorologist andy chilian.

We're starting with some "cooler" temperatures this afternoon as we are on our way to an afternoon that's slightly below average temperature- wise.

So maybe a nice refreshing change from some pretty mild mornings and of course hot afternoons we've been seeing over the past few days.

Winds right now again not really an issue, either calm or light.

The good news, however, is that winds won't be much of an issue this afternoon.

We're going to see them lighter, and this means the wildfire risk is not as high as it has been the past couple of days.

Nevertheless, winds may not be an issue, but i can assure you we'll still remain hot and dry for this afternoon.

Precipitation looks to stay along and east of the divide again, and that was certainly the case yesterday.

Over the next 24 hours not much going on across western colorado... in fact, i think we even see less cloud cover today with the lower valleys remaining sunny and just some scattered clouds over the

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