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Friday, April 23, 2021

Host Chat - Kelly and Tom - 7/7/17

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Host Chat - Kelly and Tom - 7/7/17
Host Chat - Kelly and Tom - 7/7/17
Host Chat - Kelly and Tom - 7/7/17

[?] >> kelly: welcome to "ozarks live!"


Thanks for joining us.

[laughter] >> tom: yes, thank you.

Hope you're having a good -- it's a little warm out there >> kelly: it is warm out there.

But it's nice and cool in here.

>> tom: it is.

I was outside fought lunch and my car thermometer said it's 93 degrees.

>> kelly: it's summertime.

It's not as bad as in vegas.

It's 112.

>> tom: it's a dry heat.

I hear that all the time.

My oven is hot, too.

Hot is hot.

>> kelly: did we have fun yesterday or what?

>> tom: yes, at the starlite.

>> kelly: we were promoting the "raiding the country vault".

It was fantastic.

>> tom: "raiding the rock vault".

>> kelly: i'm sorry!

"raiding the rock vault".

That's what we're talking about today.

It tells the history of rock and roll pardon meed by the musicians that lived it from groups like heart, bon jovi, survivor, white snake and so many more.

And -- well, check out this short clip.



[cheers and applause] ?


>> tom: yeah.

>> kelly: you know, tom, those songs don't seem like they're that old.

They seem like they're songs we should be hearing on the radio all the time, to me.

>> tom: yeah.

Well, they started when i was in high school, outside of high school, a lot of these songs.

The players, the musicians are just great.


We've played with these bands.

They've toured with these bands.

Sometimes you're hearing the guy who, you know, did that particular riff on a guitar, on a recording.

>> kelly: on a recording.

>> tom: you hear that person.

You say -- the speakers on television of course and recording it on an iphone, they don't do the sound justice.

It's really good sound!

>> kelly: i know, yeah.

>> tom: it's going to be a strong show in branson.

>> kelly: if you've got nothing on the books, you should get your tickets tonight.

They're going to be there until the 22nd of july.

The show is at 7:30.

They're off sunday and monday.

You don't want to miss them while they're here.

They're fantastic.

These are a couple of the singers.

They have flown in that day.

I can relate to this.

They got stuck in atlanta.

They came in the day, opening night.

Which is tough.

They had to go through rehearse els and all that sort of things.

But they were perfect.

Check out my t-shirt i got, too!

I got all of them to sign it.

And they would not leave until every autograph was signed.

>> tom: yeah, they come and sat at a table.

It's a really enjoyable evening!

>> kelly: do that this weekend.

You'll have a ball!

You can borrow my t-shirt if you want to.

>> tom: you should put it in a frame.

>>> well, it might as well be food and drink monday, because we have great people in the studio, who are ready to share their food with us, as well as some folks from wilgus iq, and light the lake!

>>> before we get to all of that, here's what's on the radar.

Here's a great start to travel, style, and leisure friday.

A luxury hotel, stay and bingeing on netflix.


What could be better?

According to the birmingham mail, visitors to u.k. can enjoy the bed and binge retreat.

A netflix pop-up hotel, with sleeping pods outside on the lawn of a historic trust property.

Guests can stay in one of 15 pod suites themed around netflix shows like "stranger things" "house of cards" "orange is th new black".

The last one even comes with bunk beds and handcuffs.


Everyone gets a tablet to watch their favorite shows.

And even better, it's free!

As long as you can score a ticket.

They're posted online every day at 2:00 p.m.

And the pop-up hotel is only opened until july 10th.

So you better hurry and get your tickets now.

>> kelly: okay.

Tom, how is that -- are you feeling less guilty?

You take a vacation so you can watch these movies one after the other?

You can do that at home.

>> tom: yeah.

But that's not the u.k. you take a nice plane ride there.

You get to watch your favorite t.v.


A beautiful setting.

>> kelly: well, that's true if you're talking about folks from here.

But the folks from there can stay home.

>> tom: but you feel guilty.

You say i should be cutting the lawn or this.

If you're on vacation... >> kelly: it works for us.

Because it would be a nice vacation.

>> tom: sometimes on vacation, you do too much.

How many times you come home and you have to take a vacation after your vacation.

This, you become a bump on a log with netflix.

I think it's good.

>> kelly: you like it?

>> tom: sure.

>> kelly: it might be a good idea for you, tom.

>>> here's another one on travel.

Companies are trying to figure out who to avoid hassle of the airlines.

They're going to put you back on the road again.

Have you heard of the moving hotel?

>> tom: no.

>> kelly: a company called cabin has come up with a full-sized luxury bus with sleeping pods like you find on a train.

Travelers get nightly tea, ear buds and a communel lounge.

There's only one that runs between san francisco and l.a.

It leaves at 11:00 p.m.

And arrives at 7:00 a.m.

For coffee and your morning meeting.

The overnight ride and sleep costs $115.

You can avoid the long security lines and crowds for when you're in the airlines.

I think this might work out.

You can even take two pieces of luggage for free.

That's a hassle when you're flying.

They want you to pay for the different luggage.

So cabins for 2016 are sold out.

They were sold out in three days.

And it sounds like a good deal to me.

>> tom: yeah!

If you like riding on a bus.

>> kelly: well, but i'm saying, people are becoming where they don't want to fly.

A lot more people don't want to fly.

>> tom: don't get me wrong, i enjoy riding on a bus.

It's fine.

And you have acocommodations toz out.

>> kelly: have you ridden on a train?

>> tom: oh, yeah.

I rode the bullet train in china.

It goes 200 miles per hour.

It's as smooth as silk.

>> kelly: that's cool.

I'm going to be on the train soon.

>> tom: yes, you are.

>> kelly: through the rockies.

>> tom: that's a rougher ride, but it's a good one.

>> kelly: it's slower, too.

Because you've got to see the scenery.

>> tom: yeah.

>> kelly: all right.

Coming up, our friend julianna goodwin is here


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