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Saturday, April 17, 2021

Keystone Landfill Lawsuit

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Keystone Landfill Lawsuit
Keystone Landfill Lawsuit

The Green Ridge neighborhood association believes the Keyston sanitary landfill has improperly been given the ability to use a sewer line under their homes, putting their families at risk.

Nick toma.((candice)) and i'm candice kelly.

The green ridge neighborhood association believes the keystone sanitary landfill has improperly been given the ability to use a sewer line under their homes -- putting families at risk.((nick)) eyewitness news reporter eric deabill was in court -- as the case went before a judge in scranton today.


((deabill))'s hearing is just the first step in what could be a long legal process...the neighborhood group is suing the city of scranton -- the scranton sewer authority -- and pennsylvania american water -- but those three agencies all want the case thrown out.

((deabill))mark seitzinger and al young left a lackawanna county courtroom hopeful wednesday.earlier this year -- their group -- the green ridge neighborhood association -- filed a lawsuit hoping to stop the keystone sanitary landfill from using one of two sewer lines that flow right under their homes.(mark seitznger, green ridge neighborhood association president)"we felt we needed to do this because we have to fight for what we want.

We have to fight for what we need.

We have to fight for the city because nobody right now is doing it for us" for decades -- the neighborhood group says the landfill used just one sewer line which has been dedicated to leachate -- or the liquid that drains from a landfill.

The problem -- is that in 2015 -- the group contends the former director of the scranton sewer authority changed a permit.that gave the landfill the option of using either line.that concerns homeowners -- who worry it can back-up into their homes or onto streets.(mark seitzinger, green ridge neighborhood association president)"it's a health hazard.

It's basically garbage-juice in your home and it's a danger and it's a health hazard for the people who live in the city"lawyers for the city of scranton -- pennsylvania american water -- the scranton sewer authority -- and the neighborhood group -- argued wednesday over the merits of the case.while they all declined to comment afterward -- residents aren't afraid to speak out.they feel fighting city hall is like a story of "david and goliath."

(al young, green ridge neighborhood association)"i feel that i am "david."

The green ridge neighborhood association is a step up.



The city has really forced our hand" ((deabill))the three agencies being sued all argued varying reasons why the judge should throw this case of the big reasons -- is the group didn't sue the keystone sanitary landfill itself -- and they fell the landfill has a vested interest in the in scranton -- eric deabill -- eyewitness news.

((nick)) the judge who heard the legal arguments today did not immediately decide if the lawsuit should be able to continue.

If you remember -- the keystone sanitary landfill is the same landfill that has been trying to expand.

In march 20-14 -- the facility filed an application, asking to be allowed to pile trash vertically.

In recent weeks -- the state asked landfill leaders for more information about their plans -- like the


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