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Monday, April 12, 2021

Host Chat - Kelly and Tom - 8/25/17

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Host Chat - Kelly and Tom - 8/25/17
Host Chat - Kelly and Tom - 8/25/17
Host Chat - Kelly and Tom - 8/25/17

[?] >> tom: and welcome to emmy-nominated "ozarks live!."

I'm going to keep saying that until we aren't.

>> kelly: until we're not.

Well, we'll always be nominated.

We just won't always win.

>> tom: that gives you an idea.

>> kelly: it's going to go on forever.

>> tom: works for me.

[laughter] >> kelly: all right.

Happy friday, tom!

>> tom: happy friday to you, too.

Do you have plans for the weekend?

>> kelly: i do.

The olivia newton john is coming this weekend, saturday night.

So we've been looking forward to that for a long time.

I look forward to that.

How about you?

>> tom: i'm going to be singing tomorrow at the kitchen benefit we've been talking about.

I know it starts in the morning.

I don't have to be there until 3:30.

I get to sing the "national anthem" and introduce a few people.

>> kelly: that will be good.

I'll like to hear you sipping the "national anthem".

>> tom: i'll see if i can find a recording.

>> kelly: don't tell me you're going to lip sync?

>> tom: no, no, no!

I know the words.

>> kelly: some big stars have done that.

>> tom: it's not the easiest song so sing.

But i don't make it as a pop song.

I sing it as it's written.

>> kelly: now, you are a purist.

When it comes to the "national anthem", i am a purist.

I want it as i know it.

I don't want the extra laaa stuff in there.

>> tom: especially the men and women at this benefit.

It's going to be benefitting homeless veterans.

You know, big thing that the kitchen is involved in.

>> kelly: yeah.

>> tom: and you show the song the due respect.

>> kelly: due respect.

It's not about the vocalist; it's about the song.

>> tom: that's right.


>>> and, and, i know you know this because we talked about earlier.

We've been hearing from different places, that president trump is going to be coming into springfield next wednesday.

>> kelly: it's wednesday?

>> tom: i believe it's wednesday.

I believe it is.

Anyway, that's the plan right now.

Of course, that can change.

>> kelly: i just heard it today.

>> tom: but we decided since he is coming into town, that we would invite the president onto our show.

Now, chances of that happening, probably like this small.

You probably can't even see between my fingers.

But we thought we'd extend the incompetent have itati invitation.

So if you want to get on twitter to coax him to get on "ozarks live!"

Because we're nonpolitical.

We want to talk to him how he likes the ozarks and golfing.

>> kelly: we've got places for him to go eat and suggestions for what he should do, so... >> tom: it would be incredible if he would drop by.

>> kelly: it would be so cool.

>> tom: tweet him.

>> kelly: jump on board and retweet our tweets or retweet your own tweet or however that works and see if he can come on!

>> tom: that would be incredible.

>> kelly: you would have to be on your best behavior.

>> tom: with the president of the united states, absolutely!

>> kelly: can we have him every day?

You know i'm teasing, tom.

[laughter] >> kelly: but it would be awesome.

You know what would even be awesome, even if he would just reply to us.

>> tom: you know, that would be way cool.

But anyway you look at it, the answer is no!

Unless you ask.

And then, you never know.

There's always that one little chance that he may decide, yes.

So all you can do is hope and try.

>> kelly: that's right.

We've always been in that position.

You've got to try.

You never know unless you try.

>> tom: that's it.

>> kelly: you know what's happening today, jeremy is taking you to big cedar resort.

We'll tell you about the single track mind mind festival and another "build it better" idea, but before we get to all of that, here's what's on the radar.

>>> tradition in heirlooms used to hold more value than today.

Remember that?

>> tom: yep.

>> kelly: remember when your mother collected glass and china and passed it down from their heritage?

>> tom: hummels and stuff like that, yes!

>> kelly: yes!

Now, the concept is less is more.

That's the big deal.

The minimalist concept has taken hold.

This is the first time in history that two generations are downsizing at once.

The baby boomers are moving from large suburban living to retirement living and condos.

And the millennials are enjoying more city and apartment living, which doesn't allow for extra stuff.

Our needs have changed.

The older furniture was heavier and bigger than what you find today, so it doesn't fit into the smaller spaces.

And also, millennials are choosing to spend their money on travel and experiences.

Now, it can be difficult to part with grandmother's treasures.

So maybe the idea of keeping that thing that brings you joy will apply.

Empty spaces on the shelf are sought after these days, like a pause in a beautiful piece of music that adds interest and dynamic.

What do you feel?

>> tom: i learn that as i get older.

It's like yeah, nobody is going to want this.

>> kelly: you have to let somebody else make that decision.

>> tom: trust me.

I know it already.

If i have it in a box and i don't look at it, it's like why bother?

>> kelly: it's sad.

It's hard because pictures, once family has passed or whatever, there's so many of them.

What do you keep or get rid of it?

>> tom: all of them.

>> kelly: even if it's the back of mom's head, right?

>> tom: if it's a picture of grandma or grandpa, keep those always.

That's the one thing they find like when a house is burning down, that's the one thing that people will run back in to get are pictures.

>> kelly: that's right.

You can replace other stuff.

>> tom: yes, absolutely!

>> kelly: all right.

>> tom: okay.

Sleeping on an airplane can be a real pain in the neck literally.

All right.

Well, not this one.

Among other comforts at the hotel costa verde in costa rica, count a refurbished as a boeing fuselage as its most unique.

The airplane and the surrounding wood deck are up on a 50 foot pedestal, giving its occupants panoramic ocean and jungle views.

Inside, vacationers will find hand carved furnishings, teak panelling, two bedrooms with private paths, a kitchenette, dining area and private entrance.

Plus, and this might be the best of all, you get to share the tree tops with sloths, tucans and monkeys.

Rates start at $500 a night.

>> kelly: that looks amazing!

When president trump comes, we'll get to check out his -- maybe he'll take us out to his jet.

You know, we've got an airfield over here.

>> tom: yes, we do.

That may have -- i'm not sure if it does.

I know that, you know, springfield's airport has a long enough runway to land a shuttle on.

It's an emergency site.

But landing a jet on this one -- columbia probably not.

>> tom: not a jumbo jet anyway.

>> kelly: okay.

We've all heard about life coaches.

How many have you had, tom?

>> tom: two.

My mom and dad.

>> kelly: there you go.

I'm not sure what all they do, but have you heard about a wellness coach?

>> tom: oh, yeah.

>> kelly: yeah.

So they have standards and training to become a national board certified health and wellness coach.

These are people that support you in whatever way you want to improve your health and life.

That would include nutrition, exercise, stress management, and emotional support.

Now, jacqueline gould is now a certified wellness coach in chicago after getting support when she was going through an eating disorder.

She had her physicians on board, but didn't feel nurtured, so she brought on a coach.

So this made her decide she wanted to be one of those.

So she went to the school and now she's a health and wellness coach.

It's a cool deal.

Not all insurance is going to cover this.

If you're paying out-of-pocket, it could cost anywhere from $25 to $100 per hour.

And a lot of times that's on the phone.

Because people are all over.

And i don't know how you choose your life coach.

But they need to be a good listener, and not shove off their agenda on you.

So we've got to audition them, too.

Or maybe you get a good friend that doesn't cost you anything.

What do you think, tom?

>> tom: i think -- well, if you're going to them for coaching, it's going to be on their agenda.

>> kelly: i know.

It's tough.

>> tom: as far as like helping you with nutrition, eat your vegetables!

That's what mom would say.

Exercise, get out and play!

So we've all had life coaches.

So i don't know if i would pop for $25 to $100 an hour for someone on the other end of the phone to say well, you should exercise more.


>> kelly: i know.

This gal was saying how much emotional support she got from her coach at the time.

And she was surprised how much it helps.

People are busy, so you can't always get in touch with your best friend.

And sometimes you want an outside perspective.

>> tom: okay.


>> kelly: that's another way to go.

>> tom: i don't know.

I've just never done that.

>> kelly: yeah.

I haven't either.

>> tom: maybe that's why i am what i am.

>> kelly: i try to help you all the tile.

>> tom: i know.

But you won't cut my hair >> >> kelly: no.

>> tom: we're heading out to single


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