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Monday, April 12, 2021

Host Chat - Jeremy, Kelly, and Tom - 8/31/17

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Host Chat - Jeremy, Kelly, and Tom - 8/31/17
Host Chat - Jeremy, Kelly, and Tom - 8/31/17
Host Chat - Jeremy, Kelly, and Tom - 8/31/17

[?] >> kelly: welcome, everybody, to the emmy-nominated "ozarks live!"

How is everybody doing today?

>> tom: fine.

>> kelly: good.

>> tom: great weather out!

>> kelly: isn't it pretty!

I love it!

>> tom: jamie said looking good.

>> kelly: looking good for awhile.

Yeah, that's right.

>> jeremy: my back hurts.

My back really hurts.

>> kelly: do you want to talk about that now?

>> tom: talk about it.

Come on.

>> jeremy: here's the thing.


>> jeremy: anyway -- >> kelly: why does your back hurt?

>> jeremy: because we did a facebook live before the show.

You need to check it out, because we ended up accidentally doing our own evolution of dance.

>> kelly: there's probably other dances we missed.

>> jeremy: there are.

>> tom: trust me, there are!

[laughter] >> jeremy: then, we got to the '80s and i think jamie or tom yelled out to break dance!

And i think i hurt my back terribly now.

>> tom: he broke several things now.

>> kelly: thank you for telling people that i did the dip and you couldn't pull me back up.

>> tom: you have to clear the floor.

>> jeremy: i have to go over there.

>> tom: he spun around on the floor on the side of his back.

It was great.

>> kelly: you weren't dressed properly.

>> jeremy: i was not.

But the facebook live is worth watching.

>> kelly: it was very good.

>> jeremy: you can see us dancing from the cam cam and to the waltz.

>> tom: i stopped at the '60s and '70s.

>> jeremy: roger rabbit.

>> kelly: how does the roger rabbit go?

We should do this when we know what we're doing.

>> tom: why should we start now?

>> jeremy: we should assign everybody a song.

And you focus on your dance.

Jamie weirner said he'll do '90s grunge.

Like nirvana >> kelly: and i like the couples dances, too.

>> jeremy: we'll have rehearsal, kelly.

>> tom: if you want to go over there.

>> jeremy: i'm not kidding you.

Get the camera over here.

>> tom: we'll get the camera to see the roger rabbit.

>> jeremy: wait, wait.


>> kelly: oh, yeah!

>> jeremy: roger rabbit and the running man.

[laughter] >> tom: okay.

The pump handle thing, what is that?

>> kelly: pump handle.

>> jeremy: i don't know that.

I also know the ski.

>> tom: there you go.

>> kelly: hey, do you know any line dances?


>> kelly: oh, there you go, cowboy!

Cowboy joe over there.

>> jeremy: i'm done!

>> kelly: you know what that is, you're getting us all cowboyed up, you know why?

Because pbr is coming up one week from today.

And we're giving away tickets to watch from the shark cage!

Oh, my gosh!

>> tom: the what?

>> these people are entering into the most dangerous, mind blowing five minutes of their live, at the pfi invitational vented by bass pro shops september 8th, 9th, and 10th at jqh arena.

Click the don't miss section to register for one of the most thrilling nights of your life.

>> kelly: that would scare me to death.

You know a little bit about that.

>> jeremy: i've been in the shark cage and it looks terri terrifyi terrifying.

>> kelly: i'm going to get a chance to that next week.

[laughter] >> kelly: enter to win on "ozarks live!."

We'll announce the winner next week.

>> jeremy: there it is on the screen.

There you go.

[laughter] >> tom: all right.

It's entertainment thursday.

We have a great show lined up for you today.

>> kelly: we're updating you on the "build it better" deck staining project.

And metropolitan farmer is in the studio with us today.

>> jeremy: before we get to all of that exciting stuff, here is what is on the radar.

We're starting entertainment thursday with something i'm personally very, very excited about because i've been waiting for the new iphone 8.

>> kelly: really?

>> jeremy: yes!

>> kelly: i've skipped one.

I don't know about the seven.

>> jeremy: i have the six plus.

I'm waiting for the eight.

Bloomberg and in gadget showed off what is likely the new version.

Not exactly.

The biggest changes include a much centered bezel, a wider screen place.

The bezel is at the bottom where the home button is.

The eight 8 is bigger than the .

And has facial recognition sensors, which means you can unlock your phone with your face!

>> kelly: i love it!

>> jeremy: that's crazy!

[laughter] >> jeremy: the home button will be gone from the new iphone, replaced with more of a software bar that you can drag upward to open.


That's very cool.


>> kelly: it is.

>> jeremy: and we will have augmented reality capability on the phone, which is so cool!

A smart new camera and a faster processor.

It's expected to launch september 12th.

I'm very excited!

>> kelly: i have a question.

Is it going to know me without my makeup on?

[laughter] >> kelly: just saying.

There's a difference there.

Do you have to take a picture before and after?

>> jeremy: that's a good question.

>> tom: i would say you should do it without makeup.

That way you know no one ever sees you like that, there aren't any pictures.

>> kelly: yeah, and i don't have to get up early in the morning to make my face up to use my phone.

>> jeremy: tom, if you shaved your mustache, would you have to redo your face?

>> tom: i would bet so.

>> jeremy: i feel like big brother is watching us.

All of the sudden you look at your phone and it opens.

>> kelly: 'ya think!

>> tom: this is larger than the 7?

>> jeremy: this is the 6 plus.

Here's what i've been told through my inside sources at apple.

I really don't have any.

>> tom: i know you don't.

>> jeremy: this is the bezel.

This will be gone.

Everything will be more screen space.

>> tom: 7 doesn't have the button, does it?

>> jeremy: it does.

I'm excited because i need a new phone.

>> tom: if your whole thing is bigger, you're not going to have a pocket that fits.

>> jeremy: they're talking about screen size, i believe.



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