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GOP runoff for Alabama U.S. Senate seat attracts big names,

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GOP runoff for Alabama U.S. Senate seat attracts big names,

GOP runoff for Alabama U.S. Senate seat attracts big names,

The Republican runoff for a U.S. Senate seat in Alabama is generating plenty of attention, and it's attracting some big names ahead of Tuesday's election.

Debate today.attractin g the president and other large political figures.

Wtva's rebecca butcher spoke to residents about who they want to see in the seat.

Yeah the debate today has people talking here in sulligent, al.you have former state supreme court justice roy moore against senator luther strange.

..with sarah palin and president trump backing each man.

As he's running."

Phillip gray, tuscaloosa resident:12gray: "i thought that was quite a match up there.

Roy moore, he's running on the independent ticket, he kind of risked his political career with what he did with the ten commandments."phi llip gray is speaking of moore, a prevous state chief justice refusing to remove the ten commandments from the al supreme court.he's also defined by his stance against gay marriage.samuel merchant, sulligent nativemerchant: "i'm voting for roy moore, i'm a christian and i believe in the ten commandments too.

I also agree with the stance he took on same sex marriage."while sarah palin will supproting moore tonight at the debate.trump will be backing luther strange.gray: "i figure both of them voted trump.

Trump's a republican, he's a republican, so they got that in common."the debate will start at 5:30 in montgomery, al.but whatever's discussed lkely won't change samuel merchant's opinion.merchan t: "i like donald trump, i voted for dr. trump.

But i like moore more and i'm going to vote for him as long as he's running."

Others i spoke to believe moore will take the win because of his commitment to his ethics.they'll find out if they're right on.election day, this upcoming tuesday.live in lamar county, rb wtva nine news.

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