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Monday, March 1, 2021

2017-9-29 10PM

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2017-9-29 10PM
2017-9-29 10PM
2017-9-29 10pm

Gotta restart."

People living at the ashley court apartment complex are returning back after some of the apartments went up in flames early this morning.

Good evening, i'm eli roberts.

You're watching 44-news at ten.

Many of those affected by the fire lost everything they owned.

44news reporter jeff goldberg was on scene all afternoon -- he joins us now in studio with more.

It was heartbreaking to see the people living in the burnt apartments returning home to nothing after two separate fires torched some of the complex.

They were in good hands, with other members of the ashley court apartment complex stepping up to lend a helping hand.

Everything in 6 of the ashely court apartments burned down to nothing.

Evansville fire officials say the fire started on the exterior on the building then blew inward.

Efd says the fire has left 20 people displaced including erica brown.

Folks say she was the hero this morning waking everyone up when the fire started.

Erica says: "i woke up at two in the morning and there was an explosion and then this smoke coming up so i had to wake up get everyone out and all the animals out."

Fire officials say no one was hurt.

But erica along with others returned back this afternoon all but homeless.

They now have to pick up the pieces of their lives one day at a time.

Erica says: "it hurts you gotta restart."

But they won't be alone.

Other residents at ashley court are helping out in small but meaningful ways.

Like the stack of pizzas the brown family bought.

They say some of the families forced out by the fire had small children.

John brown says: "they got young children and you know they needed it everybody else could fend for themselves but you know they lost everything."

Other neighbors doing what they can as well.

Emmasue davenport knew just how to help families whose clothes were soaked and covered in charcoal emmasue says: "they were trying to salvage whatever they could and the one thing they were able to salvage was clothes and it was just sopping wet it was so heavy just full of charcoal."

So with a morning free of activities emmasue did what she could -- laundry.

Emmasue says: "well my heart went out for them it could've been me i knew they needed help and i knew it was something that i could do my morning was free there wasn't any reason not too."

I also heard the red cross was out this morning handing out vouchers for free hotel rooms. the landlord and his team were on site all afternoon trying to clear away the debris and move forward.

He says that at least 5 apartment complexes in the area have contacted him about availability for the folks displaced by the fire.

Jg 44news .

Thanks jeff-- let's turn to weather now.

We're talking about a quick cool down-- that won't last long.

Heres chief meteorologist chad evans with a first check of the forecast.

Evansville police are looking for a suspect in an armed robbery.

It happened at the marathon gas station on north weinbach avenue.

Police say a man robbed a clerk with a knife.

We're told no one was hurt in the incident-- but they are still searching for the suspect.

Tune in to 44news this morning for any updates.

Union county judge executive jody jenkins went before a federal judge for the first time after being indicted on charges of fraud and public corruption.

Jenkins is pleading not guilty to all four counts made against him.

The charges stem back to 2014 when prosecutor's say he used his official capacity get 20-thousand dollars in kickbacks.

Jenkins' attorney says he's confident his client will be vindicated and argues the indictment lacks merit.

Guthrie true says, "these accusations they are not anything new, they have been around for months and months.

That has something to say about the lack of quality of the case quite frankly and he has served his people very effectively and he will continue to do so."

The alleged scheme involved the purchase of stolen heavy machinery at below market value, all using taxpayer dollars.

Jenkins' was not taken into custody, but does have to adhere to the more than 10 conditions of his bond.

A trial date is set for december 6th.

Indiana prosecutors are asking for the death penalty for jason brown - the suspect accused of shooting and killing southport police lieutenant aaron allen in july.

Prosecutors say brown flipped his car and was wedged inside when court records show brown fired more than a dozen shots, hitting allen 11 times.

State law allows prosecutors to seek the death penalty whenever an officer is murdered in the line of duty.

They're still looking into toxicology reports to find out if drugs or alcohol played a factor in the crash and shooting - but say there does not appear to be a clear motive for the shooting.

ááá" ... we do think it is very important that we send a message that we will not tolerate attacks on our public safety officers.

" :00 ááá right now brownús trial is scheduled for early next year but it almost certainly will be delayed.

The southport police chief attended today's announcement and says he supports the prosecutor's decision.

The evansville fire department says it is "unable to make a determination" into what caused a house to explode earlier this year.

On june 27th a home in the 1700 block of hercules avenue exploded.

Two people were killed in the blast, and two adults and a child were treated for serious burns.

The e-f-d says they can't pin down an exact cause to the explosion-- and are closing their case.

We're one step closer to a break in the terrible murders of two delphi, indiana teens.

Indiana state police confirm that a man arrested in colorado is a person of interest.

That man is daniel nations, and investigators are working to find out if he is connected to the murders of 14 year old libby german and 13 year old abby williams. here's a look at nations next to a police sketch of the suspect.

State police say they're pushing to get a d-n-a sample from nations to either clear him or connect him to the case.

Nations is behind bars in colorado after being arrested for allegedly threatening people with a hatchet on a trail.

Nations is a convicted sex offender whose last address was in indiana.

áááwe are going to check to see what his location was at the time of the murders back in february.

13:31 if he was not in the state of indiana at that time that will pretty much clear him out :10 ááá as of right now, indiana state police are not calling nations a suspect - just one of hundreds of people they are looking into.

Tonight we're learning more about daniel nations.

A former employer tells us they had serious troubles with him in 2015.

44 news anchor chris cerenelli joins us now with this part of the story - chris?

Suella ferrand says nations worked for her family's farm in martinsville.

At first she says he seemed liked a good guy... but his personality quickly changed.

Ferrand and her family say nations trashed the apartment they let him live in - frequently became violent, destroyed property and even threatened one of them with a hatchet.

The situation eventually got so bad - they had to get police and the courts involved.

Ferrand says she's relieved they decided to take action when they did.

ááágwi clip 3353 at 6:36:04-11 "i think if given the chance he would've done something to one of us.

But we obviously didn't give him the chance.

It kind of was a surprise but looking back on it now maybe not so much nations has a long criminal history in indiana.

Not only is he a convicted sex offender - but has convictions for drug possession and domestic battery.

Cc 44 news.

School leaders in jasper are getting a detailed look at the plans for the future elementary school.

We'll show you those plans next.

And the warrick county humane society is forced to close.

Why they've closed their doors to visitors coming up.

Plus... with debt at an all time high-- experts are nervous about the ongoing trend.

What they want credit cards users to do still ahead on 44news.

Kentucky schools are getting a first look at the reports from the "every student succeeds" act.

The assessment tests gives every student a rating rather than an overall score.

Those range from distinguished to novice, with novice classified as under performing on college and career readiness tests.

The superintendent of owensboro public schools says he's confident in the results, and that says he's proud of estehs and foust elementary schools because of the gains they've made.

We're implementing some new literacy programs and we're seeing some of that take hold in some of our elementary schools.

We have some other schools where there is a little bit of an implementation dip, but, we're seeing, overall, our trends in reading our really positive and that's really a core important piece particularly in the early years.

Most school officials say the results show there are some areas of improvement.

While the transition to the "every student succeeds" act is still in flux, most say it's clear there are some strengths and weaknesses that need work.

In dubois county - we're getting a first look at how the new jasper elementary school could look.

The school will one day sit just north of the jasper middle school on portersville road.

The plan is to have two entrances off of west ackerman road and a driveway connected to ánorth portersville and the middle school.

Officials hope this cuts down on traffic around the schools.

The inside will have a secured entry through the main office.

The gym and the cafeteria will be in the center of the building.

More details about the plans can be heard at the next board meeting october 16th.

Officials hope to have the school ready to go by the 2019-2020 school year.

In hopkins county - the city of madisonville will hold a ribbon cutting tomorrow (fri) to mark the opening of a new playground.

The ceremony is set for 10 a-m friday at madisonville city park.

It will mark the completion of some 150 thousand dollars in upgrades and renovations.

They were paid for jointly between the "madisonville forward" campaign and the city.

The improvements include new a-d-a compliant playground equipment and a poured rubber playground surface.

In warrick county, the humane society is closed as of this afternoon.

The organization said on social media that several dogs at the shelter have kennel cough, and they're being treated right now.

They say that due to the number of dogs with the condition, and fact that it is an airborne illness, the humane society must close its doors until further notice.

They say they'll let the public know when they're ready to reopen.

In jasper - the krempp gallery will feature a collaborative mixed-media exhibit in october.

It'll show the work of illinois artists mary bookwalter, carol weber and janice meister.

Their pieces will highlight their interest in nature.

The exhibit will run through october 30th.

A local firefighter is getting top honors from the state of indiana for his work saving lives.

Evansville firefighter rick whitehouse has been named the 2017 indiana fire instructor of the year.

That recognition comes for his work training others on how to fight fires, and for being an all around asset to the evansville fire department.

Fire chief mike connelly officially presented the award today, and whitehouse says being recognized for his work came as a very pleasant surprise.

In henderson county - the public will get an update next month on the progress made on a new bridge in spottsville.

Kentucky transportation officials unveiled plans last year to replace the bridge on u-s 60 over the green river.

Many have said the bridge is too old and too narrow for today's traffic.

The hearing will be thursday october 19th from 5:00 to 7:00 p-m at spottsville elementary school.

At the hearing, engineers will show renderings, give an update on the design and ask the public what they want to see happen.

If you and the family are looking to head out to the pumpkin patch this weekend-- the weather looks picture perfect.

Chief meteorologist chad evans is here with a look at what's ahead in the full forecast.

Weather tease it's no secret that americans tend to rack up credit card bills.

But new data shows u-s credit card debt has reached a record high of more than one trillion dollars.

As of late 2016, the average american household was carrying thousands in credit card debt.

Given that 57 percent of americans have less than one thousand dollars in savings, that number makes sense.

But it also points to a worrisome trend.

Gibbons says: "household debt recently reached thirteen trillion dollars, which is a record high, and credit card debt, in and of itself--over one trillion dollars.

We're borrowing like there's no tomorrow, and this is a trend that's going to continue right on through the holidays and probably into the new year too."

Financial experts recommend cutting up any extra credit cards and reviewing your existing debts to see which ones are costing you the most.

Scammers are targeting netflix customers in an effort to get into people's bank accounts.

Netflix users say they've been getting e-mails designed to look like they've been coming directly from the streaming service.

It says their accounts have been disabled and their payment details need to be updated.

It either asks for the information to be sent in an email - or to click a link and log in to fix it.

Do not click it.

Netflix says it will never ask for payment information to be sent over email.

And coming up in sports ... memorial football is the lone undefeated team in the conference.

See a preview of their matchup with the central bears ... next on 44news at 10.

Our 44blitz game of the week presented by you-bell-or and sons is a matchup of undefeated ... and nearly undefeated.

The bears' lone loss came courtesy of former number one reitz.

While memorial looks to go 7-and-0 on a new stage that the team hasn't had a chance to play on this season.

Construction of a new track and renovations to enlow field have prevented memorial from having a true home game this season.

Now ... on the homecoming stage ... tigers fans will try to pack the house for a matchup between two of the top teams in the conference.

"the atmosphere will be pretty hyped up and we'll just be looking forward to the opportunity to be back out at enlow.

It's our first true home game and we're just excited."

But with big games come big distractions ... and someone like logan lively ... a sophomore wide receiver thrust into some big-time action ... is ready for the challenge.

"i'm just really happy for the opportunity ... michael has thrown me the ball and made some good passes.

I'm just being there and catching the ball."

"it's going to be great to play there ... but like coach says with homecoming there will just eb more distractions ... so we just have to lock in and play hard like we normally do."

A couple of players who've proved they're up for the challenge are tor'jon and tre'jon evans.

The duo is lighting it up with a case of friday night fever.

"they're freindly ... we just go out here and have fun ... joke around in the locker room" " ... go out with a smile on our face and just do our job ... and after we're done doing our job ... another smile on our face."

And memorial has taken notice of the central bears and their ability to tilt games with special teams. "i know they've ran back more kicks than we have.

We haven't ran very many kicks back ... and as far as punting and kickoff ... kickoff return ... we need to be solid on special teams. they can be game changers ... and coach owen and his group have done a great job with their special teams. they've had a lot of explosive plays this year."

As for on the ground ... where tor'jon has done some major damage ... the tigers are working on the fundamentals.

"we're harping on it ... we're doing two whistles on defense at practice to make sure we are going to the point of attack.

That's all you can do is make sure everyone is where they're supposed to be because if you leave a gap open they're going to find it."

And central will have their hands full as well ... stopping the ground game of kenyon ervin.

"they're loaded on offense ... great lineman ... their running back is tremendous.

"we knew those were all some of the best players returning in the conference ... we knew that they were going to be great offensively ... they are extremely well-coached.

It will be a tremendous challenge for our defense ... we will have to play some spectacular football."

If they can succeed in making memorial one dimensional ... defensive backs like malcolm depriest think they can run with the tigers and force some coverage sacks.

"we do a lot of conditioning ... so we're more conditioned that most teams because in big games you have to be conditioned for a long time.

So we do a lot of conditioning to make sure we are ready to run."

Either way ... the new-look enlow is in store for a primetime matchup we won't son forget.

And our 44-blitz spirit award for this past week ... week 6 ...goes to mater dei!

The wildcats will now be eligible for the annual 44-blitz spirit award ... which is given out at the end of the season to the most loud and proud student section!

To get your school in the running ... show your game faces and chants to our crews out on friday nights!

I'll be at the memorial-central game ... and the game between castle and harrison.

Castle junior alex hemenway has six division one college basketball offers on the table.

His most recent offer comes from clemson, where the team is coached by evansville native brad brow-nell.

Other offers include creighton ... belmont ... and u-e ... where hemenway could potentially play down the road.

He still has two years left with the knights ... and plans to keep building on the success he's already having ... by putting in the hard work.

"nobody works harder than alex ... and i think he's in a postion now where if he sees someone who's nit working hard ... that he can say something to do.

That's the kind of vocal leadership i think we can get from alex moving forward.

He's just a gym rat and he loves basketball.

" ".always pride yourself in being different.

I never was one to go out to parties or do stuff with other people ... i'd always be in the gym working and trying to perfect my craft everyday.

So my advice would be to stay humbled ... keep working hard ... and striving to be great."

President trump gets a lot of flack from people around the world.

But one of his latest deeds might make you smile.

We'll explain next.

But first..

Here's what's coming up on the late show with stephen colbert.

On his way back to washington from indianapolis last night, president trump delayed his flight to call an indianapolis police officer who was injured while escorting his motorcade to the airport.

While escorting the president's motorcade, officer robert turner crashed.

He was taken to the hospital and suffered a broken ankle along with cuts and bruises and a possible concussion.

I-m-p-d posted this video of officer turner speaking on the phone with the president-- who called to make sure he was o-k before heading back to the white house.

President trump hosted a rally at the indiana state fairgrounds yesterday.

Final weather toss... that's our time for this ááááday night...remember, 44 news is always on at, facebook and twitter for the latest overnight news join 44news this morning starting at five a.m.

Have a good night.

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