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Saturday, April 17, 2021

Host Chat - Joy, Jeremy, Kelly and Tom - 10/5/17

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Host Chat - Joy, Jeremy, Kelly and Tom - 10/5/17
Host Chat - Joy, Jeremy, Kelly and Tom - 10/5/17
Host Chat - Joy, Jeremy, Kelly and Tom - 10/5/17

>> tom: and welcome to "ozarks live!."

Thank you for joining us this afternoon.

Hope you had a great day.

How about y'all?

>> joy: had a great day.

>> kelly: good day.

>> tom: what were you up to?

You were gone >> kelly: i went to.

[inaudible] city.

It was beautiful out and about.

Down by the lake, yep.

>> tom: it's always a nice place to be.

>> jeremy: i'll tell everybody.

Joy, tom, and i all got flu shots today.

>> joy: we did.

>> jeremy: together.

Joy held my hand.

>> joy: we held songs and sang gershwin songs.

>> jeremy: tom was singing to me.

>> tom: and laughed.

>> kelly: were you scared?

>> jeremy: i don't like shots at all.

Just the thought of it.

>> joy: need to get it.

By the way, janet parker is here from krispy kreme.

Have you gotten your flu shot?

>> guest: i have not.

>> joy: you're a little late.

>> guest: i know.

>> kelly: tom, you didn't ask me what i was doing today.

>> tom: it was a general question.

You're included in y'all.

>> guest: i was pimping doughnuts and flashing people!

>> joy: it's another day for janet behind the scenes!

>> kelly: before we get to that, we have a winner for my pin of the week, amber pesek.

I hope i said that right.

Amber, congratulations.

Come by the station and pick up your pumpkins, all free right there.

>> joy: gorgeous.

Now it's time for the doughnuts.

We have had so much fun with her on the show.

And we're just getting started.

Janet, you're still celebrating your 15th anniversary, krispy kreme.

>> last week was our kickoff.

Friday and saturday this week, we're doing the full-blown celebration in the store.

We have this little present here.

>> tom: oh.

>> guest: joy, go ahead and open that box.

>> jeremy: ooh!

>> joy: well, my favorite thing!


>> guest: yes.

>> joy: look at the original.

Oh, my gosh!

>> so this is our original glazed doughnut.

You guys know all this.

>> joy: yeah!

>> tom: i've eaten a million of them.

>> guest: this believe it or not is 80 years old.

I mean not this particular doughnut.

>> jeremy: well!

>> tom: oh.

[simultaneous speaking.] [laughter] >> guest: but this -- let me tell you a story about this doughnut.

This is what i tell everybody, this is where our roots started.

So 1937, there was a young man that had maybe $8 in his pocket.

Decided that he was sitting one day at a bar, talking to a french pastry chef who had this recipe for the original glazed doughnut.

I came back from a conference recently.

And there is no confirmation whether he purchased the recipe or he traded the recipe.

He got ahold of the recipe and wrote home to his parents and said i'm going to open a doughnut shop.

He rented space in winston, where the tobacco business was there.

It was the depression era, but the tobacco business was thriving.

He wanted to put his store somewhere, where there was money.

So his intent was to make doughnuts for the public for grocery stores.

He bought a delivery van.

Every day when he would start making his doughnuts, people would pass by the store and smell it.

And they would say are you selling those here?

And he had one of those ah-ha moment, and he said why aren't i selling them?

With that, he cut a hole in the concrete wall and started sampling the original glazed doughnut.

>> joy: and the rest is history.

>> tom: 20 seconds.

What have we got?

>> specials friday and saturday.

If you buy a dozen of these, >> joy: you get?

>> a dozen of these for $0.15.

Or if you buy a dozen of these >> jeremy: these!

>> guest: a dozen of these, we'll give you a dozen of these!

>> jeremy: so you can get glazed.


>> joy: you buy a dozen of something and you get a dozen for $0.15.

>> guest: buy any original dozen and you get a dozen for $0.15.

>> joy: that is a bargain!

Janet, thank you!

>> tom: thank you.

>> guest: not because we're having our anniversary, but tomorrow we're bringing back original glazed pumpkin spice.

>> jeremy: today's entertainment thursday, we'll be talking to lost signal to find out what they're bringing to bacon fest.

I have a "build it better" project and chris the critic will let you know what is happening at the movies.

>>> before we get to that, here's what's on the radar today.

>> joy: all right.

It's entertainment thursday.

We're going to start with local entertainment for you.

In case you have not heard, let me rearrange my doughnut, "phantom of the opera" is comin to springfield!

That's one of the announcements that came over last night at juanita k.

Hammons hall.

These particular production of phantom is still the andrew lloyd weber classic, but upgraded.

We've come a long way in 30 years.

>> jeremy: sure, the theater has, yeah.

>> joy: the show opens in may.

It will run for two weeks.

And this young lady -- >> kelly: didn't she do a fabulous job.

>> joy: this is kaitlyn davis.

S she's leaving to have a normal life.

She sang a song last night and i'm telling you -- >> kelly: you couldn't take her eyes off her.

>> jeremy: who does she play?

>> joy: christine.

The other evented, rather, last evening was the opening of a time capsule unclosed for 25 years in the lobby of hammons hall.

They opened this thing up.

There were newspapers, some of the ribbons from the original ribbon cutting, original architectural drawings and things like that.

Obviously, a crowd in attendance in the lobby last night.

>> tom: yes.

>> joy: it was a lot of fun.

They had a couple of screens to show us what is coming in the new season.

By the way, the subscribers to the hall now has reached over 3,000.

Which is a milestone.

>> jeremy: wow!

That's amazing.

>> joy: in the 25 years the hall has been there.

The other big announcement, have you heard?

The "lion king" is coming in 2019!


That is great news.

[laughter] here is msu president, holding up simba, the baby lion.

>> kelly: and there were streamers.

>> jeremy: tom, can i hold you like that?

>> tom: i doubt it.

[laughter] >> joy: you can try.

>> jeremy: i'll sing the song as i lift you up, tom to the heavens.

>> tom: act fast!

>> joy: by the way, "kinky boots"," chicago", "the sound musics" all soming to hammons hall.

>> kelly: this is it, the ultimate dessert with a buzz.

It's made by a company called arctic buzz.

Vodka-infused ice cream.

>> joy: okay!

>> kelly: i know we've talked about this before.

But now, there's one difference.

This ice cream has anywhere from 8.6% to 8.9% alcohol by volume.

Which is the same as a glass of wine.

>> tom: yeah!

>> joy: bring it!

>> kelly: so have one serving and you get mel low.

Eat a pint and you'll have an arctic buzz.

Arctic buzz is in baltimore.

They have coconut, cookies and cream, chocolate, and raspberry vanilla.

The vodka is from a local distillery.

In other words, raspberry vodka for raspberry ice cream.

Arctic buzz is hoping to expand soon.

>> joy: they can expand right he here.

>> jeremy: that's awesome.

>> tom: stop the presses!

This just in, nicholas cage is now a snack food!

>> jeremy: ha?

>> tom: well, unlike nicholas cage, girl scout cookies or nicholas cage mini ravioli, yeah, this is the real deal.

[laughter] >> tom: it's a promotion for his new movie "army of one".

His face is plastered all over the popular japanese snack, [foreign language] [laughter] >> tom: yeah.

So now movie patrons can get their own [foreign language] nicholas stick when they buy their ticket.

[laughter] >> tom: how does it taste?

Reports say the corn puff sticks taste very much like a thick corn soup.

Sounds like another national treasure.


>> tom: no word on the taste treat neighborimaking it to ame.

>> joy: there's a weird nicholas cage thing happening in the food world.

It's an odd world.

>> jeremy: when you think of nicholas cage, you think of, yeah, corn soup.

>> kelly: i think of elvis.

[laughter] >> jeremy: that was a good movie.

>> kelly: absolutely.

>> tom: elvis liked corn soup.

>> kelly: he probably did.

>> joy: with peanut butter.

>> jeremy: coming up, on television, we don't like the phrase


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