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Sunday, February 28, 2021


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SATURDAY 10-14 10

2 amy>> 2 2 next... 2 a fire victim speaks out.

2 we'll tell you how a duplex fire this week inturrupted what was supposted to be one of the happiest days of their lives.

2 amy>> 2 2 and... an early snowfall 2 find out the damages these early flurries caused our neighbors to the east.

2 amy>> 2 2 plus... 2 hundreds walked against alzheimers today.

2 we'll introduce you to one man and why he walks to find a cure.

2 amy>> 2 good evening everyone and thanks for joining us tonight.

2 last night...we told you details about a fire on arrow wood court that left two families displaced in twin falls.

2 cristle jose talked to one of the families involved.

2 thursday was supposed to be the start of a new chapter for brandi bradford and her family.

2 39:52 about 430 i was in labor :03 2 but what started as an exciting night also turned out in devastation.

2 40:48 he came in and he's like...youre house is on fire :03 2 41:02 you're expedition's out front and it got your truck.

Your house is completely engulfed and theres smoke coming out the windows and i was like 'what is going on' :11 2 with the ceiling caved in and water and smoke damage throughout....everything she looked forward to coming home to... 2 43:06//we got a brand new sectional from ashley, brand new tv, tv stand...put so much work into building this home :11 2 ...especially her newborn... lydia's belongings 2 43:06 all of her furniture that we just got...we just put it together...:03 2 ...gone.

2 51:09 //we're like...oh, we get to bring her home.

She gets to be in her little swing right there and we had it set up the way we want it to :07 2 44:28 so now we have to go through the hassle of finding a home that suits our family :05 so that's going to be a process :08 2 the family of now six moved into the rental five months ago after relocating to twin falls this spring.

2 43:24 we came from california with nothing :02 so we had just started from the ground up and then we just got there and now we have to start from the ground up again :09 2 when we spoke...she told me friends and family showed her pictures and video of the aftermath of the fire.

But the hardest thing will be seeing it first hand.

2 52:30 that's when its gonna be a reality check.

That's when its gonna be hard because i get to see everything like in my face :13 just see that everythings gone and im just registering that today :13 2 cristle jose kmvt local 11 news 2 2 the twin falls fire departent is assuring residents they are not involved in a door to door sales operation... 2 the notice comes after a string of reports of someone claiming otherwise... 2 the city says there are vendors knocking on doors claiming to be licensed by the twin falls fire department... 2 they are trying to sell fire-safety or smoke alarm inspections... 2 the fire department does not sell goods door to door and is not affiliated with it either... 2 all vendors knocking on doors must be lisensed by the city... 2 if you come across one that is not... the city wants you to report it... 2 firefighters are gaining ground in their battle against the deadliest wildfires in california's history.

2 two of the largest fires are now nearly 50% contained.

2 at least 38 people are dead and 57-hundred homes and other buildings destroyed.

2 here's chris martinez.

2 from the air you can see the massive scope of the fires burning through california's wine country.

2 on saturday - gusty winds helped fan the flames of the "nunn fire" near the town of sonoma - prompting new evacuations.

2 embers from the blaze caught this house on fire.

As firefighters worked to put out the flames... a shed nearby melted and collapsed before our eyes.

2 ((great nats - collapse)) 2 more than 9-thousand firefighters are battling more than a dozen large fires across the state.

Officials say, overall, they're making great progress.

2 ((belia ramos/ napa co.

Supervisor 12:05;43)) 2 "this is the day we have prayed for since sunday night."

2 ((chris martinez/sonoma, ca)) 2 thousands of people remain evacuated from their homes this weekend, and officials say they won't allow them to return until the fire danger subsides.

2 ((nats- body cam @ 20:36:24)) 2 "grab her feet - she's disabled!"

2 that danger - on full display in this bodycam video showing first responders rushing to get people to safety last sunday night.

2 local officials say are still working to assess all the damage.

2 (dave teter, cal fire deputy director) 2 the count stands at 5700 damaged and destroyed structures.

2 at least 20 investigators are working to figure out what caused the fires... but they say it could be weeks before they have any answers.

2 chris martinez, cbs news, sonoma california 2 police are looking for two men who robbed a bank worker at gunpoint on her lunch break.

2 2 this was in meridian at the idaho central credit union.

2 the 25-year old was eating lunch in her car when she said a sedan pulled in front of her.

2 she then said two white men wearing mirrored glasses and hoodies came up to her window... pointed a handgun at her... and demanded her purse and wallet.

2 they took them and drove away.

2 the woman said the man with the handgun was between 20 and 30 years old and had a tattoo on his left wrist.

2 an elderly couple that was stranded in a utah desert for six days has been rescued.

2 2 the couple is recovering now at dixie regional medical center in saint george.

2 a man found the woman... helena... on october second... laying in the road in grand staircase-escalante national monument.

2 she was severely dehydrated and confused about what happened.

2 the man contacted the dispatch center and got her to the hospital.

2 then crews found her husband... gerald... also severely dehydrated and unable to move.

2 they flew him to the hospital.

2 the couple got lost trying to drive to lake powell.

2 their car tire popped on a dirt road and they didn't know how to change it.

2 there was no way back or forward, there was nothing.

We knew in that moment that it was impossible..> 2 the couple tried to walk... but gerald eventually couldn't anymore.

2 helena continued on to get help.

2 she was walking for five days before anyone found her.

2 as of monday... only gerald was still hospitalized... but doctors said his condition was greatly improved.

2 the couple is planning on returning to their home in texas soon.

2 it's beginning to look a lot like christmas in idaho falls... two weeks before halloween.

2 but this was far from a winter wonderland.

2 michaela leung spoke with people about the damage this snow caused in their neighborhood.

2 nat "she comes and says 'you gotta come out grandpa and see what is going on."

2 it was the talk on clevland street today.

2 fallen trees knocked down a few powerlines...among other things.

2 lawrence: "i was going to pull in and park here but a small still voice told me 'no' park behind your scout."

2 alvin: "why didn't you tell me.

Cause mine got hit."

2 the tree caused damage to alvin's car.

2 alvin: "i seen my car mandated by that limb right there.

And my back window it's all busted in.

I says, 'oh wow.'" 2 even across the street, more fallen trees and powerlines down.

2 james: "this big ol tree laying accross homes.

And of course we're not the only ones with this problem so it's just a matter of getting people out here to get this taken care of."

2 part of the tree even landing on top of the neighbor's house.

2 but lawrence says, he's seen this before.

2 lawrence: "same place."

2 alvin: "the same tree."

2 lawrence: "the same tree" 2 alvin: wow, two times.

Lightning strikes two times."

2 on clevland street in idaho falls, i'm michaela leung.

2 amy>> 2 2 a magic valley domestic violence shelter and advocacy group hopes to raise tens of thousands of dollars tonight... 2 voices against voilence held their second annual dinner and silent auction at the risk barn ... 2 last year it raised more than seventy thousand dollars for the non-profit... 2 they hope to bring in at least that much again... 2 whatever they raise they say they're thankful for the support... 2 "it's just great because we cover six counties in the magic valley and to see so many people get together for a great cause is just heart warming and amazing to me."

2 october is domestic abuse awareness month... 2 which is why they hold the fundraiser now... 2 voices against violence operates off of donations and grants to help victims of domestic abuse... 2 the cold october weather didn't stop hundreds of magic valley residents from coming together this morning at the magic valley walk to end alzheimers...emily duke spoke to one supporter with a very personal reason to want a cure.

2 a colorgul garden of flowers adorned the c-s-i lawn saturday morning.

2 petals bearing the names of... and messages to... loved ones suffering with alzheimer's.

2 and each color has a special meaning.

2 that flower that color is your connection to the cause.

2 emotions got the best of bob macdonald as he held his yellow flower... which means he's caring for someone currently suffering with the disease.

2 2 this is my third walk and i'm walking for my chrissy.

She's my wife.

2 chrissy was diagnosed at 59, which is early for the disease.

2 she's had it since 2009 and she's in an assisted living facility in buhl.

2 bob said it's hard to see his sweetheart suffer with a disease that has no cure.

2 it's all stage 4.

If people are familiar with cancer.

Alzheimer's is all stage 4, you don't recover, there's no one in remission and you just kind of waste away.

2 walking teams collected donations for the local chapter of the alzheimers association.

2 2 our goal is to raise funds so that we can bring awareness to the community provide programing, support groups, advocacy, education.

Whatever we can do to reach, to reach people.

2 when i asked bob what he's tell his wife about all this...he got emotional.

2 i would tell her that all these folks out here today with pinwheels and frozen noses are out here supporting her, and raising funds for research.

2 he said he won't give up on the idea of a cure.

2 it hasn't happened yet, but it will.

2 emily duke...kmvt local 11 news.

2 amy>> 2 2 coming up... 2 we take a trip back in time to this one room school house.

2 and show you how a historical society made use of it today.

2 amy>> 2 2 later... new numbers are in.

2 find out how the obesity epidemic is changing in the u-s.

2 cristle>> 2 plus......stay tuned for weather 2 2 cristle>> 2 amy>> plentiful sunshine will continue to wrap up your weekend.

Expect the trend of chilling mornings and warmer high temperatures each day through the middle of next week.

This is all due to a building ridge of high pressure.

2 our next chance for showers come with our next storm system in the later part of next week.

2 what were your school days like?

2 were they mostly in big schools with classes full of students your same age?

2 jeffrey dahdah joins us live in the studio to explain a different school environment and how it was on display this year... 2 2 how many rooms are in your child's school?

2 dozens?


2 well the gooding historical society reminded people of what it was like when a school had one room... 2 nats "it's the grand opening of the thorn creek school house, which is 105 years old."

2 or i guess you could call it a re-opening... 2 the gooding historical society spent the last seven years restoring the one-room school... 2 "it took us a long time to raise enough money and get the labor forces."

2 lorna bard is a director of the historical society... 2 they had to restore the inside... the outside... the windows and even the foundation... 2 but it was all worth it to them... 2 "i think our the next generations need to know how education started here in the state."

2 nats 2 shirley sabala went to the school when she was a child... 2 she spoke at the grand opening about her time there... 2 "really it was just like any other school."

2 just with eight grades in a room instead of one... 2 and going to the bathroom didn't require a hall pass but a walk through sage brush... 2 "and we had to watch out for rattle snakes and ticks."

2 among other differences... 2 the school hasn't taken students since nineteen forty seven... 2 before that it had a class of about eighteen students at a time... 2 and seeing it restored means a lot to those students... 2 "it's wonderful, it's a thrill, it really is and i want to thank all the people here that did his because it's 105 years old, it's history."

2 2 if you want to see it the historical society is only open through the end of the month... 2 after that you would have to make an appointment until they open back up again in april... 2 jeffrey dahdah kmvt local eleven news... 2 amy>> 2 2 next.... 2 there may be more health benefits to broccoli than you thought.

2 we'll tell you why you should be eating these greens... 2 amy>> 2's now time for our fish and game forecast..

2 there on your screen you can see the best times to go fishing here in our area based on lunar cycles.

2 2 four out of ten adults in the united states are now obese.

2 2 new numbers from the centers for disease control and prevention taking a closer look at the obesity epidemic..

2 finding nearly forty percent of adults and nearly twenty percent of kids between two and nineteen meet the clinical definition of obesity..

2 that up from thirty percent of adults and a tad less than fourteen percent of children considered obese between 19-99 and two thousand.

2 obesity is defined as a body mass index of thirty or more.

2 so - a six-foot-tall man weighing two-hundred-twenty-one pounds is considered obese, as is a five-foot-nine woman weighing two-hundred-three pounds..

2 some trends within the increase have health experts worried..

As obesity appears to be more prevalent in ethnic groups..

And as we age..

2 study authors say stemming this epidemic will have to be on both a personal and community level... 2 2 a daily dose of broccoli, cauliflower and sprouts may help prevent everything from arthritis to heart disease.

2 penn state researchers fed a broccoli supplemented diet to mice..

2 and as a result, the animals were able to better tolerate digestive issues..

2 the team believes this could be due to the fact that cruciferous vegetables -- such as broccoli and brussels sprouts..

2 contain a substance that promotes gut health.

2 and maintaining a healthy intestinal lining coupled with preventing leaky gut syndrome -- which exposes the body to toxins and pathogens.

2 could be the reason why their was a reduced risk of digestive issues and other ills.

2 further research is needed as animal studies don't always reflect what happens in humans..

2 crazy college football 2 morgan>>2 2 going back to friday night we have a finalized score between wood river and canyon ridge.

2 on a cold night in twin falls we get a 4a confrence game... 2 2 senior night at canyon ridge as wood river comes to visit in this battle of 2 win teams... 2 canyon ridge with the draw up the fooled the defense and fooled our photographer but you can see #20 aaron barnes for the riverhawks with the 44 yard run for 6... they made a 2 point conversion to lead 8-0.

2 the following kickoff and #28 jaren bothwell for the wolverines takes it on one bounce and returns it all the way to the riverhawks 45 yard line... 2 very next play... #19 andrew nelson scrambles and throws the long pass to find bothwell in the end zone.... 2 but canyon ridge answers back in the second quarter...#7 johnny eastman does a little scambling of his own and finds #29 m.


Brooks to extend the lead to 15 to 7.... 2 the final for this one would be canyone ridge 38 and wood river 21.

2 2 for the first time in the regular seaon, a non-saturday saw two top-10 teams lose to unranked opponents.

2 it was number two clemson versus the un-ranked syracuse orange.

2 last year in clemson the tigers attacked the orange winning 54-0.

2 this year to quote s-u quarterback eric dungey "no one believed in us except for us..."

2 2 clemson had won 12 consecutive games at the carrier dome, the longest streak in clemson history and tied for the second longest active streak in the nation.

2 clemson also had won 11 consecutive games overall, the longest active winning streak in the nation.

2 the tigers took a big blow when quarterback kelly bryant suffered a concussion in the final minute of the first half.

He was helped to the locker room.

Bryant passed for 116 yards and ran for minus-8 yards.

2 but the orange were resiliant... 2 eric dungey threw for 278 yards and three touchdowns, cole murphy kicked a tiebreaking field goal in the fourth quarter, and syracuse stunned no.

2 clemson 27-24 on friday night to put a damper on the tigers' chances to repeat as national champions.

2 2 heisman hopeful, luke falk and #8 washington state visiting cal... 2 --opening drive of the game... 2 falk pass is intercepted by camryn bynum... 2 led to a field up 3-0.

2 --4 seconds left in the at the 1... 2 ross bowers finds kyle wells for a 1 yard touchdown... 2 cal up 17-3 at the half.

2 --4th up 20-3...on 3rd and goal... 2 --bowers scrambles and does a front flip into the endzone for the up 27-3.

2 send this man to the olympics i give it a 9-point-five.

2 --late 30-3...on 4th down... 2 --falk is sacked by kunaszyk and fumbles...gerran (gare-in) brown takes it 26 yards for the touchdown... 2 --cal hands washington state their first loss of the year, 37-3.

2 2 and then there were four.

The yankees and astros played game two in the a-l-c-s series while the cubs and dodgers started game one of the n-l-c-s.

2 let's first head to houston... 2 2 --4th inning...still no score... 2 --carlos correa sends one deep off luis severino for the solo home run... this play would be under review... 2 --(replay) 2 --as we see a young fan gets a glove on the ball but the call stands as a home run 2 --astros lead 1-0 2 --5th inning...same score... 2 --todd frazier hits the verlander pitch deep all the way back to the left field wall.

2 and it gets stuck in the wall...aaron hicks scores as george springer can't get to the ball 2 --ground rule double by tied at 1... 2 --after 8 innings ...verlander strikes out the side...his 13th k of the game... game still tied at 1 2 --bottom of the 9th... aroldis chapman into pitch with carlos correa at the plate 2 --correa hits the pitch in the gap... judge with the throw in...jose altuve rounds 3rd and the throw to the plate is not in time... 2 --astros walkoff and win game 2... 2-1 2 2 now to l-a where the dodgers host the defending world series champions the chicago cubs.

2 --4th inning..

No score 2 --albert almora jr connects on the kershaw offering for the 2 run home run... 2 --kershaw went 5 innings with 2 earned runs...cubs lead 2-0 2 --5th inning... same score... yasiel puig calling his shot... 2 --puig rips one off jose quintana into the gap...logan forsythe scores 2 --(replay) 2 --puig knew he got all of it and flips the bat in excitement 2 puig fired up...dodgers trail 2-1.

2 --7th inning..

Still 3-2 doddgers..

Yasiel puig leading off 2 puig rips one deep off mike montgomery..

Its over the wall for the solo shot 2 --(replay) 2 --puig's first homer of the postseason and kyle schwarber2 amy>> 2 2 welcome to pumpkin carving of the future.

2 instead of using a knife to make your designs... this shop in arizona uses a laser.

2 all they need is a black and white picture... and the laser will make it in pumpkin form.

2 this can allow you to do more intricate designs... like faces.


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