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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Host Chat - Joy, Kelly, and Tom - 10/20/17

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Host Chat - Joy, Kelly, and Tom - 10/20/17
Host Chat - Joy, Kelly, and Tom - 10/20/17
Host Chat - Joy, Kelly, and Tom - 10/20/17

[?] >> joy: hey, welcome to "ozarks live!"


And happy friday.

>> kelly: were you jamming.

Did you get lost in your jamming over there?

>> joy: i was enjoying the music.

Yes, i was >> tom: every friday is a good one.

>> kelly: yes, it is.

>> joy: we have a good show today.

>> kelly: every day, we hope is a great show.

What's going on this weekend, joy?

>> joy: hy-vee, the market grille, which is delish.

>> kelly: yes!

>> joy: they are having a brunch on sunday, which they do.

And they've invited us to come out and hangout and maybe tend bar.

Do you trust me to do that?

>> kelly: well, yes!

>> joy: tom, you were a bartender for one time.

>> tom: yes, i was.

I've done that for several years.

Some of the old school drinks.

But it's been awhile.

>> joy: the classics are back.

>> tom: that's true.

I'd rather be on the other side of the bar than the backside of the bar.

>> kelly: you guys should tag team it.

He's going to name a drink after -- maybe he'll make one and name one after you or one after you or maybe he'll blend your names together and make a nice drink.

>> tom: toy.

>> joy: toy.

It's like the tom and jerry, but tom and joy.

>> joy: it's going to be our job to come up with that.

>> kelly: a jot.

A shot can be a shot.

See, tom and joy, get it, jot?

>> joy: i like it.

Anyway, 11:00 to 1:00 on sunday is when i'm going to go and get some really good food and see what's behind the bar.

If i'm tending bar, i ought to be able to make whatever i want.

>> tom: and take a sip of everything as you go by.

Make it, take a sip, yeah that's good.

And give it to the person.

>> kelly: he promised to feed you guys really well.

>> joy: it's going to be fun.

Join us if you're out and about and hungry.

What better food?

>> kelly: it's amazing food!

>> joy: oh, yeah, good stuff.

>> kelly: what's happening today, we have another champion from the national wrasselin league today.

And blue raven has the latest styles from the season.

>>> before we get to all of that, here's what's on the radar.

On this style and leisure friday, we're going to talk health and style for man's best friend.

Widget, it's a smart collar for your dog.

It's like a fit bit or health monitor that indicates temperature, respir ration, sleep pattern, fitness goals like calories in and out and training programs for your pet.

The ceo and cofounder describes it as a baby sock wrapped in an iphone.

She says dogs are pack animals, which makes them want to hide their pain, because they want to please us.

So sometimes when they're sick, we don't know it until it's too late.

The collar is not meant to diagnose but it's a tool to let you know when your pet is not feeling well, so you can get him to the vet asap.

I want to say it's wiget.

>> tom: wouldn't widget have a "d" in it?

>> joy: it's wiggit.

So if you're googling it.

>> kelly: it's a wiggit, a kick starter project.

The goal is $100,000.

It's sitting at $92,941.

But the company is hoping to have 200 manufactured by november.

It works for all breeds and all dogs 20-170 pounds.

I think that pretty well covers the gamut.

>> joy: so it keeps up with their activity.

>> guest: yeah.

And there are others.

But this one is added to it.

It checks out if they're sleeping on their side, and they move over to the other side, it tracks all those things, like in our sleep studies some of us have done.

It tells how our breathing is and things like that.

And so, you know, it might show stress.

It might show restlessness.

And i guess you would check your dog out and see what's going on.

>> tom: i'm trying to figure out what the owlet sock, what is that?

>> kelly: that's what they describe it as.

The only way i see it is as comfortable, and with the, you know, the information that you can get from an iphone.

>> tom: okay.

Yeah, that part i understood.

The iphone part i got.

It's like on owlet sock.

>> joy: it's a little thing wrapped in a sock, so it's not a cold piece of metal.

>> kelly: there was a picture.

Part of it is wrapped so it's comfortable for the animal.

>> joy: and it sounds like something else to give you something else to worry about.

I'm worried about everything.

>>> here's one in the style category.

Remember crocs?

>> kelly: i have a pair i wear in the garden, and i love them.

>> joy: they're still around.

And not only that, they're all over the high-end designer fashion runway.

>> kelly: no way?

>> joy: oh, yeah.

Designers have put the shoes front and center during fashion week.

Look closely.

There they are.

>> tom: oh, my.

>> joy: this was done a year ago, but for spring 2018, they're going fur-lined.

Fancy, right?

The ugly shoe trend has been emerging for awhile.

We see birkenstocks everywhere.

>> kelly: do you have a pair?

>> joy: i do.

And tevas.

But check out the crocs platform.

It's interesting.

Crocs with bling even.

The company has released an affordable tiger print.

This is the christopher cain version.

Sells for $60.

I thought they were less expensive than that.

But if they're designer, what do you expect?

So would you send your kid to prom in blingy crocs?

Maybe your holiday party?

>> kelly: i think that my feet hurt more than they have in my life.

And i think that i'm beginning to sacrifice style for just what feels good.

>> joy: i hear you!

>> kelly: you hear what i'm saying?

>> joy: yeah, yeah!

I don't know that i'm going to go with the crocs.

>> kelly: i don't know either.

>> tom: there are two things here.

Most people i've seen wear crocs are medical personnel in hospitals and emergency rooms. so you know they're comfortable.

And the other is, i think there's a warehouse somewhere full of croscs and these guys have bought them up, and they're trying to get rid of them.

>> kelly: there's a place in branson that has crocs for men and women.

>> joy: put them in fashion week.

That will sell them >> tom: a chinese fitness company by the name of miss pao is offering something new in the field of exercise.

Individual workout pods.

Yeah, there is.

The twist is they're out in public on city streets, things like that.

A customer gets in by using a smartphone app and pays for time spent in the pod.

Time slots must be booked in advance.

You show up.

Display a qr code on your phone.

And that's it.

Inside, you have access to a treadmill, t.v.

Screen, air purifier and weights and things like that to use as your leisure.

The pods are cleaned regularly by a maintenance team.

The pods are only be testing in china right now.

But miss pao hopes to get in other countries in the future.

Not sure i want people to watch me exercising in a fish bowl.

>> joy: why would they put a window like that?

>> tom: in their defense, there are blinds there.

You can close the blinds.

You're out there in the open sweating to the oldies.

>> joy: i don't get it.

>> kelly: i don't get it either.

>> joy: they build gyms with equipment.

Is it because you're intimidated to be with other people?

>> tom: in china, people live so closely together anyway that you respect other's individualality, you respect their personality.

So it's not like people are going to be around gawking in china.

>> joy: well, whatever.

>> kelly: no pod or crocs for me.

[laughter] >> tom: coming up, billy yates from raiding the country vault.



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