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Thursday, June 17, 2021

The Daily Dish (11/1/17)

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The Daily Dish (11/1/17)
The Daily Dish (11/1/17)
The Daily Dish (11/1/17)

>> ange: good morning everybody.

Welcome to weht local lifestyles, i am ange humphrey.

>> ron: i am ron rhodes on this first day of november.

It was so dreary out.

>> ange: it is dreary and rainy.

I like this whether to heal too.

>> ron: i don't like that cold, annoying rain.

There will be a warmer, less annoying rain tomorrow.

>> ange: today on the show, you as i host a big dance marathon for a very good cause.

Hopkins county, kentucky is growing and ready to open its doors.

We will tell you how the future is bright they are.

Mental health america presents an event to shine a light on the issue surrounding mental health in our community.

Getting a fitness schedule and staying on track during the holidays can be a real challenge.

Not to worry, tony maslan will be here for our workout wednesday segment to keep us on track.

If you have a geek on your christmas list, we have got gifts for you from the one and only geek in chief.

>> ron: i hear we have an exploding pumpkin too.

>> ange: really?

>> ron: i could be wrong on that.

>> ange: for hooked on science.

>> ron: 20 is going to be here.

He had a very interesting costume with his family.

And they have seven children.

Snow white and the seven dwarves.

>> ange: so cute.

>> ron: as i was munching on my mini snickers, i was checking out that photo.

I thought, tony will be there tomorrow giving me grief for eating these snickers.

>>> let's take a look outside.

We're going back up to michigan.

This is our live shot here.we had some turkeys there yesterday.

>> ange: and the deer sneaks into the picture.

>> ron: they don't have quite as much snow as yesterday.

The guy is not out there talking to himself right now.

That is creepy looking.

>> ange: it is creepy looking, time to cheer that one up a little bit.

The people in the control room are just having too much fun with this.

>> ron: looks better there than it does outside here, at least today.

We have that rain and we will see it often on throughout the day today.

>>> 43 degrees, current temperature.

East wind at six miles per hour.

Yesterday, we topped out at 48 at the airport.

We will be bettering that even though we have a lot of clouds.

Normally we will get our hike to mature in the early to mid afternoon.

Especially this time of year.

Not the case today.

It will be later on tonight.

But a warm front moves in.

It will not be nearly as chilly tomorrow morning.

>> ange: then you will be happy.

Color you happy.

>> ron: i will be happier.

There is not a smile on my face when i walked out in that cold rain.

>> ange: you were out early too.>> ron: dark and early and it was coming down at a pretty good clip.

>> ange: this is for the birds!

>>> let's get to the track 11.

This is going to make you laugh for real.

A new high tech $130 fork will mask any slurping sound you make while eating.

The chesapeake company known for making ramen noodles came up with the idea.

It has a little microphone that detects slurping eating and then sends a message to your iphone which plays a louder sound which drowns out the slurping.

- - called the fork the dumbest gadget of 2014.

They said they would only mass-produce the fork if they get 5000 or more preorders by mid december.

I say that's the end of the slurping fork.

>> ron: if they get 5000 preorders, that's not happening.

>> ange: let's trace the thought pattern here.

You are offended because you're in a ramen noodle restaurant and everyone is slurping.

They thought, what if we have a fork that interacts with your cell phone.

>> ron: in order to bring out another sound which is probably more annoying than slurping.

>> ange: ingenious.

They got on tv, didn't they?

>> ron: just as a gag gift, they will probably get numerous.

>> ange: it's $130 or something.

>> ron: that's too expensive for a gag gift.

>> ange: we will find out how it goes.

Sony is bringing back its robotic dog.

Sony's ceo plans to present able wednesday.

The first version of the robotic pet debuted back in 1999.

Sony stopped making them into thousand six.

The new pet toy will respond to voice commands and will bark and wagging its tail.

The new version comes equipped with a powerful new computer chip, updated displays for its eyes and the ability to connect to mobile networks.

It's expected to be more intelligent and proactively interact with its owner.

Preorders begin today but only in japan.

The high-tech pop cause over $1700 and is expected to go on sale in january.

I just can't even.

Get a real dog if you're wanting the authentic dog experience.

>> ron: i can go to the humane society and say 100 dogs for the cost of buying that.

It is pretty cute.

>> ange: it's cute.

I get that.

>> ron: that would be one i step on in the middle of the night.

You know that.

>> ange: 2000 bucks out the window.

Heal boy, heal.

Speaking of dogs, a runaway dog was caught on camera tried it through boston's airport train station and onto the platform.

- - was able to coax the dog away.

He was reportedly later reunited with his owner.

I guess the robotic pet would never have done that.

>> ron: able would have been sitting there where it belongs.

You saw the door about to shut.

I love huskies though.

I would rather have a husky then able.

I had numerous trick-or-treaters last night, it was a little kid dressed as a pirate.

I go - - he goes, i'm a robot.

A robotic pilot.

Next year, he will be a robotic dog.

I had a lot of trick-or-treaters last night.

A lot of wonderful costumes.

It seems to me that parents are getting more ingenious with their costumes.

>> ange: the parents were dressed up too.

So the whole family went out trick-or-treating.

>> ron: it was a lot of fun.



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