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Sunday, April 11, 2021

Host Chat - Jeremy and Kelly - 11/6/17

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Host Chat - Jeremy and Kelly - 11/6/17
Host Chat - Jeremy and Kelly - 11/6/17
Host Chat - Jeremy and Kelly - 11/6/17

[?] >> jeremy: welcome to "ozarks live!"

On this very beautiful monday.

It's a beautiful monday, right?

>> kelly: it is a beautiful monday.

You've been complaining all day about the weather.

>> jeremy: i know.

It was so warm yesterday.

And i was working in my yard.

And all of the sudden, i'm out in my yard and the wind blew and it was freezing cold.

Jamie told me that was the cold front amoving through!

>> kelly: amoving through.

>> jeremy: through my yard.

>> kelly: you feel that when the wind blows.

That's okay.

I didn't bring a coat today, but i'm not outside that much.

>> jeremy: can i tell you something fast before we move on?

>> kelly: no.

Go ahead, jeremy!

Oh, your phone.

>> jeremy: i want to say i got my iphone 10 friday.

And i'm so excited about it.

>> kelly: it's beautiful!

The first time i saw you with your iphone 10, you did not have a case for it.

That was scary.

>> jeremy: i went and got a case.

It has the facial recognition.

>> kelly: tell them what it does.

>> jeremy: i look at my phone and it opens.

To set it, you have to point the phone at your face moving your head.

And you have to move it the other way.

You have to move it slow.

It even opens with my sunglasses on.

>> kelly: does it really?

>> jeremy: yes.

>> kelly: it's like before when you did your thumb print.

>> jeremy: yes.

>> kelly: so i can look at the phone and look at the lock and it won't do anything.

>> jeremy: it won't do anything.

I looked at it, and it just unlocked.

>> kelly: that is crazy.

>> jeremy: i was excited to get it.

>> kelly: i'm glad you have it.

That's great.

>>> listen, we had a great weekend.

I had seen you all weekend!

>> jeremy: i'm sick of you, kelly!

>> kelly: i'm sick of you, too.

Friday night jeremy helped me out at the mda charity event.

I did this last year.

This year i was olivia newton john.

I think i should dye my hair blonde.

I never thought i would be blonde.

>> jeremy: why not?

>> kelly: i don't know.

>> jeremy: and then, be a red head.

See what happens.

>> kelly: so this is back stage.

And i'm out there singing.

I decided to wear the cowboy boots.

Because you know olivia's career started out in country.

So i did a couple of country numbers.

And i did a medley of some of her -- i think i did "hopelessly devoted" have you never been mel low" and "magic" >> jeremy: and you did "let me be there".

>> kelly: oh, yeah.

And jeremy filled in.

And then, we came to the "grease" portion.

>> jeremy: when she walked out in that outfit, oh, my gosh, you should have heard the ohhhh!

>> kelly: it was a lot of fun and it was a great cause.

I thank you for being a part of it.

>> jeremy: it was fun.

And kelly and i spent friday night together.

And guess what, saturday morning in branson for the most wonderful time of the year parade!

We have a lot of photos.

Here we are in our beautiful cadillac.

Look how gorgeous that is.

>> kelly: red cadillac!

>> jeremy: had a great time.

Oh, there's kelly and i with the giant gorilla.

And notice my christmas suit.

I noticed five more and they just arrived saturday.

I have five more christmas suits to debut this season.

>> kelly: that was a hit.

>> jeremy: everybody loved the suit.

There we are, joy.

And kelly and i were in the car while tom was emceeing the parade.

And there's our best friend dennis quaid.

Dennis quaid was there.

We did a facebook live with him.

We feel like he was best friends with our show now.

He was so kind.

>> kelly: he was so kind.

And i think he loves branson.

I think i hear from his own mouth he's going to stick around for awhile.

>> jeremy: there's the beautiful lennon sisters.

They're so lovely.

Their show at andy williams starts in a couple of weeks.

Here this is missouri teen, miss missouri, miss branson.

They're going to compete later on this month in the miss missouri pageant.

>> kelly: and we met there and had something to eat.

>> jeremy: it was an eventful weekend.

And we had the mercy gala of hope sunday night.

>> kelly: it was a sleepy monday for me, but it was a great weekend!

>> jeremy: it was fun and busy.

>> kelly: do we want to find out what is going on with the weather?

>> jeremy: we'll head over to jamie for our one-word weather forecast.

Jamie, how is the weather?

>> jamie: november.

[laughter] >> jeremy: you could say that again!

>> kelly: and that, jeremy, was our one-word weather forecast!

>> jeremy: at least it's feeling like november.

It did not feel like november yesterday until the evening.

>> kelly: i know.

We're getting there.

>> jeremy: by the way, i have an iris that has bloomed because it's so warm.

>> kelly: what!

The other thing saturday i was worried about was stepping on a snake.

>> jeremy: coming up, hy-vee is here to talk about thanksgiving prep.

Robin from wiggle wagger dog treats is back.

And so much more.

>>> but before we get to all of that, here is what is on the radar today.



>> kelly: yes.

>> jeremy: i love, love, love pineapple on my pizza.

>> kelly: i don't not love it but i don't love it either.

>> jeremy: some people either hate it or love it.

One instagram user brought it up to new levels.

And of course, the haters are everywhere.

It's candy corn pizza.

Yeah, that's right.

This instagram user put candy corn on top of a frozen pizza.

Then, baked it into the cheese and candy corn had melted beautifully smoldering.

Many people were so outraged on social media, they were saying how dare he take the worst halloween candy ever and put it on the most cherishes and sacred of foods, pizza.

>> kelly: yeah, i see that.

>> jeremy: people are taking it personally.

>> kelly: you know, me and candy corn are not bffs.

>> jeremy: i love pineapple pizza.

I would try this and eat it.

I love sweet and salty.

And i give him ten points for creativity.

I would totally take a bite of that.

>> kelly: that would put you in a coma!

There's so much sugar.

>> jeremy: the sugar balances the salty.

>> kelly: you had a headache the other day when you had too much candy corn, didn't you?

>> jeremy: yeah, i did.

>> kelly: this next video i came across on facebook.

And it cracked me up.



>> jeremy: that is adorable.

[laughter] >> kelly: wait until the end.

>> jeremy: i love it!


[laughter] >> jeremy: this is kind of long.

>> kelly: it is.


>> jeremy: rock out, bird!


He's head banging!

>> kelly: there at the end, he looked like a koala.

>> kelly: she's like talk to the head!

She was like i want none of that at all.

>> jeremy: she was having none of it.

He was trying to impress her.

>> kelly: are you impressed now?

No, get away.

I thought it was so cute.

I hope you guys liked that.

>> jeremy: i love animals, so it was awesome.

>>> i'm scared to bring up the next subject of christmas, because so many people were outraged saturday we were doing the most wonderful time of the year parade because it's not thanksgiving yet.

But people have to remember that we have to pretape things for the holiday.

It's not airing until after thanksgiving.

Speaking of planning ahead, maybe you want to think about the kind of christmas tree you want to put up this year.

Maybe a real tree, artificial tree or pineapple tree.

>> kelly: more pineapple!

>> jeremy: yes, some people were substituting pineapples for pumpkins last halloween.

And now, they're taking it to christmas.

I think they're adorable.

You can hang ornaments to the top and add lights.

It's like bringing the tropics to the home for the holidays.

I think it's very creative.

Look at this next one.

Look how they painted a tree yellow.

>> kelly: oh, wow!

>> jeremy: and they transformed it into a pineapple.

I think it's cute and creative.

Look at the tinsel.

I think it's a great idea.

Whoever thought pineapple for christmas?

>> kelly: i didn't ever.

>> jeremy: also, you can make pineapple decor.

You can make your own ornaments with pinecones.

These are yellow painted pinecones.

They put the green leaves at the top.

They're ornaments for your tree to bring the pineapple flare.

I never associated pineapples and christmas before.

But now i want to make it because it's adorable.

It reminds me of that song that bette mi bette midler wrote.

>> kelly: i love traditional, the evergreen trees.

And the real trees.

>> jeremy: i have a real tree and seven fake trees as well.

>> kelly: i'm all about videos today.

>> jeremy: you better impress me.

>> kelly: i want to preface this because this goes along with the christmas theme.

>> jeremy: don't get upset!

We're excited about the holidays.

>> kelly: this is an adorable video of a little boy getting in the spirit of christmas as his mom has him shopping.

>> let's look over here.

What's up here?

[baby laughing] >> whoa!

>> kelly: look at those eyes!

Wouldn't you just love to look at the world that way!

He almost lost his breath!

>> jeremy: that reminds me of me every time i go christmas shopping!

I'm like, yes!

>> kelly: is it your favorite time of the year?

>> jeremy: of course, it is!

I'll tell you everybody knows in branson christmas starts november 1st.

So i performed in branson so long, i used to put up my christmas tree november 1st.

Because i said if i'm singing christmas music every day, i'm going to put up my tree.

>> kelly: people who don't do branson, because i have done it too, and i have to say when i walked out november 1st singing christmas songs, i felt sheepish.

>> jeremy: they say christmas is the most wonderful time of the year.

And people are more giving.

And people say treat every day like christmas.

I think if we did that, maybe the world would be a better place.

There's my $0.02 for today.

>> kelly: i think that's a good thought in theory.

But not everybody feels that way.

>> jeremy: the reason for the season, i believe that year-round.

So that just makes good sense.

>> kelly: can i say this is off the subject.

But we didn't mention your jacket.

And this is fabulous.

>> jeremy: it's very random.

>> kelly: this is a new jacket.

>> jeremy: yes, i love it.

The i got called a picnic table today.

>> kelly: oh, no!

>> jeremy: i won't


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