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Thursday, June 17, 2021

The Daily Dish (11/7/17)

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The Daily Dish (11/7/17)
The Daily Dish (11/7/17)
The Daily Dish (11/7/17)

>> 3 3 3 ron-- 3 3 3 ange-- 3 3 3 and welcome to weht local lifestyles.

I am ange humphrey.>> ron: i am ron rhodes on this tuesday.

I believe every day has either been cloudy or mostly cloudy for the entire month of november.

The first day of the month was cloudy and i thought that's very appropriate.

Seven days later.

>> ange: here it is, still cloud cover.

Yes indeed.

There will be some sun somewhere.

>> ron: tomorrow.

You can go above the clouds and it's sunny every day.

>> ange: coming up today on weht local lifestyles, we will have sound financial advice from ruth jenkins from heritage federal credit union.

The diversity lecture is enlightening and educating and inspiring.

This year, we will find out from scott wiley who will grace the stage.

Ronald mcdonald house - - [indiscernible].

- - wellness center has a host of activities to keep you healthy throughout the year.

The broadway players of princeton are ready to ring in the holiday with the popular christmas dinner for you to.

Logan vickers will be a long.

>> ron: that sounds like a lot of fun.

>> ange: that's a good thing.

>> ron: it is a good thing.

I wish i hasomething in thbette in the forecast.

>> ange: said with a smile on your face.

Today is cloudy today.

>> ron: the drizzle is gone, that's a positive.

>>> the clouds we have not shaken yet as we take a look at our head construction tower shot.

This morning it was bleary-eyed maybe from fatigue or the fact we had raindrops on the lens.

We will hit 52 for high later today.

Decent breeze from the northeast at about 12 miles per hour.

Adding a nip to already nippy air.

>> ange: its fall now.

We set the clocks back so it seems grayer than ever.

>> ron: i think that's a big part of it.

>> ange: it really changes everyone's dynamic.

>> ron: say you get up at 7:00-8:00 in the morning.

>> ange: you member those days?

>> ron: i think the last time i did that was probably in college.

>> ange: let's get to the daily dish.

E-commerce giant amazon has friend - - and now cbs is moving to protect its market share of equity.

They have plans to offer next day delivery of prescription drugs nationwide in the year 2018.

They will deliver even on the same day in some urban areas.

It starts in manhattan in december, on december 4.

The news comes weeks after reports that amazon had gotten a wholesale pharmacy license in a dozen states.

A move that could allow them to sell prescription medications' ceo larry marlowe sees amazon as more of a potential ally than a threat.

>> when you go to amazon, you are seeing prices from different stores.

>> ange: if it's the drone prescription delivery, from amazon - - >> ron: i guess if you get your medication delivered from amazon drone through cvs.

Hopefully makes it to your house.

>> ange: from one giant to another, and iphone glitch is causing typos and frustration.

Users say when they type the lowercase i, the phones autocorrect changes it to an uppercase letter a with some sort of symbol.

It impacted i felt with the new ios software.

Apple said in an online post that a future update should fix the error but also published a temporary fix from

I did get a message from someone thhad that in there.

I thought, is that a new email emoji that i don't know about.

>> ron: you are the queen of emoji's.

My iphone five probably can't be updated to this so i probably won't see this.

Instead of is, it would be a, question mark in a box.

>> ange: for the third year in a row toys "r" us is opening its doors for 30 straight hours.

Aren't you glad you don't work there?

From thanksgiving into black friday.

The new york city times square location will stay open even later.

Opening on thanksgiving day has been a tradition for toys "r" us since 2009.

However, thanksgiving openings have seen a backlash from shopping centers and some are keeping their doors shut.

To raise employee morale and focus more on black friday according to one consumer analyst group.

Shoppers are projected to spend more than $8 trillion this holiday season.

I wish they had broken that down to what will be online sales and specials for black friday.

Now it's cyber monday and super tuesday.

>> ron: i don't mind more sale days.

As long as it's not like loser thursday or something like that.

As we get closer to christmas, it's like, you're out of luck saturday.

>> ange: i would love to know that breakdown.

Taking the trillion dollar figure.

I bet it's significant.

We will look into that for you.

We will google that.



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