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Sunday, March 7, 2021

Black Friday Starts Early for Panama City Shoppers

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Black Friday Starts Early for Panama City Shoppers
Black Friday Starts Early for Panama City Shoppers
Black Friday Starts Early for Panama City Shoppers

Brown have the evening off.

Thanksgiving is a day for family, thanks and food.

While many people are enjoying a day with family and loved ones... others are hitting the stores for early black friday deals.

As news 13's kirsten mitchell tells us... those deals seem to come earlier each year.

On a day we give thanks.... <becky crooms, shopper "get it done so we can get to work" others are on to the next big holiday that is, black friday.

Becky crooms, shopper "already ate, kicked the family out, now we are shopping" jcpenny opened their doors at 2 on thursday.

Becky crooms strategically dispersed her family at all three jc penny entrances.

Becky crooms, shopper "i have two daughters at another door and a son at another door."

Jody mcknight, jcpenny store manager "we guestimated about 500 people were here right out at opening, great turn out, people being super friendly, ready to see the deals we got a great team here to help them and save them some money today" more shoppers means more workers.

Jody mcknight, jcpenny store manager "we increased our workforce by about 30 percent so about 30 new jobs the holiday season created.

So we got them on we got them trained they are eager to take care of our shoppers."

Jcpenny joins many other big stores like best buy and stores in the panama city mall.

Justin lowhorn "a 50 inch sharp tv" thats what justin lowhorn is after.

His strategy?

Justin lowhorn "go straight for the tv and get out" others are less on mission and more about a mother- daughter tradition.

Karen williams "now that the stores are opening earlier and earlier we decided it was the perfect time to burn off that thanksgiving lunch."

They like many others, have plans to return in the morning to cover more ground.

Karen williams "cooking, cleaning up, then black friday shopping... we earned it!"

In panama city, kirsten mitchell, news 13.> the panama city mall will be open until midnight tonight and re-open tomorrow morning at


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