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Sunday, February 28, 2021

Host Chat - Joy, Kelly, and Tom - 11/29/17

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Host Chat - Joy, Kelly, and Tom - 11/29/17
Host Chat - Joy, Kelly, and Tom - 11/29/17
Host Chat - Joy, Kelly, and Tom - 11/29/17

[?] >> kelly: welcome to "ozarks live!"!

We're feeling perky today!

Thank you for joining us.

>> tom: we've got one perky person out there.

>> joy: i'm not that someone.

>> kelly: everyone has a day here and there.

It's okay, joy.

No worries.

>> joy: this is the weird thing about today.

I've sneezed like ten times.

>> kelly: really?

>> joy: uh-huh.

>> tom: well, god bless you.

I'll say the others later.

>> joy: ten times.

I don't know if it's the weather or what it is.

But i woke up, and i was stuffy-headed and it was one after the other.

And i never sneeze.

>> kelly: you don't often sneeze.

Let's tell something about ourselves that no one knows.

Tom, do you have something?

The sneezing thing reminded me.

>> tom: when i sneeze, i tend to sneeze eight or ten times in a row.

Preside it's like a machine gun sneak.

It's like achoo-choo, choo!

>> kelly: it's like breathe, breathe, tom.

>> joy: my husband does that when he sneezes.

Not in rapid succession like that.

>> tom: i do it pop, pop, pop, pop.

I see people go achoo.

>> kelly: is it true that your heart -- i don't know if it's true.

That your heart... >> tom: that's why we say god bless you.

>> kelly: are you kidding me?

>> tom: no.

People believed that it did, so people would say god bless you so if you died you were blessed.

That's where we do that from.

>> kelly: if i get chokeed, i will always sneeze 100% of the time.

>> tom: how often do you get choked?

>> kelly: if the spit goes down the wrong way.

>> tom: i thought you meant somebody reaching out and going choke!

[laughter] >> kelly: no!

>> tom: i wouldn't sneeze then.

I'll be yelling.

>> kelly: if i get chokeed, i'll sneeze every time.

It's my body's way of clearing things out and feeling good.

>> joy: interesting.

What do you have to tell us about yourself?

>> tom: you know everything there is about sneezing with us.

>> kelly: that's right.

>> joy: what else?

>> kelly: well, you were talking about the weather.

It was strange.

I went out for lunch, and i put my sunglasses on.

I was like i didn't know it was so sunny.

And i went into a big ol' dark cloud.

>> joy: it rained on me.

I ran home a little bit to run an errand and had to put my wipers on back in.

Strange weather.

We can use more rain.

Bring it!

I don't think it's going to rain like we want it to.

Perhaps our meteorologist should know.

>> tom: we need a front coming through one of these days.

>> kelly: talk to our meteorologist.

>> tom: i think that's a good idea.

>> joy: why don't we head over to wes in the weather lab for our one word weather forecast.

Wes, how's the weather?

>> wes: mm, cloudyish.

>> tom: i like that.

>> joy: that's what we meant.

Cloudyish, meaning one minute you need your sunglasses and the other you need your wipers.

>> tom: that was our one word weather forecast from wes.

>> joy: yes, it was.

>> tom: thanks, wes!

>> joy: it's home and health wednesday on "ozarks live!."

It's already wednesday.

>> kelly: it is.

>> tom: yes.

>> joy: we made it to hump day.

Today, we have a chance to chat with kathy garrison from missouri farm bureau insurance.

We're also going to share how you can have a say in the golden fork awards.

We'll tell you what the golden fork awards are.

>>> before we get to it, we'll tell you what's on the radar.


Who here watches or still watches "parks and rec"?

>> tom: i watch it.

>> joy: i love that show.

.it's very funny.

It's time to do christmas shopping.

If you are a superfan, check this out.

The website is called

The bidding is going on right now.

Props and costumes from the show.


See there.

But it only goes until early friday now.

This includes items like leslie's gray dress and her blue suit.

Campaign shirts and buttons.

Items that say recalled, nope.

Ron swanson's harvest festival t-shirt.

Anything from ron swanson!

A johnny karate signed photo.

April's waitress uniform.

Another calm of ron swanson's t-shirts, a hat, vest and his brown jacket.

Who doesn't want to channel their inner ron swanson.

I mean who doesn't love leslie nope?

There are 268 items in all.

A portion of the proceeds are going to be donated to the l.a.

Conservation corps, which provides at-risk youth with job skill training.

There is your certificate of authenticity.

How fun would that be to decorate your home, t.v.

Area, man cave, your theater like you have in your house with a bunch of ron swanson memorabilia.

>> tom: ron swanson, he's my hero.

>> kelly: joy had a cat named ron swanson.

>> joy: he was a beautiful cat.

I miss him.

>> kelly: me, too.

>>> hey, how much -- did you look at the prices?

>> joy: yeah, i meant to mention that.

Most things are a couple of hundred dollarsish, some things are in the $700, $800 range.

It ends super early friday morning.

How cool would that be for the perfect "parks and rec" fan?

>> kelly: it would be.

I wondered what the prices were like.

>>> i don't know if this is anything you care about, but we're wrapping up the 2017 year.

And trends are growing, and some are fading.

We're going to talk about what is in and what's out.

As much as we love the taste, cutting sugar or cutting down has been a trend this year.

Much like the obsession of cutting carbs recently.

But high-quality bread is back on the scene, thank goodness!

With lots of real butter!

I love that.

Mushrooms in the form of medicine as a powerful new trend, companies have been popping up right and left to sell you different varieties of reishi and shitake mushroom powders.

Some believe these adaptogens can help you with stress.

You may find mushroom powder in some of your favorite packaged food.

Like maybe raman noodles, i don't know.

Soy is out and almonds are in.

Meatless burgers are in.

There's lots of ins and outs.

These are a few.

If you don't like them, they'll probably change last year.

It doesn't matter.

I like what i like.

>> joy: the plant-based protein is a big, big, big deal.

>> kelly: it is.

>> joy: some of it is good.

The mushroom powder, i've seen that actually.

You can sometimes get that added to a smoothie or something.

>> kelly: yes, you can.

>> joy: you know, they might have -- i forget what they call it, a shitake mushroom, they'll have it ground up and they'll put it in there.

And it has a health benefit.

>> kelly: i have a lady who i told you about that delivers her own babies and she sells mushroom products and she swears by them and thinks they're wonderful.

>> tom: delivered her own baby?

>> kelly: yes.

She's quite a woman.

>> tom: i would guess, yeah.

>> joy: she is.

I'm glad that someone is willing to do that.

And tell me the story.

Because that's not something i -- >> kelly: don't you wish you could have recorded that.

That would be an interesting story.

>> joy: i'm sure there's people out there who do that.

Just no, no, no thank you.

>> kelly: i don't know anyone who does so besides her.

>> joy: did she get the medal that goes with it?

Oh, no, you don't get a medal for that.

>> kelly: you should.

>> joy: but you don't.

>> tom: all right.

Now, here is a unique vacation idea.

An under water room at the manta resort.

It's 800 feet from pemba island.

>> joy: i'm in.

>> tom: take a charter flight to chucky chucky airport.

Then you hop a boat to your accommodatio accommodations.

You have three levels to stay and play.

The top floor is for catching a tan.

Doing your best cannonball into the ocean below or gazing at the stars.

Below that, is a landing deck, complete with living room, bathroom, and shower.

The resort supplies kayaks and snorkels.

And the under water bedroom with a setting like any other.

360 degrees of whatever the ocean has to offer.

You even have under water spotlights to help attract animals like octopuses or squid.

It would be like you're in an aquarium, while the undersea creatures view you [laughter] how much does it cost?

$1,500 a night on the regular cost of the resort.

Which ain't cheap.

There's the bedroom.

It's all lighting the ocean up right there.

>> kelly: who needs a snorkel or scuba dive when you can do that?

That's the way i like to see the under water world.

>> tom: you can touch them if you snorkel.

>> kelly: i don't want to touch them.

>> joy: me neither.

>> tom: but you still jump in the water.

>> kelly: i kind of don't want to jump in the ocean, because i'm


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