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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Host Chat - Jeremy, Joy, and Kelly - 12/1/17

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Host Chat - Jeremy, Joy, and Kelly - 12/1/17
Host Chat - Jeremy, Joy, and Kelly - 12/1/17
Host Chat - Jeremy, Joy, and Kelly - 12/1/17

[?] >> kelly: welcome to "ozarks live!"


It is friday!

And we've got a special guest with us today.

>> joy: yes, we do.

>> kelly: it's kim lorenzen from macadoodles!


Nice to see you!

[applause] >> jeremy: we love you.

Thanks for coming in.

>> guest: he love you guys.

>> joy: we love bringing kim on the show.

First of all, we love you.

You always bring special things for us to enjoy.

I can't help but notice one of our favorites from last year.

>> guest: it is.

Joy and i tried this for the first time a year ago.

This is such a unique wine.

It is a sparkling shiraz.

A great australian wine, deep fruit, deep cherry.

And this has bubbles.

We know my bubbles tradition.

During the holidays, you have to have bubbles.

If you're welcoming guests, you have to welcome them with a glass of bubbles.

>> jeremy: it's the perfect color.

We have to try it now.

We can't just talk about it.

Let's cheers to an amazing holiday season!

>> guest: that's right!

>> kelly: did anybody notice?

There's decorations everywhere.


>> jeremy: that is delicious!

>> guest: isn't that amazing?

>> joy: i love it!

Thank you, now i feel all in the holiday spirit.

>> jeremy: jeremy is right, it looks like grape juice.

>> jeremy: before we went on, i thought that looks like grape juice.

>> guest: yes.

>> jeremy: and it tastes so good.

>> joy: it is grape juice.

>> kelly: it's delicious.

>> jeremy: and it's chilled perfectly.

>> joy: i just texted you a picture.

>> kelly: you were smiling.

Check out our christmas deck races too, guys.

It's gorgeous.

>> jeremy: do you know what this is?

>> poinsettias!

>> jeremy: you heard the way i said it.

I was told my by mom and aunt who are florists that poinsettia.

>> guest: i do them as poinsettias.

They would not make it a day in my house.

[laughter] >> joy: no?

>> guest: i'm an outdoor plant person.

You bring it outside and it's going to be bad.

>> joy: it's a challenge.

>> jeremy: well, we have to thank linda's flowers for the beautiful poinsettias and spruce trees.

They're gorgeous.

>> kelly: they are gorgeous.

>> jeremy: they decorate the kolr10 news set every year.

>> kelly: we had to start this december 1st out right.

So they look fantastic.

>> joy: and the norfolk pine.

>> guest: you still have one from last year?

>> jeremy: i still have one from last year.

It was given to me because someone was moving and they couldn't take care of it.

So they had a lottery for the trees and i didn't win.

And i got one and i said i can keep it alive until next year.

And it is alive.

>> joy: send us a picture of it, so we can show it off.

There's one in the news room that is twice the size.

>> kelly: those are definitely indoor plants.

Even though they're evergreens, they need to be indoors.

>> joy: i have the poinsettia ones for a year.

You water the heck out of them.

If you water the heck out of that thing.

>> guest: i think it's because i'm always outside, so i forget about the inside.

>> joy: it works if you water it.


>> kelly: it's style and leisure friday and we love every minute of it.

The blue raven is here to show you how to ring in the holidays with style.

The beautiful connie is here with some elegance and sass.

Check out the amazing floor duster with the snake skin print.

With the gorgeous olive green velvet stop.

Accent this dynamic outfit with a worn orange corduroy pant from the exclusive dear john line denim.

Finish off the look with a fabulous statement necklace and beaded earrings.

Find inspiration at blue raven to stand out this holiday season, and look confident doing it.

Thank you, connie!

You look so beautiful!

>> jeremy: she's gorgeous.

>> joy: i love it.

Are you going to buy something?

>> kelly: i would love that snake -- yeah.

>> joy: the duster.

>> good, because i want the green.

The green is beautiful!

>> kelly: they have it silver, too.

We need to tell the models when they come in to bring an extra set to wear in case.

[laughter] >> jeremy: that's awesome!

>> joy: you're not going to have anything to wear home before it's over with.

Thank you so much!

>> kelly: you look great!

>> joy: absolutely gorgeous.

We have such a fun show today, obviously.

We've got music, too.

We've got drinks and snow sledding in the ozarks.

>> kelly: what!

>> joy: are you ready to do a little snow sledding?

>> guest: is it going to get lower than 50?

>> joy: next week.

Maybe in your mind it will when we see what we're going to show you.

>>> before we get into it, we're going to show you what's on the radar.

This is unique.

You've heard of the ice cream truck.

What about the makeup truck?

>> kelly: no.

I have not.

>> joy: kylie jenner, have you heard of her?

>> jeremy: of course!

>> joy: the youngest daughter, i think in the kardashian clan, has according to tmz trademarked kylie truck and kylie jenner truck.

We assume she's planning to sell cosmetics in a mobile fashion.

Kylie has partnered with top shop for those in new york, l.a., miami and a few other cities for people who love her cosmetic line, bless her heart, she probably needs the money.

[laughter] >> joy: so next time you hear the tinkel of the little bells, you might not get that ice cream bar, but you might come away with a berry-themed lip kit, perfect for your next instagram post.

>> kelly: that is really ingenious marketing, honestly.

>> guest: if they would come to my house and do it for me, before i had to go somewhere, i would love it!

>> jeremy: kind of like tupperware door to door.

Now it's door to door with makeup.

>> guest: i would go out and sit in the truck and she would make me fabulous and i would go to work.

>> kelly: they'd need a lot of trucks, for all the women.

>> joy: for all the women that would go for that.

If she made her way a door to door and get the neighborhood looking great.

>> jeremy: have you ever watched the kardashian show?

>> joy: yes.

>> jeremy: i've never seen an episode.

>> what!

>> jeremy: i refuse to give into the kardashian craze.

Not one episode!

>> guest: it's just belly laugh worthy.

I mean t.

Just is.

>> jeremy: maybe for you, kim.

>> kelly: you can't turn away from it.

You turn it on and you have to watch it.

>> joy: it's awfully entertaining.

>> jeremy: i take your word for it.

I've gone this long, i don't want to give in now.

[laughter] >> guest: we're going to get you the 30 year cd collection for christmas.

>> jeremy: i'll binge watch it through the holidays.

>> joy: yes, you would, if you started it.

>> guest: with your sparkling shiraz.

>> jeremy: we all love our fury friends.

A study at the university of vanderbilt has answered the age-old question, who is smarter?

Cats or dogs?

According to this study, it's dogs.

>> joy: i'm not surprised.

[laughter] >> jeremy: for you kitty lovers, don't be offended, because i have cats, too.

The study says that dogs have 530 million cortico neurons and cats only have 250 million.

For comparison, humans have 16 billion.

That doesn't mean all dogs are smarter than cats.

Dogs are social creatures.

Their brain has more gray matter as they're able to comfort their owners, rescue people from disastrous situations, they're service dogs, they're hotel concierges, i didn't know that.

And lassie could save timmy from the well.

[laughter] it could be that cats were once smarter, but dogs brains are continuing evolving.

The study says, no matter if you're a dog or cat lover, we love both of them.

>> kelly: look at that sweet face.

>> jeremy: i have a cat story coming up in your week in review.

I have a baby kitty terrorizing the house.

>> kelly: what?

>> jeremy: i have to tell you.

>> joy: it has to do with the christmas tree?

>> jeremy: yes.

>> joy: i knew it!

When you get home tonight, count those neurons.

>> jeremy: kitty, how many neurons do you have left?

[laughter] >> joy: that will answer everything.

>> kelly: you're on my last neuron!

[laughter] >> jeremy: that is true!

I love it, the cat is on my last neuron!

>>> up next,


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