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Sunday, April 11, 2021

Host Chat - Jeremy, Joy, Kelly, and Tom - 12/8/17

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Host Chat  - Jeremy, Joy, Kelly, and Tom - 12/8/17
Host Chat - Jeremy, Joy, Kelly, and Tom - 12/8/17
Host Chat - Jeremy, Joy, Kelly, and Tom - 12/8/17

>> jeremy: welcome to "ozarks live!"!

We hope you've had a great week.

We're so glad you're spending your friday with us.


How is everybody doing?

>> joy: good.

How are you?

>> jeremy: i'm glad it's friday.

>> kelly: yes.

I went out and bought a coat last night it's so cold.

>> jeremy: i didn't have a coat?

>> kelly: this is for our picker's show coming up.

>> joy: you need a picker's coat.

Did you get it from the flea market?

>> kelly: yes, i did!

Originally, that was my original thought.

I went to ross.

Their prices are great.

I needed something that wasn't a fabric where the dirt would go in; i needed something to slide off.

>> jeremy: can i point something out?

It's freezing cold.

My cat won't go outside.

Would you look at joy's exposed shoulders right now.

Are you not freezing, joy?

>> joy: i'm freezing, but i look purty!

So it's worth it.

>> tom: what we'll do for fashion.

>> jeremy: beauty is pain.

>> joy: i'm chilly.

But thank you for the compliment.

>> kelly: kelly >> joy: i came in and kelly said i need that blouse!

I thought it would fit where i was going.

>> jeremy: i like the bling down the front.

>> joy: it's kind of heavy.

>> kelly: if you get tired of the shirt -- oh, well, i can't afford that.

>> tom: they are the first two, i'm so cold.

>> jeremy: every day.

>> tom: it's terrible.

I'm so cold.

And now she's wearing that, and she wants that.

>> kelly: but i've got double layers on today, so i'm feeling good.

>> joy: you're nice and toasty.

You're the smart one.

>> jeremy: tom and i get to wear blazers.

We're never cold.

>> tom: nah.

>> kelly: jeremy and i did not discuss what we were wearing today.

>> jeremy: does it look like kelly and i are completely clashes with our plaids?

Joy, sugar coat it!

>> joy: you look great.

But it's a little bit of do not adjust your sets.

>> kelly: jeremy was not going to wear this today.

But he switched it up at the last minute.

>> joy: why wouldn't you wear that?

>> jeremy: i have 27 christmas suits, which i have to fit in before the 25th.

>> joy: get on it.

>> jeremy: sometimes in the week in review, i have to stand in front of a wall that's green.

And my suits have a lot of green in them.

>> joy: and you can't do that on the wall or else whatever is on the wall will be all over your shirt.

>> jeremy: no.

>> tom: start thinking about patterns every now and then.

[laughter] we're going to need an exedrin in awhile.

>> kelly: speaking of style, it's style and leisure friday.

Beautiful mariah is here to show off winter fashions from the blue raven.

Take a look at this.

Trends come and go.

We're happy this blast from the past is back.

Check out this denim duster.

Oh, i love that!

It's perfect for layering up, making a statement as a dress or a jacket.

We've paired it with one of winter's hottest trends, fleece flannels!

I love it!

>> joy: who knew?

>> kelly: this will make you a standout kind of woman for sure.

Create a laid back style with the black ripped jeans with blue raven's exclusive dear john denim line, and you'll feel confident and comfortable with the suede booty with the stripe print.

Put it together with a pop of a necklace and choker.

And earrings.

And you're ready for whatever comes next.

The blue raven will get you dressed for whatever occasion you have coming on.

Thank you, mariah!

Beautiful as always!

Thank you!

>> tom: very nice.

>> joy: i like the denim duster.

That's cute.

It's belted.

>> kelly: i see that now.

>> jeremy: i want a man's shirt with that -- what did you call that kind of plaid?

>> joy: the bleached plaid.

>> jeremy: i like that for myself.

>> kelly: i know where you can get one.

My friend jan, joy, that reminds me of you.

She's got this place in utah and she's been bleaching men's shirts and selling them there for awhile.

She sells a lot of them.

>> jeremy: or i can wash my clothes badly.

>> kelly: give them to me.

I'll take care of that.

>> tom: a bleached suit.

>> jeremy: i'm for it.

>> joy: we've got a big show today!

Linda's flowers is here.

Mike the intern has this weekend's musical rundown.

And we're going to introduce you to the new ceo of the kitchen.

First, i'm going to show you on the radar.

I'm going to defer to you.

I've got nothing today.

>> jeremy: if you want to know or experience what is new in upcoming hotels.

>> joy: always!

>> jeremy: maybe for your next vacation, then you might be interested in booking one of these places in 2018.

All right.

I know joy is always looking for this.

>> joy: absolutely.

>> jeremy: for forward-thinking individuals, this is the first of the pod hotel brands.

It's located in the middle of times square and offers 45 pod living suites from 600 to 800 square feet.

Tiny living is all the rage!

Which isn't bad.

When you're talking about new york, that's like an apartment.

You have the option of an extended stay or long-term lease.

>> joy: i've stayed at two pods.

I loved them.

>> kelly: have you?

>> joy: with bunks beds.

>> jeremy: that's awesome!

Hey, joy, maybe you don't want to go to new york; it's too cold.

Maybe you want to go to the warm weather where you can check out the hotel in mexico.

There are 900 suites with access to private sandy beaches, rivers and hidden coves.

And you won't find yourself with nothing to do, unless that's your choice to do nothing, which i like the best.

>> joy: that works.

>> jeremy: you might go cave diving or partying on a riverboat.

That's joy and kelly right there!

>> joy: whoo-hoo!

>> tom: cave diving, no.

The >> jeremy: the west coast, the dtla proper hotel is hip and cool and sits in downtown los angeles.

It is a chic vibe and right in the heart of all the action!

Be sure to bring your suit.

You won't want to miss on the rooftop pool.

And lounge.

That looks gorgeous.

>> joy: that's interesting.

>> kelly: that used to be the old ymca.

>> joy: really?

>> kelly: yeah.

>> jeremy: it's fun to stay at the ymca!

[applause] >> jeremy: i'd totally stay there.

[laughter] >> joy: if you're in l.a., a lot of times you stay around hollywood.

West hollywood, somewhere like that.

The standard hotel downtown in l.a.

Has a heck of a rooftop pool.

And a view.

There's a standard in hollywood.

But if you're in l.a., go downtown.

Trust me on that one.

>> jeremy: joy, can you see the view through the smog?

>> joy: well, you see the view.

It's beautiful.

But you see a lot of buildings.

Because it sits -- you're really surrounded.

And it's one cool spot.

>> kelly: you'll have to show us pictures later.

I bet you have some.

>> joy: i do.

It's a great place.

I want to travel now!

>> tom: just in time for the holidays, all right, now your pet can safely get their buzz on.

German discount supermarket aldi's is coming out with dog and cat friendly mock drinks being launched in the united kingdom.

They're alcohol-free and non-carbonat non-carbonated.

There's a bottom sniffer for dogs!

>> jeremy: oh, my god!

>> tom: it's made of chicken flavoring and for the cats there's purseco, in rose' and white.

Instead of using grapes which can be poisonous for pets, it's an herbal infusion.

The product has been available since yesterday.

And goes for a little over $3.

So if you're thinking of something a little more substantial, though, aldi's is offering a four course festival meal for cats.

And a turkey dinner for dogs.

But you have to go to the u.k. to pick it up.

>> jeremy: aww!

>> kelly: maybe they can come up with something that subdues cats?

>> jeremy: if it could subdue my kitty.

I'm a crazy pet person.

But that's just a little bit extreme for me.

>> joy: this is dolly.

>> jeremy: dolly purrrton, she's terrorizing my house at the moment.

>> joy: really?

>> tom: they've said, for all of you flat earthers out there, if the world was really flat, cats would have knocked everything off of it by now.

>> jeremy: amen!

>> joy: there you go!

Thank you!

>> jeremy: and everything off your christmas tree.

But there you go!

[laughter] >> kelly: i'm sorry.

We'll buy you more stuff.

>> jeremy: thanks.

>> kelly: true fashion takes interesting twist and turns.

All it needs is a push or extravogance or absurdity to get somebody to buy it basically.

>> jeremy: that's true.

>> joy: yeah.

>> kelly: you've got to get a celebrity with clout to advertise it.

This past monday, rihanna shared three photos on instagram wearing her hair wrapped in a towel from the spring collection of amelio pucci.

This is styled bath leisure.

Have you heard about it?

>> joy: i wear it every morning.

[laughter] >> tom: i started that fashion!

Because i'm oldest!

[laughter] we all wear that stuff.

>> kelly: but we usually don't wear it in public.

The other two celebrities that have graced the stage wearing it, rita ora, a 26 year-old singer.

She wore this long terry cloth robe complete with heels, $7.8 million in jewelry and bath towel on her head.

>> joy: every morning.

The jewelry included.

>> jeremy: oh, my god.

>> kelly: south korean singer also wore a bathrobe for a vogue fashion fun awards in november.

This is a model from elle magazine.

She's touting that this is the newest, best trend.

The good news is it looks comfortable.

In my opinion only, it's ridiculo ridiculous.

>> jeremy: designers are running out of ideas!

>> joy: 'ya think?

>> kelly: joy i'm wear that when we get our hair done, but not in public.

>> jeremy: but it's not like a man's hat where you can take it off.

How would you fix your hair?

>> joy: how would you navigate your hair coming down?

>> tom: but you'd leave it on.

>> joy: you'd have to to.

People behind you would be really ticked.

>> jeremy: at the movies.

>> kelly: those come off easily.

I'd say they have to pin them on.

>> jeremy: surely.

>> joy: i wonder if you wind and tuck or a hat.

>> kelly: kelly, not shirley.

>> jeremy: it's friday!

We love it.

We're glad it's friday!

>>> coming up, guess what?

Linda's flowers is in the studio with us.



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