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Saturday, February 27, 2021

Eva Kor documentary tickets

Credit: WTHI
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Eva Kor documentary tickets
Eva Kor documentary tickets
Eva Kor documentary tickets

And improves oxygen levels.

A local holocaust survivor is the subject of a new documentary..

"you" can be at the film's premiere.

"eva" is a documentary about the life of "eva kor".

Th video you're seeing is from the many times we've talked to kor.

The film tells kor's journey.

It includes details from her childhood... and the nazi death camp... it also follows her path to being a voice of forgiveness in the world.

The premiere is set for april 5th at 6-30 in the evening.

It's happening at the butler arts center in indianapolis.

You can buy tickets online.

We've linked you to documentary, and ticket information on our website.

That's w-t-h-i t-v dot com.

Now to the weather department... what

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