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Saturday, February 27, 2021

Wednesday Morning Sprint

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Wednesday Morning Sprint
Wednesday Morning Sprint

It’ll be a nice day today before the snow hits tomorrow.

Neighbors will have a chance to ask questions about the future of Truax Field later today.

Students are back in class after a shooting at a Florida school.

That leads off today's Morning Sprint.

It's 6:5 time for your morning sprint.... haddie's sharing one more decent day weatherwise before there's some snow coming our way this time tomorrow.

Plus brittany paris is live on the east side... where neighbors have a chance to ask questions about the future of truax field later today.

But we start in florida.... extra security and grief counselors will be at marjory stoneman douglas high school as students and staff go back to class.

It's the first school day since a man shot and killed 17 people on that florida campus two weeks ago, sources tell cbs news the suspected gunman planned to set up a make-shift "sniper's nest" in a third floor stairwell... but his bullets did not shatter the hurricane glass.

The former student allegedly had more than 180 unused rounds of ammunition left over when he was arrested.

Meanwhile... president trump is set to meet with republican and democratic senators at the white house today to discuss potential gun legislation.

House speaker paul ryan says he's rather focus on background checks and not banning the sale of any weapon or raising the age limit to buy specific types of guns.

Speaking of raising an age limit, a bipartisan bill was introduced in the senate yesterday to require anyone buying the ar-15 model used in the florida shooting to be 21 years old.

Just in this morning... one of the country's largest sports retailers will no longer sell assault-style rifles.

Dicks sporting goods will also require gun buyers to be 21 years old.

The company's chief executive says this is in direct response to the mass shooting in parkland.

Cbs news is reporting that the security clearance for president trump's son-in- law jared kushner has been downgraded... kushner is one of roughly 35 people whose access was downgraded after new, tighter security standards were implemented by chief of staff john kelly.

There's no word on how this will impact kushner's ability to work on a peace deal in the middle east... which is what the president asked him to do.

The fbi could not give him full clearance because of numerous business investments he has overseas.

Wisconsin elections officials maintains no voter information has ever been hacked... after an n-b-c news report said the state's systems were successfully compromised by russian operatives in the 20-16 election.

The wisconsin elections commission says it double checked with the department of homeland security... and says there has never been a successful hack detected in the state.

The head of that commission announced he's stepping down.

An interim administrator will likely be appointed later this week.

Today: patchy fog early, otherwise increasingly cloudy and mild.

High: 50 wind: ne 8-15 mph tonight: mostly cloudy and breezy with a chance of light rain and snow toward morning.

Low: 32 wind: n/ne 10-20 mph i'm brittany paris, live from the east madison community center... where city alders want people to weigh in on the possiblity of f-35 fighter jets coming to truax field.

That announcement was made in december... with support from governor walker, senator tammy baldwin and madison mayor paul soglin.

The first of the 18 jets wouldn't arrive here until 2023... but some people living on madison's east and west sides are concerned about the noise and possible pollution the f- 35's would bring.

The air national guard is holding its own public hearing next month... tonight's city- led meeting is tonight from 7 to 8:30 at the east madison community center.

A former substitute teacher could make his first appearance in rock county court as soon as today... ...after beloit police arrested him for allegedly assaulting a student.

24-year-old tyler edge faces two felony sexual assault charges.

Police say edge repeatedly assaulted a 14- year-old boy while he was a substitute teacher at beloit memorial high school last spring.

The victim told police there were more than 20 incidents both inside edge's classroom and in his office at the high school the janesville man who stole more than a dozen weapons from a gun store before leading authorities on a nationwide manhunt... will learn his sentence today in rock county court.

Joseph jakubowski was convicted last month on three felony charges.

The rock county judge will decide whether jakubowski serves his 14- year federal prison sentence first..

Or at the same time as any state prison sentence.

Columbia county deputies are investigating a fatal car crash... ...that happened at reynolds road around 4 p-m yesterday.

That's in the town of lodi.

Authorities say a 65-year-old woman drove into a ditch... flipping the car and killing her 62-year-old passenger.

The driver was flown to u-w hospital with serious injuries.

Both people in the car were wearing seatbelts.

Madison police chief mike koval is taking questions tonight at the first of a series of community forums he's holding this year about what's going on in the city.

Tonight he's on the north side... at the north street cabaret off commercial avenue.

It runs from 6:30 to 8 tonight.

The polling place for two janesville wards will remain at city hall after a number of voters protested a proposal to move those polls to the police station.

A petition was presented to the city council earlier this week... arguing that moving the polls would discourage minority voters from coming out in april's general election... and august's primary.

The janesville gazette reports council voted to keep the polling place at city hall even though its under construction.

6:56, let's get one last check on traffic with josh timm.

Good morning josh.

Starting to pick up on the westbound beltline as everyone heads out for the day, but so far do delays showing up quite yet.

Give yourself a couple min extra on the inbound side of john nolen with brakelights between olin ave and north shore drive heading into the downtown area and the interstate and other main routes leading into the city are moving along at the posted speeds with no crashes or delays to worry about.

With first alert traffic, i'm josh timm today: patchy fog early, otherwise increasingly cloudy and mild.

High: 50 wind: ne 8-15 mph tonight: mostly cloudy and breezy with a chance of light rain and snow toward morning.

Low: 32 wind: n/ne 10-20 mph


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