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Loper reviews 'Pacific Rim Uprising,' 'Midnight Sun'

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Loper reviews 'Pacific Rim Uprising,' 'Midnight Sun'
Wil Loper reviews "Pacific Rim Uprising" and "Midnight Sun."

"this is the way the world ends."

"how'd they get into our world?"

"someone let them in.

Someone from our world."

"who is that?"

"definitely not one o ours."

"let's do this!"

(audio fades) that was a clip from "pacific rim uprising", th newest movie about giant robots fighting monsters in theaters.

Is it worth seeing, or are you better off staying home to watch your cat fight the vacuum cleaner?

Here to let us know is our film critic, wil loper your cat fighting household appliances is not such a bad idea after this movie.

This movie has plenty of explosions and cities being destroyed, and not much of a story or characters to care about.

John boyega stars as jake pentecost, son of idris elba from the first film.

He's called upon to help train a bunch of teenagers to pilot the jaegers, or robots, when the monsters from another dimension start attacking earth again.

The action is twice as ridiculous, but the stakes just don't feel as high as the first film, even though the world is about to end again.

The first "pacific rim" carried weight and was guillermo del toro's lovletter to giant monster movies, this sequel feels like a slightly better transformers film.

If you like big things fighting, see it, otherwise skip it.

Do you need to see the original?

You should be able to work out what's going on just seeing this one, but seeing the first pacific rim does work.

What's your rating?

3 cats fighting a vacuum out of 5.

Next up: "midnight sun" make sure you pack extra tissues for this movie, because you'll need to wipe away all the extra cheese in this overly sentimental film.

Okay, i did hear some actual sniffles in the theater, so this will be a tearjerker for some.

Bella thorne stars as a teenager with a rare disease in which she can get skin cancer super easily, so she can never go out into the sun.

She meets a boy, played by patrick schwarzenneger 's, yes, that is arnold's oldest son.

The two begin a whirlwind romance, only going out at night, and they make do with the time that's given to them.

It's generic, but it's definitely a small step above other similar teen romance movies, so if you've got an hankering for a romantic drama, this will scratch that itch.

What's your rating?

2.9 jars of sap out of 5.

Thanks wil next week?

'ready player one', directed by steven spielberg a

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