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Friday, January 22, 2021

Decatur Business Regroup from Storm Damage

Credit: WAAY ABC Huntsville, AL
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Decatur Business Regroup from Storm Damage
Decatur Business Regroup from Storm Damage
Decatur Business Regroup from Storm Damage

Marylee adams spoke to those businesses about what problems they're now facing... marylee?

I'm on the corner of east moulton and 2nd avenue in downtown decatur where as you can see behind me there is still debree and damage left all over of the sidewalk.

One man who work's for the owner of this building tells me, the city has picked up the street damage but they are left with the responsibility of all of this clean up on their own.

A local spot that used to be known for burgers and good times, is now lined with caution tape.

Although the business has been closed for some time, the owners have been trying to sell or lease the building, something they now tell me could be put on hold.

Sot: john bolton "the damage happened late last night and we found it early this morning, but what we've done is called in some roofers to try and remove the damage that's hanging on the side of the building."

With so much damage, the owners are at a bit of a loss for what to donext as they are worried they could cause more damage "at this point we don't know what we're gonna do to not cause any further damage."

And just up the road on 6th avenue, another building facing a road to recovery is julia's pools.

The local business opened in 2008.the owner tells me she wasn't allowed in the building until early this morning and was surprised by the extent of the damage.

Julia of julia's pools "i was.

I knew some windows were out, but i didn't know all of them were out.

We got here around 7 this morning, we knew from decatur utilities last night that there had been some damage but at that time they advised us not to come because the streets were impassable."

But even with the clean up ahead, julia says they will be back in business to serve their customers no matter what.

"insurance people say about 6 months before we can be up and running at this location but we will try and stay in business and find another location or else we'll be in the parking lot...we'll try and service our customers the best we can."

Julia also told me she may have to hiremore employees to help with all of the clean up and when it comes to the cleanup here at gridiron, the owner will be responsible for all of the damage on the sidewalk as it's technically private property.

Live in decatur, marylee adams waay 31 news.

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