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Sunday, June 20, 2021

foodie friday

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foodie friday
foodie friday
foodie friday

Justina and i are diving into a spot that's brand new to worcester county but it's been a hot commodity in sussex county for quite some time.

Check out this week's edition at difebo's in berlin.

Welcome to another episode of foodie friday.

This week we're in downtown berlin at difebo's.

Now this location may be new, but the difebo's name isn't.

That's right, they're known for being authentic and making you feel like you're sitting down at the table having a meal with them.

So with that justina you ready?

You know i am.

This is foodie friday.

Track 1 difebo's is more than just an authentic italian restaurant in berlin.

It's just a warm and inviting restaurant.

You know you kind of really feel like your in a whole little tuscany village with the mural and the lighting.

It's a very nice feel, very homey.

I like the noise, it feels like your in your own kitchen.

I'm italian so it feels like i'm at home when i'm here.

The friendliness, i feel like i'm at home here.

Track 2 back in 1989-- lisa difebo wanted to make every guest feel like a family member at their kitchen table.

Which led to their first little shop in bethany beach.

It was like the perfect storm, the community needed us and we need them.

I think it was something that they never had before and it was our family and it was the way we eat.

Track 3 soon after-- she went to culinary school but when she came back-- it was time to go big.

They were able to spread their culinary experience to rehoboth and berlin.

So we have 3 locations in 3 different demographical areas, which allows us to cook different.

Butt sot if they come to berlin, they're going to experience different food, than in rehoboth and bethany, we kind of keep it a hair different.

Track 4 and their recipes have been handed down by loved ones.

For the red sauce-- better known as gravy-- they make 80 gallons a day.

Beyond that-- they create 750 meatballs daily.

My recipe is exactly the way my mother would make it.

Their meatballs are insane, they are definitely homemade.

Track 5 so lets whip up our first dish-- the fig and gorgonzola pizza.

So i got some great st.

Andre cheese, some dolce gorgonzola, we have fig trees and i make chutneys and prosciutto ham and that is actually one of our biggest sellers.

Butt sot and then i'm going to do a bottom layer of extra virgin olive oil put that on and i'll put a cheese on top and then i'll put some slices of the dolce gorgonzola, st andre, and i'm going to put it in the oven for a little and par cook it.

And i'm going to sprinkle on a fig chutney and a fig jam that i make and dried figs and prosciutto and then i'm going to put it back in and finish it in the oven.

Track 6 then you drizzle some honey and voi-la-- you get a serious pizza.

The strength of the cheese of the st.

Andre and your going to get a hint of the fig and the honey.

Those combinations of the fig and honey, it's life changing i'm serious.

Track 7 and then we have an italian favorite-- raviolis.

You can get it either traditional or sweet.

The ravioli is sweet the sauce is not, a lot of restaurants you go to the sauce is sweet.

You get the zang the zetiness of the savoriness of his sauce coupled with lusciousness of this dough, and then avery light sweet ricotta cheese and those three layers, the tomato, the cheese, and beautiful pastry dough that we make.

So for the ravioli we make fresh dough in the morning we have several ravioli plates and we make the ricotta cheese which is made exactly the same my grandmother made it.

And we cook them to order, and top them with the gravy and the meatball and it's a simple but a decadent.

You got that bite from the gravy, but then when you get to that ravioli that sweetness comes through it's almost like a perfect combination, it celebrates in your mouth, you wouldn't think it would work so well but it does.

That's classic, that's classic, you can't taste the ricotta right there.

Track 8 they offer so many other classics and they even create a different type of risotto every single day.

But what they're really making-- is a home for every single local walking through the door.

You feel like you're having dinner at their house.

And this adds a little spice to the whole thing, this adds spice to berlin.

It's like having restaurants is like we're entertaining people in our homes.

And the people that come through the door, the atmosphere we want them to feel like they're at home.

It is a big ball of family is this restaurant truly and when you come here i hope taste my family and taste the steeped in heritage and good food and entertainment and being raised to give back this culinary gift our ancestors have given us.

Difebo's is located difebo's is located on north main street in berlin.

And of course they have other locations in bethany and rehoboth beach.

If you stop by-- make sure you tell them that you saw them on foodie friday.

Also-- please let us know what place you want us to visit on either our facebook or twitter - or email us at m.

With that -- coming up we'll have a look


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