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Getting Ready for the Bessie Smith Strut

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Getting Ready for the Bessie Smith Strut

Getting Ready for the Bessie Smith Strut

Emily Cassulo, Paula Wilkes from the Bessie Smith Cultural Center, and Chris Ramsey talk about the upcoming Bessie Smith Strut and how you can be part of this historical event.

For the scenic city the bessie smith strut the event is less than a month away and organizers still need volunteers to help make this fun event happen that is why chris ramsey and paula wilkes are here to tell us about how you can help out thanks for coming on the show thanks for having us so what is the bessie smith strike the bessie smith strut has been going on for over 30 years it is a part of river band we do partner with river bend on this but that's the night that the blues music comes out and it comes out on mlk boulevard we have a six block radius we have the strut starting at the basic smith cultural center going all the way down to mlk to the train trestle and since it's such a big fun event you need a lot of volunteers to make it happen yeah we couldn't do it without volunteers volunteers are the face of the strut of course we're encouraging volunteers to go to the website it basically smith cc org or they can call 266 eight six five eight we're asking volunteers just a volunteer a four hour shift we're actually encouraging youth groups or students who may need some volunteer hours we can do the set up shift for them beginning at 10:00 a.m.

To 2:00 p.m.

But volunteers will receive a free t-shirt and they'll get free admission to the strut so it'll be a great time to come out and and serve the community as a volunteer at the strip yep lots of perks for volunteering but if you're not able to volunteer and you just want to come out to the event what are the prices for tickets wristbands are on sell nail their own sell at the base and also at mlk merchants it's $10 and the day of the strut if you have a riverbend wristband and are wearing that at the gate you get in for $5 very cool good deal and who all is performing this year this year we have a great lineup starting on the bessie stage at 5:30 is a local band rooster kian blues tribe and then on the next act is down on the trestle stage and that is the charles walker band they are banned from out of chattanooga then next at 7:00 p.m.

Is one of our favorites deacon blues who will be on the back stage and then on the trestle stage will be rick rushing and the blue strangers which is another local band and then our final act at p.m.

On the bessie stage is kristin king fish ingram he has a 19 year old from the mississippi delta that can play the blues guitar like you wouldn't believe well i bet that's going to be exciting to watch him perform and also lots of great food and vendors can still sign up at their interests yes we do have still have spots available for vendors they can contact us at the bessie smith cultural center and we can get them in touch with whether they want to be on our site on another site down the street all right and if volunteers are interested in helping out they can just call the culture center or email you or go on the website that is correct and if there are any groups out there that bring in at least 20 volunteers by the end of the month we'll be able to put your name and logo on the back of the official strutt t-shirt so we're encouraging neighborhood associations or any type of social organization or youth groups to sign up as a group or as an organization alright another reason to sign up soon thanks so much for coming on the show here is patrick with

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