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Jackie Young Already Preparing to Defend Notre Dame's NCAA Title

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Jackie Young Already Preparing to Defend Notre Dame's NCAA Title
Jackie Young Already Preparing to Defend Notre Dame's NCAA Title

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Jackie young doesn't need much of an introduction.

The princeton native and national champion has spent some time at home..

But is ready to get back to work at notre dame.

We break down what's next for the college basketball star at her alma mater of princeton high school.

Jojo: you're going to be a college junior, telling me this past sophomore year coming off a national championship has been one of the best years ever.

How does it feel to come back from princeton, getting that national championship that we've spoken about the last several years since you've been playing here at princeton.

Jackie: yeah, i mean it's been great... jackie: everybody knows that was one of my main goals whenever i committed to notre dame.

And to be able to do that as a sophomore was great and i mean princeton has supported me through it all.

Whenever i first came home in april, they had a parade for me.

It's just been non-stop pictures and autographs and people congratulating me so it's been fun.

Jojo: how do you handle that exposure, whether it's on facebook, twitter, instagram or just walking around town?

Jackie: i just try to stay level headed and humbled and just i really appreciate everyone that comes up to me and says something.

Jojo: you've been home for five weeks.

How have you spent this time here in princeton?

Jackie: it's great.

Just to be home for five weeks it seems like a lot longer so i've just been working out everyday.

I got a new trainer down in evansville so i've been going down there but just pretty much hanging out with family and working out.

Jojo: what specifically are you working on to get better for your junior season?

Jackie: i think really just working on my core.

I didn't realize how weak it was until i started working out with chris, but it's been a struggle.

He challenges me everyday so we just really get in there and work hard for an hour.

Jojo: we spoke last year wanting to stay at notre dame, graduate and then pursue that professional basketball career.

Is that something you're still wanting to do or do you want to go pro?

Jackie: yeah i still want to graduate in four years and play professionally.

That's always been a dream of mine.

I've been working hard and i feel like the conversations i've had with coach that i should be able to

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