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Monday, March 8, 2021

prime news at 7 a block

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prime news at 7 a block
prime news at 7 a block
prime news at 7 A block local news

Tsa shows you the proper way to take carry handguns on the plane plus, many union workers in dade county are out of a job.

We'll explain why.

"prime news at 7.

Your news starts now."

Good evening..

I'm john mercer..

Welcome to prime news at 7.

Emily cassulo has the night off.

A vehicle fire on i-75 has the interstate partly shut down.

It's happening at exit 333 in dalton.

Two of the three lanes are blocked and southbound traffic is backed up for miles.

At the same, time we are checking on a high speed chase out of tennessee that extended into the dalton area.

We are told that the chase began in tennessee.

Witnesses are telling us about that shots were fired.

We'll bring you more information as it becomes available sshoplifting evie on phone very quickly around and seeing what we found out from the lot event employee is that a black like he not entered the door to hundred dollars worth of merchandise and act it either from my lot event when the did the door i'd be email turned around and made the lot prevention off or twice in the mail without a army pointed at lot of attention on employee and told him he was 20 20,008 at five i'm off to me back in-the five outbound and hit the hamilton county where they were what do you know what happened is when the busking what happened in bradle county now right now we're act cm and are with you of art to division it why were headed to the right now to get more me and i we don't even know the identity of the act that the time to know if the card is on fire is the actual suspect vehicle involved in this case i don't i don't know and i were not an emergency couple miles away outline i can give you mor and is available are you pursuant to give us what you do the guinness using the stars an shoplifting casey coles in cleveland and went from there into a high-speed chase at one of the interstate and of course we will have the very latest is coming up on this will now 11 dorothy sherman are reporters there and shall give us more as we get that moving on to other news not the transportation security ministration is actually reminding travelers of the white way to travel with tsa held a demonstration as one of the chattanooga airport with some handy tips for everyone for a firearm to make it on a fligh it must be packed and loaded in a lockedconsequences, including and a possible arrest.

The tsa will shut down a checkpoint if a gun comes through.

So for everybodys safety including the employees at the check point and passengers we let law enforcement come in and take the firearm out of the checkpoint area.

We let them make the determination on if they're going to cite or arrest based on state and local law a full list of rules for traveling with guns can be found on the tsa's website.

Bull moose tube company in trenton, georgia has locked out its 63 employees.

According to a letter sent to the company by the union representatives this morning, the union members are willing to continue to work under the terms of the expired contract, while negotiations are ongoing.

Management said no.

Last night at twelve oh one, bull moose tube decided that they would lock these workers out.

Uh, sixty three men that work in this facility, they're here, ready to work, want to go back to work, uh, the company, thinks that they can bear some economic pressure on these people to get them back to work, to make them cave, uh, take - take the lesser insurance package and lesser wages than they deserve.

Workers we spoke with say that an excess of inventory of steel tubing that they produce there, means the company is not necessarily in immediate need of the workers.

It's grand opening day at the applachian regional port in murray county.

The opening creates a new gate-way to the port of savannah for cargo headed to georgia, alabama and tennessee.

It's designed to avoid about 8- million truck miles annually within the state of georgia.

When fully operational, the transfer station will primarily use interstates and highways to distribute the cargo.

The new facility will create dozens of new jobs in the next few years.

Local officials are studying the impact it will have on local roads and interstates.

It is just the beginning of the school year, but some hamilton county parents say crowded buses are a problem.

This picture was posted to facebook today.

It says the overcrowding is happening at brown middle school and central high school.

Hamilton county department of education officials say they are aware of the problem.

They say buses can hold 75 to 82 students.

But if there are more than 65 students on a bus they start looking into the crowding issue.

This afternoon the transportation department looked at routes and made temporary adjustments.

If a parent is concerned about a crowded bus, they are urged to report it to the school district.

"so contacting us to let us know is the first best step and making sure we can make those adjustments to get the bus in a situation where students can ride comfortably and safely."

Parents say the bus in this picture is number 437.

But school officials say they weren't told which one it is.

A tennessee judge has ordered the suspect in a deadly waffle house shooting be placed in a mental facility.

School put the school on a lock out.

The hamilton county sheriff's office says a student received a threat on a social media chat.

The student contacted the school resource officer, and they began an investigation.

As a precaution, the school was placed on lock out.

That limits people coming to the campus who aren't school personnel.

Investigators now say there was no threat.

Students were dismissed today as normal.

The dallas bay church pastor and school officials say they were ready for yesterday's bomb threat because they have plans in place for emergency situations.

The school has pre-k and kindergarten students.

School is not in session today, but will be up and running tomorrow.

When they got the threat yesterday, they immediately evacuated the staff and children from the building.

After an investigation the area was deemed all clear.

School officials say they kept parents in the loop about what was going on.

"we were ready for a situation like this and our staff were remarkable in the handling of the situation.

The children really never knew what was going on."

The investigation into who made the call is still ongoing.

We have more information about a friday night stabbing death in rossville.

58 year old steven lewis whittaker was arrested late tuesday and charged with murder.

That comes after the friday night stabbing of his long time friend lebron hankins, jr. detectives believe a fight between the two men led to the stabbing.

Evidence revealed that alcohol was a contributing factor in the death.

The autopsy also revealed that hankins was strangled and sustained a broken neck.

Students taking a right better known in chattanooga as stars.

And today that group got a shot in the arm from elan's financial services.

Tony ince of elan presented a check for $5,000 to stars and to the the partnership for families, children and adults.

It was done on behalf of tennessee valley federal credit union.

Elan's financial services is celebrating its 50th anniversary.

Pam ladd from the partnership and karen glenn from stars accepted the funds.

"part of our business is partnering with financial institutions like tennessee valley.

So our company is located, nationwide and we want to also be able to give back locally.

To the partners with... that our credit union work with."

"this money is going to enable us to meet that goal, of helping our students develop a level of empathy that is going to have everything to do with the conditions to learning.

So that they can meet the academic games that we all want for a students."

The tennessee valley federal credit union is a sponsor of both of those organizations.

The undocumented immigrant accused of kidnapping and killing an iowa coed had his first court appearance today.

Cristhian rivera was arrested tuesday for the murder of mollie tibbetts, who disappeared while jogging more than a month ago.

Courtney zubowski has the latest.

24-year-old cristhian bahena rivera showed no expression when he faced an iowa judge for the murder of molllie tibbetts.

Rivera, an undocumented immigrant from mexico is charged with first degree murder his attorney asked the court to ban the media from covering the court proceeding, insisting rivera cannot receive a fair trial.

The government has weighed in at the highest levels of a pre- disposition that this young man here, christian, is guilty.

On tuesday night, president trump suggested tibbetts' murder could have been prevented.

You heard about today, with the illegal alien coming in, very sadly, from mexico, and you saw what happened to that incredible, beautiful, young woman.

Tibbetts vanished july 18th while jogging in brooklyn iowa.

A massive search effort led to few clues in the 20-year-old's disappearance until a week ago when investigators obtained surveillance video of tibbetts jogging.

They traced a black chevy malibu following her, to rivera, who said he followed tibbets before blacking out.

In an affidavit, police say rivera told them when he "came to" he found tibbetts' body in his trunk and "noticed blood on the side of her head."

He "dragged tibbetts on foot.

To a secluded location in a cornfield."

After the interview, police say rivera guided them to her location "from memory".

Tibbetts' family released a statement wednesday, thanking people from around the world for sending prayers, adding "our hearts are broken."

Courtney zubowski, cbs news.

When you go grocery shopping, do you really know when something is expired or not safe to eat?

Tonight, we have a report to finally put those questions to rest.

Have you ever looked at food packaging and wondered, is this safe to eat?

With labels that carry dates that are "sell by"..

"use by".."best if used by" it's no wonder most of us are confused.

90-percent don't understand the dates on labels according to a study by the natural resources defense council. are some quick tips from consumer reports on understanding what those labels actually mean.

Best if used by/before -- this is not a safety label.

It just lets consumers know that a jar of salsa or package of crackers is going to taste better before the date listed rather than after.

Sell by -- this is the date set by manufacturers to let retailers when to remove the product from their shelves.

The goal here is to ensure consumers get the product at its best quality.

Use by -- this is the last date that guarantees the best quality.

This is not a safety date..unless it is used on infant formula.

As a general rule, most canned foods can be stored for two to five years high acid canned juices, tomatoes, and pickles can be stored for a year to 18 months.

If you're still not sure.

The u-s-d-a has a free app.

"food keeper" to help you decide on whether to keep it our throw it out.

Here's a live look from our c-h-i memorial camera on brainerd road order for the next two days which is nice if you want some cooler weather is in a yellow preview out there right now but it feels good and today was the first day we have a couple more so hopefully will bill you enjoy things hey here's a look at our ebv fiber artist other cam view from brainerd road now looking out to the west over the air toward cnet filter sunshine as all in all it looks pretty good and feels even better out there as everything in good shape i'm ready are showing just a few high clouds, streaming and were dry to continue to stay that way for the next several days this is a sweet ambient temperature forecast will these readings 73 murphy 73 ellijay a lot of us here in the valley around 80 but we've artie dropped a couple of degrees over the last hour as her daylight hours getting a little bit shorter our normal high instead of 90 has dropped 89 so you know that means were, heading down the slope of summer as his gut feel great kind of a preview of fall will be well down into the 60s by the midnight hour knowledge know ho long that is going to continue later in


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