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Puerto Rico Natives Helping Valley Flood Victims

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Puerto Rico Natives Helping Valley Flood Victims

Puerto Rico Natives Helping Valley Flood Victims

A FEMA representative says dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Maria has helped her understand other victims.


Caused an estimated two-thousand-975 deaths in puerto rico.

That's according to a new study released today.

Researchers calculated the number of excess deaths between september 2017 and february 2018.

The death toll was first reported as 64 deaths.

The governor official raised the toll after the study was released.

The destruction that still plagues puerto rico isn't keeping one woman from helping others.

Channel 5's....john paul barajas....joins us to explain.

People devestated by the historic june rains have come to disaster recovery centers like this one for help... many of them didn't know people inside were still in the proccess of recovery themselves nats car drives by puerto rican fema employees have made the journey to the south texas to help the valley... nats chattering the empty room echos with small talk of the updated number on the death toll from hurricane maria... nats "was it hard for you to leave home?"

Sot rossyveth rey puerto rican, fema pio "leave my home is part of my job helping people is part of my job..

Its in my heart" rossyveth rey has been working with fema for 11 years..

In septmeber of last year her home was destroyed by hurricane maria...she says dealing with the aftermath as a victim has helped her sot rossyveth rey fema pio "that makes me more stronger and makes me more able to help people" rey is not the only employee from puerto rico in the valley... she doesn't have an exact number but says there is at least 23 puerto ricans helping in the disaster recovery centers... nats showing pictures on the phone she showed us pictures of whats left of her farm ... most of the help coming from puerto rico is in a similar situation sot aracelys perez drc manager "we're still without water we've got issues with the plumbing you know it broke and it has not been addressed yet" both women tells us no matter their personal situation...once they recieve a call for help...they jump at the chance to make a difference.

Sot rossyveth rey- berrrios fema pio "theres special people who work at fema" i spoke to a woman leaving the disaster recovery center about the workers inside helping her sotblanca galvan "i think its phenominal that they are going out of their way to leave their home to come and help us" blanca galvan has a message folks like rey and perez.... sot blanca galvan "thank you for everything you guys do" she wants them to know what they're doing isn't going unnoticed.

Come september 4th most of the recovery centers will be closing in the valley... the workers inside say they'd like to go home but will go anywhere they are needed next in mcallen john paul barajas channel 5 news at 6

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