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Marsha Blackburn in Harrison

Video Credit: WDEF CBS Chattanooga, TN - Published
Marsha Blackburn in Harrison

Marsha Blackburn in Harrison

Republican Senate Candidate Marsha Blackburn comes to Harrison to highlight gun rights.

Senate candidate marsha blackburn makes a campaign stop in harrison.

Blackburn teamed up with the nra for an event at carter's shooting supplies.

Representative chuck fleischman also attended.

Blackburn says she supports seating supreme court justices who will protect the second amendment..

The event drew folks from both sides of the political spectrum.

Jim: marsha is pro second amendment shes a good conservative candidate and we need her in the senate.

We need strong representation in the senate we need to get some more good conservative supreme court justices.

Hayden: i'm curious about the congresswoman taking money from the opioid industry and how she defanged the fda and who that was supposed to benefit.

Blackburn's opponent phil bredesen responded to the event in a statement.

He says he was given an "a" rating and endorsement from the nra during his run for governor in 2002.

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