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VIDEO: Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay cooks up appearance in Allentown

Video Credit: WFMZ Allentown, PA - Published
VIDEO: Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay cooks up appearance in Allentown
VIDEO: Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay cooks up appearance in Allentown

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>>>rob vaughn: celebrity chef gordon ramsay is stirring up lots of excitement in allentown today.

>>>wendy davis: his ?v crew has been hard at work at the shanty on 19th restaurant.

Wfmz's will lewis is live there with more.

>>will lewis: the gordon ramsay show is called 24 hours to hell and back.

It's a restaurant makeover show where ramsay and his team overhaul a restaurant and menu.

We couldn't go in because they are still shooting the show, but we spoke to a few people during the day hoping to get a glimpse of the celebrity chef as time was running out.

>>> reporter the countdown is on outside the shanty on 19th in the west end of allentown.

The buzz started last night after a local business snapped a picture of celebrity chef gordon ramsay talking to staff outside.

Desiree raska, posted it on facebook >>> 8:34:10?

"i was driving to work and looked over at the shanty, saw everything going on, and i was like oh my gosh that is gordon ramsay out front."

>>> reporter a picture others tried to get but it was too late.

>>> steve markowitz, allentown, pa 10:30:03?

10 we did catch a glimpse of him yesterday, but no sooner than he came out of the store, one of his crew put up a big umbrella so we couldn see him anymore.?

>>> reporter plenty of people sat on the curb across the street from the restaurant >>> ashley anderson, slatington, pa 10:35:23?

30?we just got done with classes at cedar crest college and then we came here right away.

Wee been sitting here for a half hour maybe?

>>> reporter only catching glimpses of people wearing team ramsay shirts.

>>> markowitz 10:31:27?

34 we saw them taking all the furniture out of and doing the rip out yesterday.

Who knows, maybe they will get remodeled and get a new kitchen out of this?

>>> reporter as the seconds turned to minutes, and the minutes to hours..

Some left disappointed because they didn't get a chance to see ramsay in the flesh.

>>> anderson 10:36:13?

17?you don get to see this everyday.

So it like a once in a lifetime opportunity?

>>> reporter ramsay did come out around four in the afternoon as he was shooting part of the show.

Everyone says they hope whatever mark he leaves on this allentown icon will be magnificent.

>>> markowitz 10:30:31?

32?any restaurant could use improvements?

>>will lewis: people who will be diners on the show are eating inside right now, and the production crew tells us that the restaurant should open to the public in a couple of days so everyone can see the new look and menu.

The new season of the show starts in january and so far there is no word on when the episode with the shanty will air..

Live in allentown, will lewis, 69 news.

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